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  1. "So, what did you do?" "I murdered 3 people. What about you?" "I tried to cheat in an online MMO game."
  2. I still want HA's gov to respond to this cough @Unknown [email protected] cough
  3. This is gonna turn out like the pledges. Trust me
  4. I personally believe in the former: having a certain amount of rep as alliance leaders/high gov officials can change a lot and new alliances are created quite often
  5. this dude is gonna get a ton of reputation from laughing reactions
  6. Then again, what does one do when one has lost 9 ships?
  7. 03/24 02:59 pm - Clton declared war on Vietnamese empire for the reason of "You arent getting neutrality"
  8. Can I speak to Deputy Ambassador?
  9. huh? Also, you spelt your own name wrong
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