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  1. Opus Dei hasn't asked for anywhere near 50b in reps, can someone who was actually in the peace talks come correct your minions or is blowing up the narrative too much of a risk?
  2. Not abandoning =/= doubling down.
  3. BK, NPO, GoG, and USN have all shown to be very good friends/allies of GOONS. That's fair, and appreciated. Camelot is not getting dropped by OD unless they choose to walk. This is a blatant lie.
  4. Who let you out? swats There were other alliances that left Coalition B that did not get hit. It was the nature of how they left.
  5. After you had mentioned, even in passing, that you would not let KETOG die. IF you want to tie your fate to TRASHTOG, then so be it, but you're going into the trash bin with them. GOONS was 100% willing to sign TKR and attempt to mend certain relations but you were completely closed off to the idea, preferring to stick with TRASHTOG over alliances that TKR culturally has more in common with.
  6. I'm not referring to Horsecock fwiw.
  7. It's had the opposite effect, dude.
  8. I'm not trolling at all. I have privately stated that I thought the weird blood feud between TKR and NPO is dumb, to both GOONS gov, NPO gov, and I'm pretty sure TKR gov. GOONS/TKR/NPO was my original goal and literally any member of GOONS gov and even @Roquentin can verify that I brought this up. Lines were being drawn because it was quite obvious that you had decided to tie your fate to the trash that resides in KETOG. You'll have to go into the bin with them.
  9. And yet, we continue to pound Opus Dei's enemies. You must be so unaware that you think Opus Dei exists because of NPO. I will not be baited by this. KT members joining Syndicate, when KT members were at best bystanders to QueenM's debacle ruins any idea that Syndicate was "One of the Good Ones".
  10. I'm not dictating who gets to play the game, I'm judging Syndicate for whom they've allowed into their alliance. lol ok kid. This. This too. This has to be the most blatant attempt at trying to turn GOONS I've seen yet. @Roquentin can you tell me how to feel about this?
  11. Please review: Oh, did you assume I was joking about pulling Rose and TKR? Why do you think GOONS had a protectorate w/ Rose for the majority of the war and didn't engage against them?
  12. To align with people like KT? Cool, Syndicate can make another FA blunder. Paging @Prefonteen please reign in your government. This is factual. GOONS values NPO as an ally, as we do with all of our allies. We are not beholden or submissive to our allies, we have mutual interests. I'm sorry you want to live in a world where your allies are subverted to your will.
  13. I have quite obviously tried multiple times to push TKR in that direction: I'm sure there was more serious conversation about it, but to try and imply that GOONS did not attempt to yank TKR out of the fire is absurd.
  14. GOONS isn't NPO, I don't need to be pragmatic. There are (ex)KT members now residing in Syndicate. You are aware of that, please do not feign ignorance.
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