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  1. Luryy

    yall suck

    Podcast thing didn't work out as planned because i had no people helping me: Trade thing was a big success, I quit because i got bored. DOE declaration of existence, Well i started my aa.. so it has been around for about 1 hour and 30 min.. Its existed for that period so why not... You guys can't just make up "RULES" for tags. 72 days, It doesn't take a while to learn a game...
  2. Luryy

    yall suck

    Ive been in alot of top 10-20 alliances before.. I know my way around this game
  3. Luryy

    yall suck

    plus it was the only thing i can think of.. Im just waiting till one of the mods closes it then i can go back to peace and no notifs oh your back, I was in a established alliance.
  4. Luryy

    yall suck

    To tell them that they suck???
  5. Luryy

    yall suck

    Im not throwing a tantrum, You weren't the first person who criticized me, I took your advice.... I know what i did wrong with posting it..
  6. Luryy

    yall suck

    Maybe some people have a sense of humanity... and say good luck... but that’s just my opinion.. I just wanted to have some fun... but you are ruining it... thanks and good day. Ha civil war joke..
  7. Luryy

    yall suck

    Thonk I was in an alliance that was successful... not for a year but it was successful. I wont be successful.. did I say that I was gonna be successful.. no...
  8. Luryy

    yall suck

    What’s wrong with using a in-game mechanic?
  9. Luryy

    yall suck

    That isn’t the flag... Yay... the most generic answer ever
  10. I did have a discord for MAP RP but barely anyone joined.. But yeah it would be cool if someone started it up again
  11. All i have to say to you.... https://npowned.net/pw-war-statistics/conflict/16 good luck tho
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