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  1. Brb gonna start a petition to reset the game to return it to the glory days .
  2. Good good while you idiot's kill each other off and delete your nations , alliances with 10 , 1 city nations will become relevant again. Lolol #youallruinedthegame F all of you if any one of you were dealing with fa in real life the world would be completely destroyed in 2.5 seconds .
  3. Fuk them up !!! A warning point has been issued for Filter Evasion.
  4. man I wasn't even in my shit talking mode yet haha welp not much to do but smoke a blunt take a shot and watch an alliance destroy the hard work of others without good reason. GOONs hope you find what your looking for
  5. this sounds like a pretty shitty war
  6. im new and I quiet like all this butthurt
  7. Hi... names Spike lee (斯派克李) Im just a struggling singer/songwriter with a love of martial arts I play a ton of Europa and was told to come check this game out . I witnessed quite alot of toxic behavior here the past 2 weeks For which im very excited to take part in with you This was the first post ive seen here on the forums Still believe AIDS wasn’t man made? By Noctis Anarch Caelum, October 1 in General Debate ...........? You guys seem pretty alright
  8. I created a forum account just so I could say F yeah!
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