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  1. Really sounds more like an Aurora prot to be quite honest
  2. Now sign Camelot to complete the most cursed bloc
  3. I'm trying to find the funny but I cant
  4. I'll bring the popcorn, pretty sure someone else will have the salt.
  5. Greene's name was a sign, Futurama and Alex Jones tried to warn us of a false pope and with stories of lizard people infiltrating positions of power (governing or religious, often green). Does the name Greene betray his scaley nature? Perhaps KT should join Defcon in closing this unforseen schism in the church and casting away the minion of hell. ^ Above, the last known photograph of "Greene", notice the distinctly reptilian nature of his anatomy and his mockery of the Pope.
  6. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=200741 Pretty sure that's him
  7. I believe Azazel is no longer Camelot
  8. Direct democracy is bad irl though too 😉
  9. I agree they're closer than most people think but there is a difference. For example I'm probably the most anti-interventionist member of a 150 member alliance, I also decided if I ever became a raider I would be oil grabbing America themed and message everyone I defeated a "mission accomplished" Bush picture 😄 What theme your nation or alliance is doesn't say much about you irl necessarily, what matters is how you actually treat people.
  10. Shame I only got the opportunity to use the submarine hunting tank now. GLHF to all micro parties involved o7
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