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  1. It's been amazing serving under you, Atlan o7. And of course, only the best of luck for the new Ocean Master, Poppa. Long Live TLE.
  2. Nearly 30% of all the comments are just this guy spamming about how he got some downvotes lmao
  3. I have read this 3 times and I am still so confused.
  4. Why does the video look like it's been made on iMovie on someone's phone?
  5. I won't be active during the next few hours, so in advance, good luck on the rebuild.
  6. "So, what did you do?" "I murdered 3 people. What about you?" "I tried to cheat in an online MMO game."
  7. I still want HA's gov to respond to this cough @Unknown [email protected] cough
  8. This is gonna turn out like the pledges. Trust me
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