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  1. Arrgh being T$/TCW sugar babies and KT being Thalmors prodigal offspring* ftfy
  2. No, I've still been waiting out the front of Weenie Hut Juniors the past week for you to come and get got 🅱
  3. DragonK was in the non bootleg TEst that was just gone yes. I miss khestra smh
  4. Sphinx is the scheme, Carry on nothing to see here, but yeh jfc you said something that wasn't pure bs painted gold for once very good job, very good job 👍 aside from the cricket bit, no just no.
  5. @Thalmor back to the cave you popped your head out of just to say that Thal
  6. Still the #1 Internet cat in my ❤️ 

  7. TL:DR people click, its what we do here, we click, we "waste" our time (not yours) clicking, how people spend their time is nothing for you to have a cry about. Every damn video game you play is clicking and wasting time, you sitting on you facebook/phone/social media etc is clicking- your walls of text are clicking on the keyboard and by god do alot of you seem to enjoy making those no? get back in your bag you biased bags of meat, even I'll play 2-3 games of OBL a day, not because I'm trying to "cookie click" its because I'm bored as shite staring at the screen- boredom is a factor in life js. jfc you people amaze me.. you really don't now I'm going to go back to clicking since I work at a PC anyway as most stuff & technology in the modern world involves clicking , enjoy your tire fire, or find something relevant In your lives to !@#$ so much about. /
  8. Did I just read SRD complain about growth what is this 2015?? the games economic system is broken as hell on its own, and yous want to have a fit over a sideshow alley mechanic that BOTH sides utilise (for fun and otherwise) and also exploit just to make $ during blockades for e.g? every day I lose more faith in this trashpile/"game" the "community" keeps burning and changing the mechanics/removing them for self serving sh*t get this crying crap about things that are actually left in this game people enjoy and that you haven't burnt to sh*t yet tf outta here /
  9. Nice Q.O.L improvement, Horrible Censoring of WC ~
  10. If that is the only context you are going to take/use from that Mr. Cheap Knock-off of Noctis (no offence to Noctis here, love the guy but his obsessions get abit out of hand.) I can point out that the rest of his alliance are active and have been on, that being the case is people being "missed purely because of bots" a factor there? or should the TCW OP econ team be more on point with their distribution and checking who has what if they want to sit on 100/100 in an offshore? You can take what you want from it , your perception is yours and quite irrelevant and off the mark to the point i was making. great assumption on my message though 11/10 would get quoted/notified for more "oh no skynet! John Connor was right!" being spammed all over this forum of late. there's about 5+ other threads you've posted your Robophobia in and you chose to quote me here just so you can add more? please, leave me out of your personal issues Moon, we have been through this before~ o7 Sir
  11. was just my 2 cents but yeh, not very nice at all leaking your Coalitions (which you only signed into to do damage) own "plans" to begin with (after you proxy rob pantheon and then other allies through the Orion Ponzi) so you can long con/get possible threats rolled (Ketogggsfdghg) & make your own sphere later 😛 I mean i did add in his old guard (which are perfectly capable of fighting/getting in the mud with the rest of TCW/Iron Curtain sphere) https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=6919 https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=8014 one which mind you has 3k infra/sitting at 7k ns and been offline so long hes not even powered 😂
  12. @Sphinx You going to decomm your glutton fat and fight along side your "allies" or sit up there with your "you can't sit with us" old guard and hide while the rest pull the weight 🅱️?
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