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  1. @Dave III Love the Attitude! GL o7 - SAXON of wherever the frick i feel like being at the time
  2. @AntMan You know Cam just misses you right? they are lost without you over there.
  3. GL in your future endeavours~ o7 Big "F" for that DH treaty though, man do I feel bad :c
  4. Unity

    Cut in Half

    Dammit who let HBE back inside
  5. Welcome back o/ also 🤔 "Until Dawn" Nyx? or is my memory off
  6. Wait til i tell my future grandkids they may actually have a chance now at playing with an unbroken war system, they gonna go crazy. I can feel it already.
  7. Will miss you Maia you little angry, head collecting polish buttermuffin ❤️ Don't ever let them bring you down 💪 P.S Make sure you yell at Jack at least one more time before you go, he needs the love~
  8. How much debt and civil war can you fit into one Alliance? jfc
  9. Just had it myself, more noticeable than the normal this time (https://politicsandwar.com/nation/war/timeline/war=617857) I had 3maps, I did my GA and got a Pyrrhic, after I went to my city pages to spend the money on land, then went back again and had 3 Maps still and was able to launch another GA this time a moderate @Alex
  10. We are but Gears & Levers, My condolences to Eumirbago and Congrats to Snekerdoodle on a well deserved vacation o7
  11. Can Confirm; Thaldad does Smell Bad.
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