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  1. Sphinx is the reasonable one here? Everyone close up shop, games over.
  2. The militant arm of the Green Protection Agency, lmao.
  3. This is quite obviously not in good faith on your side, please keep going around to micros warning them of the threats of GOONS and Opus Dei. Every time you do, they ping me about me. TLE absolutely did have the right to join in, but call it what it is, pact-breaking and band wagoning. Or are you too worried that if you okay TLE's pact-breaking that you have no room to !@#$ about NPOs. He's spewing talking points to avoid being seen as hypocritical due to the tS narrative about NPO, not engaging in thoughtful discussion.
  4. TLE formally surrendered and signed the surrender. They broke a formal treaty, and there is no action that justifies breaking a signed treaty. Also, TLE has no tie to The Immortals which was the only alliance attacked by GOONS, and only after they admitted that they were going to hit us. So the idea that their actions are defensive in nature is also incorrect. They're bandwagoners and will be treated as such. TLE did not declare due to any treaty obligation, nor was it after Pantheon was countered, it was after the Immortals were hit on the morning of Jan 11th.
  5. Breaking a NAP being ok is not a precedent I plan on setting.
  6. TLE broke their NAP with GOONS by blitzing us, we did not hit them nor did we plan to. The immortals were hit only after they flatly told us they were going in because they viewed our hit on TMC as violating the NAP even though both GOONS and TMC did not exist when the NAP was signed.
  7. Dogs are better than cats, as an fyi.
  8. rep·a·ra·tion /ˌrepəˈrāSH(ə)n/ Learn to pronounce noun the making of amends for a wrong one has done, by paying money to or otherwise helping those who have been wronged. We view you as having wronged us by declaring on BK in a war that you assumed would be an easy curbstomp.
  9. It was pretty transparently a joke.
  10. I don't know how you could possibly have room in your life for anyone else when I obviously fill all the voids your cold little heart has.
  11. I see you haven't read the art of the deal.
  12. Shh, the grown ups are talking. Feel free to create a server and invite Memesphere reps and restart the peace talks. Why do we have to do everything for you? I mean shit, I negotiated on your and Syndisphere's behalves. I'm not going to do everything. Nice optics. Of course I am willing to negotiate an end to the war, but if Coalition A chooses not to approach us, then I have no qualms about sitting on your AAs for an eternity.
  13. The Manhattan Cartel was not in "Farksphere" when the NAP was signed, and is not considered a part of Farksphere: https://politicsandwar.fandom.com/wiki/Farksphere Meanwhile TLE LITERALLY broke a NAP w/ GOONS to hit us and your side is cheering them on. Get bent, because we are going to continue to sit on you forever now.
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