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  1. Peace in our time! Good war. War is fun. Pixel hoarding is not!
  2. Congratulation on 2 years Carthago! Heres for many more to come!
  3. Thanks for the well wishes! Looking forward to moving into the future with new friends and allies.
  4. Huge Congratulations to House Stark, and their new bloc allies!
  5. Nations of Orbis, After more than 14 years on Planet Bob, The Legion recognizes the next step in its long and storied history is to establish a community on Orbis. It is my pleasure to announce our Declaration of Existence, executed by the first Legion government on Orbis as listed below. We join Orbis in the spirit of friendship and brotherhood and look forward to starting our next chapter with all of you. The Legion will be protected by House Stark. We want to thank House Stark for welcoming us into their community as we got our feet wet on Orbis and are grateful for the assistance they have given us thus far. We look forward to sharing a strong bond with House Stark long into the future as our alliance matures and grows beyond protectorship. Please stop by our Discord channel and say hello, we don't bite. Imperator Lord Windmark Proconsul Totem Consul of Defense Penultidodo Consul of Economics happy5214 Consul of Foreign Affairs David Ben-Gurion Consul of Internal Affairs Istandor
  6. All very noble in peace time, lets see how people act under the threat of war.
  7. Dear sers, May the gods bless this union and grant you many sons. GM.
  8. Interesting theme, good luck to you all!
  9. Good luck in the future, I hope this is a happy union!
  10. Hi I think this could be the correct place to post this. APologies if not. I think this nation was banned and is evading a ban from my understanding. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=192141 Thank you. GM.
  11. Good to see a brave an honest Admin. You have lost the support of but a few cheaters, yet gained the respect of cohorts more who respect the rules, especially now that they are enforced. o/ Alex
  12. Thanks for the tips man ill look them up!
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