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    Greetings, friends! Almost 3 weeks ago, Coalition A posted two separate public announcements in which KERCHTOGG and $yndisphere both offered their preliminary surrender, contingent on the negotiation of terms. These surrenders marked the fulfillment of demands set by Coalition B as prerequisites for any negotiation to occur and were posted separately as a token of good faith following the near breakdown of the monthly (1st of the month) negotiations. The statements of some Coalition B officials had indicated that the fulfillment of these demands would allow for the beginning of earnest negotiations and ultimately, peace. Unfortunately, this has not been the case. It has been well documented that prior to the expansion of the war to include The $yndicate and its allies, KERCHTOGG-Coalition B peace had stalled. For reasons of their own, Coalition B implemented a 1-month timeline for any talks, meaning that on the 1st of every month, KERCHTOGG would be given a window to surrender. If KERCHTOGG failed to do so, no avenues for peace were to be had until the next month. A few weeks prior to the November 1st negotiations, Coalition B was informed that Coalition A intended for the negotiations to include $yndicate representatives: Shortly thereafter, Afrika Korps inquired with t$ about their position on the coalition and peace. As Coalition B has justified its escalation with t$ by asserting that The $yndicate's protection of TEst was an "aggressive" interference in the broader coalition war and as consequently, t$ and its allies had been engaged by a variety of Coalition B participants, we had been under the impression that Coalition B viewed us as a part of Coalition A. Our response went unanswered until November 1st, the night of the preliminary negotiations. Once Khai answered, we immediately confirmed what Adrienne had already told Coalition B on October 17th: that t$ and its allies sought to to be included in coalition-wide negotiations. As no objections had been raised, we were under the impression that a joint negotiation was to kick off later that night. Unfortunately, when negotiations did begin and representatives were brought into the chat, the appointed $yndicate representative was promptly removed. Furthermore, the tone of the negotiations was immediately set by Sealteam6, one of the appointed Coalition B negotiators. Simultaneously, The $yndicate's inquiries through private channels were initially ignored and eventual responses were evasive. Sphinx: TheNG: Skae: The $yndicate's inquiries through private channels were leveraged by under to (troll) admonish KERCHTOGG for "trying to go around their appointed negotiators". In addition, Coalition B negotiators set a 24 hour deadline for KERCHTOGG to surrender if negotiations were to begin. After the 24 hour window, there would (again) be no avenue toward peace for an additional month (until Dec 1st). For the remainder of the 24 hour window, Coalition B negotiators were barely responsive in their chats with KERCHTOGG, and t$ received no updates. The public surrenders were posted a few hours before the window would close as a token of good faith. By compromising and allowing negotiations to be conducted separately despite our preference for joint negotiations, and by accepting the preliminary surrender requirement, our coalition sought to open up an earnest dialogue with the intent of negotiating the terms of our surrender. Starting with the KERCHTOGG surrender negotiations, the following snippets stem from the first days after the negotiating channels were opened. These days primarily saw KERCHTOGG requesting to for the presentation of peace terms, as well as occasional inquiries as to the status of t$. The structure of peace talks as enforced by Coalition B is, on its own, debatable. Coalition B has opted to hide the content of the terms of surrender, revealing one article at a time and refusing to move on until that article is (barring exceptional circumstances) irrevocably accepted. Aragorn has publicly argued that this approach has been the norm prior to Knightfall. That has proven to be a lie. The argument Coalition B brings forth for this approach is one of structure and speed. We pose that it is designed to force Coalition A negotiators to negotiate blindly and at a disadvantage and to cause talks to proceed more slowly. In a vacuum, the reservations concerning this structure might've been set aside for the sake of good faith. Unfortunately, the conduct of underlord as well as the continued silence regarding half of the coalition served to enhance already existing concerns over the motivations underlying Coalition B's approach toward these negotiations. A few days ago, Epi (CAM gov) also publicly commented on the potential cause for the delays in presentation of terms to t$. When Coalition A agreed to surrender and to accept the demand for separate negotiations, it did so with the understanding that peace terms would be presented, and that the entirety of the coalition (even if negotiations were to be separate) would be given the chance to begin working towards peace. This understanding is derived from posts such as: Ultimately, the broad categories of the terms (without details as to what they entail) were presented. As the initial articles include (forced) admissions of guilt and revocations of CBs, the blind negotiation of terms creates a dilemma for us. The (irrevocable) acceptance of such an admission of guilt - even if these admissions were based on false premises - weakens one's position when it comes to Articles such as IV and VII. When one does not know the impact of term 1 on term 8, it becomes impossible to evaluate the merits of accepting, rejecting, or negotiating said terms for his side. The negotiating position of our side would therefore be untenable. Furthermore, while it has been suspected for quite some time due to all of the aforementioned occurrences, we've recently had it confirmed that Coalition B does not actually desire peace and these occurrences are intentional with the aim of delaying peace talks. The log below isn't our only piece of intel regarding this but serves as a sample of the information we've been receiving. Between notorious trolls hijacking the negotiation process from the beginning, a negotiation structure designed to undermine Coalition A negotiators, the structural delays in moving the $yndisphere peace process forward, general lack of clarity in Coalition B communication, public hints by Coalition B government officials regarding the above issues being deliberate, and the apparent lack of desire for actual peace, the collective alliances of Coalition A conclude that they can no longer in good faith maintain the status quo with regards to negotiations. Considering the unfortunate exhaustion of good faith through these negotiations, the alliances comprising Coalition A consider themselves unified for the duration of the war. Moving forward, all negotiations will be conducted jointly. We furthermore withdraw from negotiations until a full list of terms is presented to representatives of the entire coalition. Our offer to surrender jointly will continue to stand, as will our offer to negotiate the terms one by one (chronologically) once the full, detailed list of terms has been published. /s/ All Coalition A Combatants
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    Alex. The previous econ update has broken the economy. A list of negative side effects of this update: Raw and refined resources are at an all time high in price, whilst commerce value has been reduced dramatically. This means people have less money to purchase refined resources which are now at a drastically higher value, no ability to self sustain with them at all, and as a result it takes a considerably longer period of time to amass them in order to do anything. Supermarkets, and by extension, the ITC project, are literally useless for anyone but the people with the highest of infrastructure builds, as they pay out a pittance in value vs most resources. Prices of refined resources will continue to rise as the overall supply continues to drop, as it requires you to be much larger, and takes you much longer, to produce the same amount of resources under the older system. This will either stagnate war in the game, or create a serious (like Venezuela level) resource shortage. Smaller nations are completely stagnated and are unable to compete with larger nations who have gotten over the lower tier stagnation area. It requires a much higher base level of infrastructure to sustain the same profits one could in the older system, but the costs are not reduced (100 infra reduction cost is a pittance and was a stupid bandaid fix, as was the daily login bonus). It requires a much larger upfront investment in order to even be profitable. It is essentially impossible to self sustain any sort of growth now at all without aid. Additionally, alliances no longer have the incentive to invest heavily in noobs either, as there is a investment hurdle that needs to be overcome before a nation is profitable, and now alliances have less money overall to deal with, and are less likely to invest in noobs heavily as they are a risky investment in general. The reasons why this is happening: You nerfed the shit out of commerce, reducing the overall purchasing power of nations, forced it to compete with refined resources by disallowing commerce AND resources in a sustainable nation build, forced those to compete with other necessary resources like food/uranium. All the while increasing the base amount of slots simply to sustain a single focused build, AND you did not reduce the slots of military to offset this, severely punishing higher military build alliances, and completely killing any profitability during war at all for any nations that don't have huge swaths of infrastructure, which usually get rekt in war. You increased the pollution aspect of natively producing refined resources to such a degree as to make it literally impossible to max produce even 1 refined resources without taking a larger commerce hit, and increased the slot usage of raws so much, making it impossible for smaller nations to even fit the neccessary slots. This forced people to rely heavier on the even-increasing market with the reduced commerce profit. You increased the slot usage of commerce, reducing the individual value of each commerce improvement. Since the profit of commerce improvements is fixed relative only to your infrastructure level basically, you gutted the value of the smaller improvements like supermarkets relative to literally some of the worst profiting resources for the vast majority of infra builds. How to fix this issue: Remove the update and return it to how it was previously. Return it to the original slots, pollution values, upkeep values, and infrastructure costs. Put aside your pride and instead of resorting to bandaid after the fact fixes to the issue, return to the previous system. The economy had minor balance issues under the previous system, which I documented and pointed out in the hopes you would increase the demand for resources, but the direction you took it has made things worse. I know you said you introduced the update in order to stop people from producing multiple resource types, but this was never an actual balance issue. Producing multiple refined resources in the previous system was done AT A LOSS in income, and the "solution" provided was a huge overshot to an arbitrary problem that did not need fixing. I've been considering whether I should even bother posting this for awhile, since you were pretty adamant in not rolling back the changes at the time (even going so far as to placate the community with other often requested updates), but honestly if you don't step in and resolve this you are going to continue to stagnate the game and the economy is only going to get worse. Doing this will both help new players who are struggling under the current econ system, and make war more feasible for the average alliance on a more regular basis than once per year.
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    Hello everyone, With a heavy heart, I am making this announcement publicly in an effort to be as transparent and forthright as possible. I am taking a series of moderation actions aimed at players in the leadership of the Guinea Pig Whaling Corp (GPWC) and New Pacific Order (NPO) alliances in enforcement of the Game Rules. It recently came to my attention on January 31 that there was an ongoing transaction between the majority of the members in the Guinea Pig Whaling Corp alliance and members of the NPO government. This is a violation of the Game Rules on Real-World Transactions for In-Game Materials: Over the past few days I have personally reviewed and verified the evidence and discussed the matter with the government of NPO. I have compiled the evidence and narrative of what has happened into a nearly 30 page document, available here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1yMvEZjOwZySF5ENsPMliVfx79Inwgo4Dp0HSb9aDj10/edit?usp=sharing The tl;dr is that members of the NPO government setup a system to recruit people who were interested in Korean comics called "manhwa" (similar to anime or manga) and required them to set up nations for tax farming in exchange to gain access to "scanlations" (translations) of the comics. GPWC has been generating around $850m / day in money and resources, which all gets deposited directly to NPO's "offshore" alliance bank. Undoubtedly this has had an enormous impact on gameplay over the past 5 months or so, directly affecting the current ongoing war. At this time, I am making the evidence and narrative of this investigation public to be as transparent as possible. While I can't undo the past 5 months or the impact that this incident has had on the game as a whole, I hope you will find some justice in the following actions that I am taking to correct for the incident and deter similar rules violations in the future: Moderation actions against individuals are based on what I deem to be their level of knowledge and involvement in orchestrating this event given the evidence I have seen and verified. One-year bans from Politics & War: Yuno / Yuno / 70040 (Known on Discord as “Anna”) Six-month bans: Frawley / Strangerites / 14102 Claudia / Obelia / 174369 (Known on Discord as “Kylie”) Reinelynn / Lefamour / 174361 (Known on Discord as “Euphe”) Shadowthrone / Malaz / 40647 (Known on Discord as “Keshav”) Roquentin / Dreamcatcher / 11527 Yuri / Empire of Aria / 174610 Null / Silence / 179920 (Known on Discord as “chi”) Edward I / Seleucia / 33413 Akina / Anastyria / 180465 (Known on Discord as “Akiluu”) Daniel Storm / Altmoras / 69290 Nation strikes: Auctor / Wyrdgar / 28520 Lord of Darkness / Angmar / 28502 Sin / Orbus / 174989 Guinea Pig Whaling Corp is being forcibly and permanently disbanded. 511 inactive “farm” nations will be deleted. Member nations that were part of GPWC but were actual participants in gameplay will be permitted to remain. In 3-5 days after the posting of this announcement the alliance GPWC will be removed and any remaining members kicked to “None.” The contents of the alliance bank of Morgan Stanley (the “offshore” alliance bank for NPO and GPWC) has been reduced by a value of about $95 billion: $42,228,166,955.05 2,433,256.35 Coal 3,252,037.96 Oil 855,246.03 Uranium 3,157,581.26 Iron 855,053.60 Bauxite 6,795,287.61 Lead All remaining contents will be transferred to the New Pacific Order alliance bank. --- I have not made this decision lightly, and it disturbs me to have to do it at all. I am sure that I will be accused of partisanship in this decision, but please read the attached document that contains the logs and evidence relevant to understanding everything that has happened here and has been ongoing for the past 5 months. I have no interested in moderating this game in anything but a fair way, and I have done my best to do so in this case as well. I had no ill-will toward NPO going into this decision, and have worked with some of these very same government members that are being punished to facilitate many improvements to the game in the past. But, it would not be appropriate for me to "look the other way" and allow this to continue with full knowledge of what is happening. To ensure the integrity and fairness of the game I am taking this action. Again, here is a link to that document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1yMvEZjOwZySF5ENsPMliVfx79Inwgo4Dp0HSb9aDj10/edit?usp=sharing Please read over it in its entirety before making a judgement on this decision.
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    100 upvotes for Rado's twerk. We want this to happen. You want this to happen. (He deleted the message in Great Job! chat, so we have to pseudo do it here) This is the song in question he'll video tape himself twerking to.
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    The forces of KETOGG and Chaos have achieved peace. All wars shall be peaced out immediately. We are pleased to report that total damages exceeded the amount Nova Riata spawned into the game, so your welcome. In an effort to continue our benevolent streak, KETOGG is launching a new program solely dedicated to building the self confidence of the Brave and Beautiful BK. After many interviews in which the vulnerable (But still very brave) BK poured their heart and souls out to us over their various insecurities, one insecurity in particular stood out. While most alliances trust their allies to have their back, to perform well in war alongside them, Brave and Beautiful BK has many doubts about the basic competence of The Covenant alliances. This is why they were so nervous bringing them in to fight against a much smaller force. KETOGG sees no better course of action then to test these allies ourselves. Should they fight valiantly (and competently), we hope this will give Brave and Beautiful BK the confidence they need. If they should flop over and die, then at least Brave and Beautiful BK will finally have the courage to cut ties from these bad influences holding them back. KETOGG declares war on Acadia, United Purple Nations, Frontier Records, The Commonwealth and Electric Space. PS: @Alex upgrade your goddamn servers capping API requests didn't do shit.
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    From the Office of the Prime Minister of the Commonwealth The Commonwealth and it predecessor alliances have prided itself upon a set of unwavering virtues which form the basis of our identity as an alliance and more importantly as a community. Such virtues of loyalty to allies, fairness in dealings, support for those in need and unwavering unity through the harshest of times are our guiding principles, and as such through this global war we've sought to apply these principles in our dealings with any party whilst balancing concerns from both our allies with those of our own. However unfortunately such respect and support we've always sought to provide our allies in coalition B was not reciprocated to us. Our concerns with the conduct of our allies were raised numerous times, whilst we hoped to resolve this current conflict with a satisfactory result for all parties. It was through a combination of disproportionate peace terms presented to our now defeated enemies, hostile acts against uninvolved friends and allies of The Commonwealth, a general sense of derision projected towards us from various parties within Coalition B and a seemingly blatant disregard for the wider community in general through the 'joy' the coalition took in unnecessarily prolonging this war into an obscene 7+ months, which resulted in our relationship with coalition B and more importantly the Black Knights becoming irreconcilable. The latest completely unprovoked attacks upon our allies in TCW Bloc; Weebunism, The Manhattan Cartel, North Point, and Ironfront resulting from a situation which despite the claims of those in coalition B was entirely avoidable if they'd actually had the decency to consult with us and help devise an amicable solution for all parties was not the first of such incidents. Coalition B has engaged in previous actions with perceived impunity against not just our allies but with unprovoked attacks upon neutral outsiders. It was only through negotiations and through the willingness of The Commonwealth for the sake of preserving the unity of the coalition during wartime that The Commonwealth begrudgingly accepted outcomes to achieve peace for our allies and to halt anymore aggression by Coalition B against them. However whilst our patience might be long, The Commonwealth will no longer stand idly by and allow Coalition B to undermine our Bloc and attack at will our friends and allies. Despite being outnumbered as the sole upper tier alliance in Coalition B, the thanks Coalition B provides to us for fighting and taking down the upper tiers of over half a dozen alliances was an array of transgressions which I feel are best summed up by the rather delightfully renamed general chat channel from coalition B's server: All of us in The Commonwealth are aware of the threat to our alliance in making this choice. However as a matter of principle we will not longer tolerate anymore acts of aggression against our alliance, our allies or our friends, regardless of the personal cost to ourselves. Due to the attacks by the Black Knights and New Pacific Order upon our Bloc we will be honouring the defensive call to arms our allies have made and entering under the Article IV Supremacy clause of our Bloc treaty. We will outline in depth at a later date the reasons behind our actions, but we will assure our allies we will stand with them whatever the cost. TL:DR: The Commonwealth declares war upon the Black Knights, The New Pacific Order and Camelot.
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    Hey Guys, I think it is time for me to break my silence and begin to talk about what's going on. I'm not here to talk about the allegations BK has / is making because to me there not important to me. I am here to discuss my change in perspective and why i began to have a growing dislike of NPO, BK and IQ overall. After being a member of “IQ” for around 2 years I became friends with everyone and so on, most of the people there are pretty lit OOC and i like them however IC is a different story. So as the logs Kas has been getting / leaking have shown (more recently today) the focus of IQ isn't “hurt” or to“win”, the focus is to “cripple” and or “kill” alliances. Continually this war Leo, Roq, Keshav have mocked and have been “happy” when alliances died. Keshav has even stated he would be happy if Carth and OWR died. Leo has already tried to force 1 person out of the game and now me. To me this is NOT ok, forcing people to quit the game borders as OOC, driving people out is not something people should want, this is a game where there is NOT meant to be a “winner”, the balance of power should be shifting consistently. The fact IQ is wanting to kill / cripple alliances should show everyone NPO & BK don't care about communities, they don't care about their allies communities, and they don't care about the game. The ideal game for them is where they can roll a few alliances easily every so often and never loose. We are quickly becoming a CN clone and people have to find a way to stop it. Then we have the fact of AD, TFP, Carth, OWR being hit post war, in reality they were never a threat to IQ (or did anything wrong apart from leave), essentially BK / NPO wanted revenge for them leaving the war, and they want to set a precedent that they will attack you if you leave. Rather than rely on loyalty and trust, the relationship between BK / NPOand their smaller allies is fear. From private conversations with a lot of colo b members, they don't want to be in the war, they don't like or condone what BK / NPO are saying but are afraid to speak out or do anything. A quick message to Fark, do you really think your safe? IQ hit everyone that left the war, their former allies of less than weeks over anger. How do you think this story is going to end for you, i'll tell you… your going to get the same treatment as everyone in colo a. In reality they can easily hit you WHENEVER they want, all they have to do is say “Oh you accepted war dogers, nap is void”. If you think for a moment they wouldn't do that, look at what they did to past allies. I highly advise you to take a stand against them before it's too late for you and your allies. To alliance apart of Colo B, just speak up, there is enough of you to force BK / NPO to back down. Yes they are powerful and yes they may threaten you, but if everyone speaks up at once, they will be backed into a corner. They can not win this war without everyone, you can help change the game before its too late. Don't do it for me, do it for YOUR alliance and your COMMUNITY! To the members of BK, GoG, tCW, Cam, AK, ect, ect, if you enjoy the game and the community you are apart of, you can also speak up, forcing people out of the game won't help you have fun, it will make the game even more boring and slow, causing your alliance mates to leave as well. The current leadership of your alliances are allowing the destruction of the game for no reason other than to ensure they never lose and to fulfill their own personal vendettas. Finally, I want to apologize to everyone, looking back im a little annoyed at how I looked at the game, while I never ever wanted alliances to die I did help fuel the machine. So sorry for that! However to BK, I will not be forced out of the game, I will be an annoying prick until the day I choose to leave or you choose to leave me be. This post is a call of arms to everyone, IQ needs to be put down once and for all or be neutered to be a “normal” power, don't wait until it's too late. Edit: This should explain alot of what im referring to
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    Hello Orbis, Marginal-Micro-Former-Meat-Shield-Co-Leader of The Horsemen here. Just a simple announcement (Full Disclosure, I'm 44% drunk) but unfortunately we will be severing all ties with The New Pacific Order, effective immediately. We have always been a loyal bunch but We were lied to, for whatever reason....and I don't even care to investigate the reason..or explain the reason...as even in our dissolution..The Horsemen will do our best to be loyal....even to an alliance that doesn't deserve it. So NPO, best of luck to you. I'm sure you will find the happiness and Orbis Domination you are looking for but as for The Horsemen, we do what we say we will do and we expect the same from our allies. My responsibility to my guys is number 1. Maintaining an alliance with a group that only sees us as a meat-shield cannot continue. I'm keeping this brief. If I continue to type, vitriol and nonsense will come forth. Also, the average attention span of the modern human is 300 words or less. Ok, full, full disclosure..i'm 74% drunk. -The Dude Oh yeah..we withdraw from this nonsense (war).
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    After a short 2 week conflict between the alliances that compose tCW sphere, and the combined alliances of Hedge and Swamp. We have agreed to the following terms for peace between our Spheres, which will take effect starting at update tonight. 1) tCW sphere formally surrenders to Hedge and Swamp Spheres. 2) All existing wars will end to conclusion, (peace will be granted if both warring nations agree), no new wars to be declared after peace officially takes effect at next server update (aka 2 hours). New wars declared after peace is declared, will be worked out amicably between alliances. 3) 3 month nap between Hedge/Swamp, and TCW sphere, which includes all protectorates less MicroPock. This NAP will end at update on December 1st. Signed, Members of Swamp, Hedge, and TCW's Sphere... I am too lazy to get signatures for everybody. On behalf of the members in Hedge, I want to thank Swamp for their hard work and dedication to this fight, and I would like to thank the nations we fought in tCW's sphere. Despite your overwhelming odds, you were all classy opponents, and its nice to have a war where we are not at each others throats and can fight with at least a little bit of humor and grace. Let's hope this becomes the norm and not the exception in orbis going forward. Note: Morningstar is not included in these peace terms.
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    Recognizing that: - It's call to arms following the attacks by BK and its allies on the $yndicate went unanswered by the New Pacific Order - The New Pacific Order has engaged $yndicate allies and protectorates both during the escalation and throughout the following weeks - The New Pacific Order has signed treaties with longtime $yndicate rivals - The New Pacific Order appears to be complicit in the structural delays of the start of peace negotiations of any kind The $yndicate can no longer view its interests aligned with the New Pacific Order and therefore formally invokes Article IV of the ocean voyage accords . /s/ The Board
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    Hi everyone, Not so bad news given the title. For the sake of full transparency and communication, I am publicly announcing that I caught and fixed a resource spawning exploit today. All illicitly generated resources were removed, the perpetrators have been banned, and the bug has been fixed. How the Exploit Worked: By setting your tax bracket rate for resources over 100%, it was possible to create extra resources through regular taxation. There was a check in the code for this, both on the user-end and server-end, but there was a bug in the server-end (a typo in variable name) that caused the server-end restrictions to fail. I'm sure the user-end restrictions prevented anyone from actually going through the extra effort to try this until just a couple of days ago. Who Used the Exploit "Nation" of "Nationia" (ID 189749) used the exploit to generate 5,022,002 Uranium, 10,152,000 Gasoline, 8,100,000 Munitions, 9,124,000 Steel, and 8,884,200 Aluminum. These resources were transferred to a variety of "offshore" alliance banks, and another nation (ID 95654) helped manage/transfer funds. It's unclear if these two nations were controlled by the same user. ID 189749 clearly existed for the sole purpose of using this exploit, and went into Vacation Mode after spawning the resources. Screenshots of their nation pages These two nations have now been permanently banned from Politics & War. Discovering the Exploit This exploit was reported to me by @Dryad on Discord. He reported a suspicious deposit to their alliance bank, and I took a look. After investigation, I saw that the resources were generated from strange taxation records (4800000% resource tax rate) and identified the rest from there. They also asked me to thank @Vein and @neantasia as well (I think they discussed the issue among themselves before Dryad ultimately contacted me.) They're receiving a special achievement in-game for their help, as well as the player Borg who also helped debug this issue and some other site vulnerabilities recently. Fixing the Exploit Checking into the source code, I saw that this was just a typo in a variable name, and never should have existed in the first place. I quickly corrected that and tested to ensure things are now working properly. I also instituted a fail-safe check on the actual revenue generation script that runs every turn to restrict all tax rates to be between 0-100%. These two changes will ensure that this never happens again. --- I know that it is concerning to learn about such vulnerabilities in the game, but I believe that you all (the players) are better served when I am open and transparent about such occurrences, rather than trying to sweep them under the rug. I am certainly not perfect and mistakes happen, but fortunately in this instance this was identified and fixed almost immediately, and no damage or unfair advantage was gained thanks to the quick and honest action of the players noted above. Together, we can continue to develop and improve Politics & War to create a better game and community for everyone. EDIT: To be clear, I am confident that this is the extent of the abuse of this bug. All resource generating transactions are clearly marked in the taxation records, so it was easy to pull a list of every instance this happened.
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    I don't think this has really been stated publicly yet, but we feel that as an alliance, it’s about time we came forward with this. This is going to be a rather long post, apologies ahead of time. Camelot has never held a reputation to be “jealous” of; we’ve been known to be one of the more “immature” alliances. Camelot was started from the ground up, by members that much of the game already disliked or shunned. Over time, we grew a niche under BK/IQ where we would essentially attack who they asked, but we also attacked on our own whims. BK protected us and as long as we did what they asked we had significant free reign, with negligible consequences. In GW14 we helped IQ initially, backed their storyline and defended them. They were our allies, and quite frankly, our only means of survival at that point in time. As the leader of Camelot, I feel it is time to apologize sincerely for the actions that I, my government, and any of my members took. Looking back, we should have recognized the red flags and taken a more stoic stance on ending the war earlier. For not doing that, and contributing to the irreparable harm that carrying on has caused many alliances and the community, I am truly sorry. PnW lost a lot of amazing people. The game lost a significant amount of players, but most importantly, community members. To those who have turned away from the game with no chance of return due to our actions, I apologize deeply. To the alliances that we had forced to fight for almost a year straight, I truly wish we could have ended that war earlier. However, I have the utmost respect for those who were able to keep their communities strong and stable throughout that. We owe the survival of this game and community to people like you and your members. To the alliances like North Point, who we screwed over and plotted against, I hope we can make it up to you and move forward. To those we are working with and have given us a second chance, I can’t find a way to put how grateful I am into words. When IQ left, they asked us to leave the game with them, but we refused. We did not expect at any point that our actions would ever be forgotten. Or that they would be forgiven overnight, instead we began changing our focus internally. We hope that if we can change ourselves for the better, everyone would recognize our effort and over time, we could heal the wounds created by our actions and forge a brighter path in the future. So once again I, and the entirety of Camelot, am truly sorry for those our actions have affected.
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    King of the Heralds: Benfro Prince of the Heralds: GoldyHammer Herald of War: Blink Herald of Growth: Schirminator Herald of Foreign Affairs: Herald of Internal Affairs: Wizel16 Herald of Fabrials: Talus Shards: Odium, Honor, Survival, Harmony
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    TLNGR: The Golden Horde is officially defunct. Sorry to disappoint SNN, but you're wrong. Great Hippo Khan here, declaring the migration of our movement back to the Eastern Steppes of the world. When we formed up, 2 years ago on this day, we had a plan to try and change the political landscape of this game. We wanted to actually make things "dynamic" and not just use that word as a meme. We had a couple of stipulations in place to maintain our focus on our overall goals. We wanted to be antagonistic, we wanted to keep away from previous ties in EMC, Syndisphere, IQ, etc, we wanted to build something new in the game. Our initial intentions were to remain paperless and be hired on as mercenaries, which saw small success. Especially since we only started with 200mil in our bank thanks to Sketchy (We were broke as hell at startup). Within a short time of our formation, we went to conflict with Vanguard - or more specifically we just wanted to bloody up Polaris. Which we did, and it was awesome. And it gave birth to one of the better memes in this game's history. During that conflict, we were offered a deal to move our conflict against IQ - which we took as well because... holy crap that was a lot we got, at that time. I was honestly proud of our moment there because, the stats at the time, had our alliance fighting for top spot against Rose. It's arguable that we passed them, but again, the stats at the time weren't the most accurate. What was accurate was that we made our presence known, and it was shortly after we formed up. During that timespan though, our goals changed up a bit. We no longer saw fit to remain "paperless", but instead to pick up new and upcoming alliances that had some promise. We first tied up with Imperium of Man (IoM), at which Sketchy took the time to mentor them. They looked to be doing pretty well initially once they were set straight, but due to unforseen drama situations - they left the game. That was unfortunate as they were a good group to work with. We then had a list of other alliances to work out with. Knights Templar and Acadia was on top of that list. KT was often plagued with a bad reputation, but the war with IQ showed that they were a scrappy bunch of retards who didn't care what other people thought of them. They let their actions dictate them (Both good and bad). They were great partners despite the drama and reputation issues. If they weren't, we wouldn't have stayed with them for the 2 years. What it really came to is that they needed a stable alliance with someone who they could work with, and we needed some muscle to compliment our organization efforts. We had our ups and downs, but overall, we were a terrifying couple. Like a redneck trailer park drunkenly lighting up bonfires during a dry season. Acadia, we wanted to work with because we saw potential in them, but they were often beaten up while being left in the top tier of IQ. Unfortunately, due to them remaining stoic with their tie to UPN - that never worked out as I didn't want to pull UPN's worthless ass out. So we looked for other alliances. Kastor's Lordaeron, I forget Queen M's first alliance before the merge, and Empyrea. Empyrea managed to pull through and joined us, Lordaeron merged in with us, and Queen M's alliance didn't work out. We were hoping to get some new alliances that never had the chance, but there wasn't too many that showed solid potential. Then we went forth with Empyrea and Knights Templar. Later added in Guardian and Grumpy, as they were abandoned and left alone. It was a good group. A good spread of tiers, some good organization, and some veterans who knew how the game was played. We were also the smallest bunch in our own little space of Orbis treaty web, but we were also often watched too due to our potential. It was a good run. We kicked a lot of ass, we got our asses kicked, and we kept going. We never allowed our bank to dictate our actions. Sketchy was King of budgeting, and Shiho and ArcKnox were fantastic bank runners for our group. I can safely say that I had probably the best bunch for government. Ameyuri and Shiho were awesome in maintaining our organization - especially with military and spy efforts, Sketchy - despite all the headaches of it - managed to maintain our budget, Hodor helped repair some of the damaged FA we suffered from during that 69 Day War stint. Our low gov helped out some with assisting other alliances on finding targets in our coalition efforts or helped with some advice here and there. We may not have been a big alliance, but we were a very impactful one. So, couple questions, why is TGH leaving? We had plans to start winding down after Surf's Up. We wanted to finish off with one more war alongside our allies, then start looking at a time to move on. Unfortunately the war expanded into that clusterfrick that many alliances helped enable initially till they saw the monster that they helped out (I'm just glad many of you woke up from that). When that war expanded, I wanted to make sure I was in it till it ended. I didn't want to abandon our coalition mates into that hell. Personally I was going to leave the game after Surf's Up. My real life took a huge change, and still is. Within 6 months at my job last year, I've gone through a rapid promotion spree that kept demanding more and more of my time. I was unable to put effort into this game as much as I'd like, and still unable to. Considering that I'm leaving, I didn't want to put the burden on others. The Golden Horde, just by name alone now, is a very antagonistic one and passing it off to someone else isn't being fair to them to pick up the pieces that I put into place. Many of our members will be slowly returning back to the game and joining other alliances. I just hope they make wise decisions into the alliances they join. I personally kept my opinions away, as I didn't want to affect their decision making with my own bias. Right now we've gone through and redistributed our funds to our members. Over 5bn worth of cash alone (Not including resources, but that was dealt with too) was spread out amongst the membership base. I'm not pulling a BK/NPO/GOG where they stash their collective bank into another AA, I'm making sure my members are rewarded for their efforts into our alliance. I also highly advise any future disbandings follow that as well. Am I coming back? That's unknown. I told myself that I would take a 6mo hiatus and completely remove PnW from my Discord list of channels. If after 6mos that life is stabilized and I have a interest in upsetting you folks again, then I'll come back. If not, then I'll most likely delete then. My account will be in VM till then. Is KETOGG done? Yes. So pucker up those lips and kiss some Grumpy ass if you want some good quality allies. Last words I'll still be lingering around for a bit longer till we are finished with taking care of our members. I want to make sure they get what they deserved before I take off. I also want to thank TKR/CoS/Soup/SK for giving the "minisphere" idea a shot. We never approached others to do it, you guys did it yourself, and that was awesome. I was hoping that others would follow suit, but we know how it goes. With the disappearance of certain players gone, I hope the community here gives it another shot down the road. There's much more flexibility in it than a 2sided game. With that said, thank you to my members/followers, thank you to my government folks, thank you to my allies, and thank you to the community. It was a good run, but I got shit to do. Peace. Hippo Out
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    Mirror Accords Preamble The Knights Radiant and The Syndicate enter into this treaty of mutual defense. Article I: Defining Aggression The Knights Radiant and The Syndicate, referred to hereafter as the Signatories, come together as friends, and shall not undermine one another or infringe upon one another’s sovereignty. It is agreed to handle any other issues between them in private. Article II: Paranoia Both Signatories agree to share all relevant information of worth and to collude as suits their mutual goals. It is agreed that this information shall not be falsified, or changed in any way, to mislead the other Signatory. As per this article, neither TKR nor t$ can be at fault for any incident or occurrence. Should any leaks occur or misinformation be presented, the Signatories agree to coordinate the development of a set of wild conspiracy theories and present a scapegoat to the world at large. The Signatories are also encouraged to share technological and monetary assistance as well as spin with the other if requested. Article III: Mutual Entitlement Should either Signatory come under attack, they will be entitled to military and political support. This article shall only go into effect if the aggrieved Signatory properly displays their entitlement via a request for assistance through proper diplomatic channels. This entitlement shall be waived if the attack is borne from responses to a Signatory's obligation towards, or actions undertaken on behalf of a third party. Article IV: Bravery Clause Should any Signatory cease hostilities unilaterally and without the other Signatory’s consent after a multi-month war and structural mistreatment, the other Signatory will respect the sovereignty of their ally and thank them for their assistance. Article V: Stall It! Should either Signatory fear they will regret being allied to their counterpart 10 years from now, they may cancel the treaty at any time with proper notification of the other alliance. The cancellation will then be stalled for 72 hours, during which articles I, II and III remain in effect. The cancelled party shall be blamed for the delays. After 72 hours have passed, the treaty is nullified. /s/ The Knights Radiant Queen of the Heralds: Adrienne Prince of the Heralds: GoldyHammer Herald of Foreign Affairs: Benfro Herald of War: Blink Herald of Growth: Schirminator Herald of Internal Affairs: Modi High Princess of Foreign Affairs: Menhera High Prince of Foreign Affairs: Cooper /s/ The Syndicate Chief Operations Officer (IA): Inbred Autocrat Chief Financial & Security Officer (Econ & MilCom): U-boat Strategic Planning (FA): Greetings, friends! Vice President of Strategic Planning (FA): B-train Vice President of Operations (IA): Big T Vice President of Infringement (MilCom): C-dubs Vice President of Finance (Econ): The D
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    Did you disband your alliance just so people would upvote something you posted?
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    Hey everyone, Originally I wasn't planning on making a forum post about this, but a combination of MrBooty's excellent post (You legend on beating your depression btw,) in this sub-forum where he spoke candidly about some of his own personal troubles and through the suggestions of several including @Yuiand @MonkeyDLegend has convinced me to do so. Firstly let me preface this I'm not looking for sympathy I simply wish to express my gratitude at the support this community has shown and to reflect on some the recent drama that's made the OWF a very interesting place as of late. At 11am I received a call from the nursing home where my father is a resident of. He was diagnosed with dementia some time ago and has been in care ever since 15/1/18. He had finished his breakfast and went to have a nap, the nurses checked each hour on him (9am and 10am) and he was fine, until they went to wake him up for lunch at 10:50am, where we had unfortunately passed away in his sleep, he was aged 76. A couple hours later after the resident doctor at the nursing home had examined him they informed us they believe he had suffered a heart attack. The first few hours after the event were probably the worst time of my life as my mum and I contacted family and friends and informed them of the news. I was broken from having to tell his sister, friends, cousins etc and having an escape from that and coming onto Discord and this community was that break. Whilst support from my family and friends has been invaluable it has also been immensely draining. So being able to vent to both friends who I don't know IRL in this community and my own Discord servers I run as well people I've barely talked to just hitting me up out of the blue was something that honestly eased the pain more than anything else could. There's been a lot of drama recently many of which my is own doing, some of which in hindsight my actions I do regret and if I could've done differently I would've done so. But as MrBooty expressed in his post towards BK/NPO, I wish to say the same towards KETOG/Chaos/Rose and especially the wider community in general you guys despite our differences and arguments all provide a unique aspect of this community that has made the last few weeks one of the most engaging and enjoyable times in my 1,211 days in this game, it is this community that keeps my interest in the game and I suspect this is the reason most of us stay. I hope I get the honour and the privilege of having the chance to fight alongside you one day or maybe even as a member in the future. For now if I decide to take a break and enter VM, Yui will run tCW in my absence. However If do decide against VM'ing for a bit please don't go easy on me just because of my loss. (Don't take my fun, ;;p) To all the people from all different spheres and blocs that have expressed their condolences thank you for your support to me in this painful time, it means a lot to me. This event has given me pause to reflect on recent events and much like MrBooty said, we are a community and I'll try to make sure going forward I can contribute as best I can to making this game fun for not just my alliance members and allies but the entirely of Orbis. Plus a bit of shitposting and drama is always fun to engage in. Good luck to everyone in the war, its been great fun so far and I'm looking forward to some great next rounds. We're in for a strong chance I reckon for us to win the war but it seems we'll be fighting for quite some time, which is fine by me since I've still gotta restore tCW's military reputation. ;,p Regards -Sphinx
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    Hello, This is just a heads up that I have disabled "downvotes" and negative reputation on the forum. It may take some time to reset all users with negative reputation to the new minimum (zero) so if you're reading this and that hasn't been completed yet, please bear with me for some time. It's been suggested many times that we revise / eliminate the reputation system, and I've finally decided to act. "Downvotes" are really just the laziest way to voice disagreement with someone, and contribute to the negativity and toxicity that is plaguing the game currently. If you disagree with someone's post, you'll be forced to type a response explaining why. Single word posts like "no," "this sucks," etc. are still spam and will still earn you warning points as they always have per the Forum Rules. Also, I've enabled the "Thanks" react to posts as well. Feel free to try it out on this post here
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    Some of you may remember an alliance here last year that called themselves “The Coal Mines” led by Nokia Rokia. “What ever happened to them?” you may find yourself wondering. They picked a fight with The Immortals in 2019, and promptly disbanded, before a peace could be brokered – a sad day for coal enthusiasts everywhere. But, in a long list of crazy shit to happen in 2020, they have re-emerged from their collapse, with hopes of a better outcome. Sadly, however, there has not been enough oxygen down in the mines this iteration either, and it’s affecting their decision making once again. So let’s get the rest of Orbis up to speed on what our friends in the mines have been up to. Last week, their second in command Shadow aka Antman aka DarknessIncarnate, decided to ghost his post in TCM and raid multiple people in the Swamp, among other alliances – with the intention of causing as much damage as possible. Yet, with open wars still ongoing with The Immortals and others, Shadow rejoined TCM – and leader Nokia leaves to Weebunism – leaving Shadow as leader in-game. Well, The Immortals counter that open raid, as would anybody else, and promptly had the counters illegitimately countered. Then those bad wars were countered and so on and so forth. With no desire or need for further escalation, especially to TCM members who are caught up in this tomfoolery, peace negotiations began shortly that same day. All parties on each side acknowledged Shadow and TCM’s actions were in the wrong and a peace was negotiated. “Splendid!” one might say. But sadly all wars were not peaced as promised. No… wrought with anger and frustration from looking foolish, Shadow wasn’t going to go down like that. Shadow launched a nuke on a Fark nation hours after the peace he accepted was in effect, causing expensive damage. When asked hours later the next day “hey, what the hell?” minutes after such inquiry, a missile was sent to the same Fark target (who hadn’t attacked at all again mind you) ending that war and looting the nation and Fark’s alliance bank. Shadow knew hell was about to rain down on his nation, so he readied his troops and…. wait, what’s that? Oh nevermind, he zeroed everything, sold infra down to 0.01 in every city and deposited everything he had, including the spoils from his Fark loot, into the TCM bank and exited his position as government claiming he was quitting the game. Okay, see you in re-roll bud. Seems Shadow/TCM did not wish to honor the peace arrangement afterall, but Shadow is no longer government, so the next step is to talk to the new leadership, which is Nokia once again – THE KING RETURNS! Surely he would return the stolen loot from Fark and make amends for the violation of the peace treaty – a simple request really. No reps from TCM are requested, just Shadow’s deposit and we all walk away. But Nokia not only denies the request, but threatens nukes and months of war as a response – and readies TCM with war tactics – all while admitting “we are not in the right. Quite the opposite” – but he does not want someone to “push us around”. Apparently damaging somebody else’s property and expecting that person to pay for said damage is pushing folks around. Rather than not condone what Shadow did and make things right, it seems TCM gov’t wishes to take ownership of Shadow’s actions. Based on these series of actions, it is concluded that The Coal Mines have purposely and unapologetically voided the terms of the peace deal and Swamp now acknowledges and will finish the war they brought to us. Any members that exit TCM now will not be pursued – you shouldn’t have to be burned down because of incompetent leadership. -THE SWAMP
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    https://forum.politicsandwar.com/index.php?/topic/27996-252020-major-announcement-regarding-enforcement-of-game-rules Over the course of this war, and especially over the past months, the New Pacific Order has leveraged 100 - 150 billion in illegally obtained funds to push unprecedentedly punitive terms on a large portion of the game. The threat of permawar was made a reality due to this funding, and communities suffered for it. The war was made personal with extreme toxicity. Up until recently, discussions on the terms of our surrender were cautiously reopened. No longer. Effective immediately, The $yndicate withdraws from all surrender negotiations and categorically rejects the notion of indulging the New Pacific Order's political aspirations with a surrender and/or transfer of funds through reps, a bond or otherwise. That being said, The $yndicate extends a blanket offer to accept white peace and mediate for a coalitionwide acceptance of the same to any opposing parties- seperately or collectively. This war has gone on long enough. /s/ The Board.
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    LSMFT, Chaos and Rose
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    Nerdsphere, comprised of The Commonwealth, Grumpy Old Bastards, Guardian, The Knights Radiant, and Tesla, admit defeat to Chadsphere (Coalition A), comprised of too many alliances to bother listing, and would like to congratulate Chadsphere on their hard fought victory. In addition, we’d like to make the following announcements: We recognize the Church of Atom as the official Church of Atomism here in Orbis Grumpy Old Bastards would like to admit that they do not know why kids love the taste of Cinnamon Toast Crunch It is our sincerely and dearly held belief, now and forever, that Clarke did nothing wrong The full terms of peace can be found here. /s/ The Commonwealth Prime Minister: Purplemoon/Yui Minister of the Interior: Lionstar Minister of Finance: Sphinx Minister of Foreign Affairs: Purplemoon/Yui Minister of Defense: Sven Shieldmaker Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs: CuppyCakeYums Bot Overlord: Printer365 (Hi Saxplayer!) /s/ Grumpy Old Bastards Cantankerous: Sweeeeet Ronny D Crotchety: Samwise, Presidential /s/ Guardian Memph JtTeE Synthesis Grim /s/ The Knights Radiant Queen of the Heralds: Adrienne Prince of the Heralds: Schirminator Herald of War: Benfro Herald of Growth: Schirminator Herald of Internal Affairs: Sojourner Ghostbloods: GoldyHammer, Radoje /s/ Tesla
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    Good evening Orbis, I am Ripper, and this is Terminal News Hour. A week has passed since the commencement of hostilities between Terminal Jest and IQ. One of our most talented spies reporters managed to infiltrate the IQ headquarters and record a general assembly of the IQ officers, reporting to their Supreme Leader, Roq. The main topic discussed was the performance of the IQ forces and the current damages sustained by them. (For those offended, remember... We just Jest.)
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    So there have been a lot of smaller, quality of life improvements suggested over the last couple months. I thought I'd compile them, add in a few new ones, and bring them up again for everyone to discuss now that Alex has more free time because there were some great suggestions in there and theoretically, they should be easy to implement. Feel free to suggest additional ones and I can add them to the list. Anything suggested shouldn't be a massive change to the game but would make life a little easier for general members and/or gov. Alliance Pages and Management Change the "member score distribution" chart on alliance pages to a "member city distribution" chart. Cities are a more useful at-a-glance metric than score for most people when breaking down an alliance by members. More customizable alliance permissions. Remove VM nations from alliance stats. Makes the alliance stats a more realistic representation of the alliance as it currently is. Allow for alliance gov/leaders to see what their members have set their timezones to. Give the ability to sort member/applicant lists by "Last Online". Allow for alliance leaders to add/remove flags from their in-game drop down list. Move expired treaties to an archive tab. Remove alliance descriptions from all alliances pages except the default "Information" page (e.g. don't load custom images or text for alliance control panels, banks, member lists, etc.) Remove fields from alliance info pages that aren't changed from their default values (e.g. if an alliance's forum link points to https://politicsandwar.com/forums/) Add a PW wiki page field to alliance info pages. Allow for alliances to add in an alliance/community religion. Alliance Bank Management Allow for alliance tax brackets to be changed in bulk (allow for multiple members to be added to a bracket at once). Allow for alliance leadership to set tax brackets for an arbitrary range of city counts. Instead of "All 20 city nations" allow for the input of a range like "All nations with 15-20 cities". Fix the top line of the WC/bank pages to allow the headers to still be read as you scroll down. On the alliance bank page, show the total income over the last turn/day to the alliance bank. Bonus points if it shows you the last few turns/days for comparison Double bonus points if there's one of those fancy graphs that show how your income has varied over time. Show the current per turn/day value of a tax rate on a given nation when you're selecting a tax bracket for them, will help make educated decisions regarding the impact a particular tax bracket might have on members. Split up the resource tax rate by individual resource instead of having it put collectively. Allow alliances to embargo other alliances (but give members the option to opt out of them). Allow for more than 50 results/page to be shown on the bank activity page. Be able to sort bank activity. War Screens and Battle Simulators Add a timeline link for wars you're in to the war screen (under the "date/type" column) instead of leaving it on the drop down menu. This makes it easier to view the page and prevents accidental peace offerings. Add military units for both you and your opponents to the war screen so that you don't need to have endless tabs open to decide in what order to attack opponents or to compare your military against theirs. Add average infra/city to the declaration page as this information helps players decide between war types. After moving off beige, default to alliance color rather than gray (save gray for inactive nations rather than active fighters). Add a confirmation screen/checkbox before offering/accepting peace. Similarly to the copy spy results option that was just added, create a "copy attack results" option for standard war attacks as well for ease of coordination. For the battle simulator, don't automatically refresh the options in between runs. It makes it difficult for people to run multiple simulations in a row to get an average. Instead, maybe include a "reset" button so people can decide when they want to clear it. In the war screen changes; an option to simulate ground/air/naval could also be given. Say a check box above the dropdown which says Simulate. This would simulate an attack with your current military versus the opponents current military without manually typing everything in. Increase character limit for war declaration messages. Infrastructure, Land, and Improvements Get rid of decimals from infra. Makes rebuilding a pain in the butt. Either just round up or down from infra damages. Alternatively, change how to buy infra from "add X number of infra" to "reach X level of infra" so if you have to buy from 524.16 to 1000, you put 1000 instead of 475.84. Bulk Buy infra to a certain level instead of having to do it individually for each city. Alternatively, allow the bulk import feature to purchase infrastructure if the infra is lower than the amount required for the improvements. Don't have the mass infra purchase feature sell off infrastructure. For the mass infra purchase feature, have the default be to all cities but give the option to select which cities to import to. For the bulk import feature, have the default be to all cities but give the option to select which cities to import to. Cities may have differing infra levels/improvement slots, especially during war, or people may want different builds for different cities - but still across multiple cities - so allowing them to choose which cities the import applies to would make things easier. Create a mass land purchase feature. For the "expected daily profit per improvement" line on resource improvements, it appears that after buying/stacking improvements for the bonus, it factors that bonus into the "expected daily profit" figure and inflates it as compared to the other possible improvements. This makes it hard to compare and see if another resource may be better. Resources and Trading Merge alliance trade page with global trades page to encourage greater use. Allow alliance leadership with bank perms to buy and sell from the market directly instead of having to transfer money/resources to their nation first. Allow nations to trade resources (i.e. steel for aluminum) with and send cash offers to one another. Allow nations to trade treasures directly between each other. Allow for the site to be able to read commas (and currency symbols) when inputting values (nation score, money, resource amounts, etc). Get rid of decimals from resources. Keeping everything to even numbers just makes it easier to deal with. Allow for a confirmation screen/checkbox on the market before posting trades. Set the "Create Offer" default resource type to match the resource of the originating page (i.e. if a player clicks Create Offer from a screen that was filtering on iron, then the default resource should be iron instead of food). Unstack the trading graphs here in order to more easily visualize trends of individual resources over time. Instead of having the average prices scroll on the market page, keep them static. Site Navigation and Nation Search Pages Add the "Back a Page" and "Forward a Page" arrows that are already at the top of all list pages to bottom of all list pages as well (nations, alliances, trades, etc.) Be able to search nations in multiple alliances. (I'd personally suggest an alphabetized drop down menu here instead with the ability to select multiple options rather than having players type in alliance names.) Add an indicator next to a nation on the nation search list if they're in VM and include for how many more turns/days. Show for how many more turns/days a nation is in beige for on the nation search list. Add city number to the nation search list and allow for sorting by city count. Allow for bounties to be sorted. Separate the treasure/color bloc pages from the leaderboards to make them easier to get to. Turn the current color bloc names in the Color Trade Bloc Leaderboard into links to each color bloc voting page Turn the number of nations column in the Color Trade Bloc Leaderboard into a series of links to all nations on each color (e.g. the number of nations on olive should link here). Change the objectives tab to "casino" once all the objectives have been completed. (Casino died) Put a link to the game graphs and the stat tracker on the navigation bar (and fix the stat tracker). Individual Nations Allow for players to link their forums/discord usernames to their nation page, either as manual input fields or via an (automated) verification system. Have unread messages show up at the top of the inbox. Allow for players to set a signature for their in-game messages. Create a notification for when wars expire. Receive a notification if a treasure spawns in your nation. Save custom VIP images so that players don't have to redo them if their VIP runs out. Allow for different types of embargoes: baseball, market buy, and market sell. Miscellaneous/General Ease Accessibility improvement: don't require interaction with a map for players to switch continents as blind players cannot use screen-reading software with this feature. Have the monthly donation timer reset automatically. Remove notifications number from sidebar when looking at the notifications page instead of after. Move notifications/messages to the top bar. Reduce Politics & Snore time during turn changes. Institute a "report nation" form/button in-game instead of on the forums/via DMs. Last added new suggestions on 2/27/20 Last updated to reflect in-game changes 5/15/20
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    Players of Orbis, With this latest update, Sheeps has now made it possible to delete nations. My first thought the second I heard this was... someone is going to try to force city deletions on a defeated enemy as punishment. We just ended the most contentious and damaging war this world has ever seen, I dont think its a stretch to say that if IQ had the ability to demand people delete cities, they would have. So in a show of unity, and a small attempt to avoid the crap we all went thru a few months ago, I would like to put forth a pledge that no matter how heated things get, or how much we may hate each other, demanding city deletions will never be part of a peace term. I have spoken to a few alliance leaders privately and they all agree, so if you are in a position to speak for your alliance and or bloc please post below that your alliance/bloc agrees to never use city deletion as requirement for peace. Below is a list of alliances/blocs that have agreed, I will update it accordingly. Bloc Alliances: -The Hedge (Grumpy, Guardian, TE, NP) -Rose, Camelot -Quacksphere TKR/TS/HS/CTO/COA/OWR/SK -TCW -Swamp Block: The Fighting Pacifists/Ampersand/The Immortals/The Lost Empire/The Federation/Fark/The Regiment/Deathly Hallows/United Socialist Nations/Spartan Union Alliances: -The Wei (TW)
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    An Orbis Chronicle: The Endgame It was a beautiful day in Francoberg, Roqovia’s capital. The public forums were quiet and the waters were stagnant, just as their citizens liked it. At the center was Roquentin’s palatial hamster cage, where the Lords of IQ had gathered to make their ritual offerings of carrots and treaties. At each side of Roquentin’s exercise wheel stood his most loyal advisors: Dio the Dildio and Auctor also known as “Diet Inst”. Roquentin was listening to the complaints of his many subjects who were seeking shelter from the great menace known as Chaos. Among these were NPO’s protectorates such as InfoWars, Goon Squad, and the Black Knights. BK in particular was concerned as they had just finished a massive dogpile against TKR and were caught immediately planning another massive dogpile against TKR. “My lord you must help us contain Chaos”, Leo the Brave and Beautiful leader of BK begged. “They are arguably the 4th, maybe even the 3rd largest sphere in the game and a massive threat to us.” “and why are they fighting you?” Roquentin asked. “Because they found a plan where we said we would fight Chaos and you would hit Keto. I told them it wasn’t true but can you now please hit Keto while we fight Chaos?” Leo answered. “and what were chaos and keto doing before they found this out?” Roq asked. “Uhh… They were fighting each other...” Leo meekly answered. “An obviously fake war! They are fighting each other to give the illusion that they would be willing to fight each other,” Diet Inst said with disgust. “pathetic i agree. as if such empty actions could cause us to stray from the path of dynamism” Roquentin murmured between bites of carrot. “but if we are pinning keto down, are you confident that 4:1 odds will be enough for you to defeat chaos on your own?” the Rodent of Consolidation asked. Leo sweat nervously. “Uhhh we might need some help there too...” he admitted. “Forgive me for speaking Roq, but if we help then everyone will know our split was fake.” Dildio said. “no we will just say the people who suggested our split might be fake these last few weeks forced us to reform,” Roq said. “Didn’t we say that exact same thing about EMC for over a year?” Dildio asked? “uhh…. no,” Roq answered. “Also we have logs of them planning to his us!” Diet Inst insisted. “But we only have logs of people wanting to hit IQ,” Dildio said. “exactly,” Roq grinned. “Plus we could just say we have more logs that we can’t share for... reasons,” Diet Inst suggested. “Didn’t we say that in Trail of Tiers?” Dildio asked? “uhh…. no,” Roq answered. “We could say it's to kill the whales,” Diet Inst suggested. “Didn't we just use that for Knightfall?” Dildio asked, momentarily bringing the room to silence. “so uh... it is agreed. we will involve ourselves in this war and it will be everybody elses fault,” Roquentin proclaimed. Leo threw himself at Roq’s furry paws and wept in gratitude. As the meeting ended and once he was sure everyone was gone, Roquentin pressed a button that was hidden by a layer of wood pellets. A hologram of a pigeon flickered in and Roq knelt before it. “It begins my apprentice. Soon there will be no stopping us,” the image said. Outside the Stronghold of The Knights Radiant The armies of TKR amassed by their Stronghold’s gates where they were joined by their friends and partners. Among them was CuppyCakeYums the Cat Thief, who was munching on his favorite snack. Waddling next to him was JtTeE the Adored and beside him Manthrax the Sad dragged his feet. Hidden towards the back was Ameyuri the Fox selling her usual illicit goods. As they prepared Queen Adrienne spoke. “Our enemies have reunited. Last time they threw everything they had at us and we proved we would not crumble. Today we turn the tide. Today The Knights Radiant and her friends will beat back the Desolation. Today we fight!”
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    Thank you for those who listened in to the most recent episode of Great Job! on Friday night. It was a great show, thank you to both @Epi and @Prefontaine for taking part. During the show, it was brought up that @Charlie Traveler is greatly missed in this community. Let us show Charlie our support and bring him back. Let us get to either 100 likes or 100 responses to show him our love and get him back into this community.
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    Boredom has once again struck our shores. The months of inactivity, consolidation and posturing have left this game quiet and boring. We have therefore decided to ride the boredom wave straight into Chaos. People who we believe know how to have some fun, fight and put on a good show. Last time TKR wanted to dance, this time we ask them to surf. Let’s create some waves, put on a show and have some fun. Maybe those who watch may learn a thing or two.
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    Last recorded log of fanatic cult leader, Thrax (self declared spaceman), to his personal journal: I fear my time has come. The Koolaid fountains have dried out, and our reserves are dangerously thin, almost empty. The people, my wangs, they have grown dissolutioned with my orders to limit Koolaid consumption. Already so many have abandoned ship but those who remain have become starved, the withdrawal symptoms have driven them to madness. Those who left, they called me a liar, a cheat and a false prophet. But those who are left thirst for the Koolaid. My sweet wangs, my followers, I fear they may soon come calling for the Koolaid pounding through my veins. With nothing to wash down the bagels, they become oh so thirsty... Very well. The time has come to feed my sweet wangs. Oh sacred Bocephus, first of his name, give me strength. I only wish ripper would sit upon my lap one more time before I go. One final time: I am become Koolaid, destroyer of Wacky-mallows. Peace. In case you didn't realise it, CoS is disbanding. We want to thank our friends Soup, Seven Kingdoms, The Knights Radiant and Sanreizan for a great time. We couldn't have asked for better allies. We also urge all the participants of the war to end things before there are any more casualties. CoS disbanding came as a direct consequence of this war and nobody should take war to the extremes of destroying a community. We wish all the best to those still fighting and hope you end this thing sooner rather than later. To the ex government members of AK, we thank you for fueling our alliance's existence purely through sheer will and spite to prove you wrong. It was most beneficial, now however since you're also gone our spite dried up. Guess that's the way the cookie crumbles. Cheers all! Tldr: despite our best efforts, CoS is no more.
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    I was one of the people who was brought in to look at the body of evidence regarding the GPWC money and resource farm to provide feedback to Alex. There's been a lot of talk on both sides about how the action taken was too much, while the other side has said that there was not enough action. That's an indicator of a solid compromise, a reasonable middle. When dealing with this whole situation I want to make one thing clear, there is no good solution. The impact of GPWCs funding of fighting on the last several months can not be addressed adequately, there is no magic fix for what has happened, there is no ideal solution. Thus knowing all of the remaining options are poor ones, why act? Because action needed to be taken. The impact of adding nearly a billion dollars in cash and resources to one side daily over several months of warfare cannot be understated, especially when looking at the climate of the war. This war, like many wars before it, became toxic. However the level of toxicity reached new heights in this war with people on both sides talking like this war was the last war. There were comments about driving people out of the game, wanting to make people quit, see alliances disband. Emotions were high on both sides because of these sentiments. Now, take that environment and find out one side had been funding their campaign with illicit sources. There is no way to roll back the emotion, even if you could roll back the damage. It makes sense that some leadership, even those not accused of cheating, would quit after this event. They adopted an all-in mentality on this war. If you lose your all-in, you've nothing left. However leaders whom encourage their players to delete their accounts simply because their gambit failed are an embarrassment to themselves and the communities they claim to represent. While it is true they cannot force people to delete or quit, trying to exert your influence over your members to do so is beyond disappointing. Some of you I've known for years, even a decade. You've disappointed me. To those claiming that Alex knew about this and gave it his blessing -- you're very much wrong. You knew what you were doing was wrong, its why you approached him with vague statements. If you had laid out what you were actually doing, you would have received a very different response and we both know it. Had you asked him: "Can we invite around 1000 people to join the game, but they're not going to play in the traditional sense, instead they're going to sit in an alliance that taxes them 100% to gain additional resources. In return for them logging in often enough to allow their nations to be taxed properly we will provide them with a translated comic they want. Should they fail to log in frequently enough we remove their access to the comic", do you really believe you would have his okay to move ahead? Of course not, it's why you didn't ask him directly for permission for what you were doing. You knew it was wrong. I've been encouraging, both publicly and privately, alliances who remain to move towards a white peace. The faster we can move past this incident, the better. We need to put this behind us as a cautionary tail of what happens when we become too toxic, and what happens when cheating is allowed at the high levels of governance. This game is not dead, as much as those who were in the wrong, and those whom feel the actions taken against their friends were unjust want it to be. We have a moment -- a few of them -- to take a breath, and as the dust settles on this event we can move forward as a community. A moment of silence to the real victims, the farm owners of GPWC who will no longer be receiving their comics.
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    A little over a week ago, we detailed the frustration of the peace process in this thread. Our decision to publicise the logs contained within that thread was strongly influenced by the necessity to address structural allegations that coalition A were "at fault" for peace being withheld. Our evidence-based rebuttal has gone largely unaddressed and the nature of the remainder of this war has become increasingly clear. Considering the punitive nature coalition B's approach to the peace process, it is time to begin addressing the foundation of this war. When Chaos and KETOGG ended their own conflict and declared war on BK and The Covenant, its CB was based on logs of Sphinx announcing a plan to hit Chaos sphere along with a a reference to t$/NPO collusion to hit KETOGG. While further evidence of t$/NPO collusion with BK remained absent, the leak in itself provided crystal clear evidence of a BK plot to take advantage of the Chaos/KETOGG war and hit them. Consequently, a state of war was established between KETOGG/Chaos and BK. Throughout the war, BK and its allies have attempted to disqualify KETOGG and Chaos' CB by claiming that the logs were obsolete. Statements were made about the logs preceding the KETOGG/Chaos war, about BK having had no plans to make a move at the time of the DoW, along with other half truths. I will leave a series of public posts for your viewing pleasure. Each of the following post references the premise for the war/the CB/the logs in one fashion or another, and either directly claims or implies that the war was unjustified. The following logs feature Sphinx (tCW gov) and Alexio (at the time part of the sphere that would become coalition B ) discussing the details of a planned war against Chaos. Sphinx discusses his disagreement with Thanos (Leo, BK) about the date of the attack. According to his account, Sphinx' preference is to hit Chaos right after they rebuild from their war with KETOGG to maximize damage, whereas Thanos wants to hit sooner. The 14th is implied as Thanos' preferred date. These screenshots are dated after Surf's up (May 25th) kicked off. They disprove any claims that the initial Sphinx logs were "outdated and no longer applicable". They directly prove the intention of at least BK and tCW to engage in an aggressive war against Chaos and specifically note TKR. They also identify Thanos' "hard-on for TKR" as a driving factor to the war. Between the initial Sphinx logs and the logs below, it is clear that war planning never stopped. At this point, it is beyond doubt that: This war originated from the desire of BK+allied government to destroy TKR, and that Chaos/KETOGG responses were reactionary in nature Many have structurally been lied to about the events which preceded this war. Coalition B seeks to apply punitive measures to defeated Coalition A forces and has been frustrating the peace process Coalition B has been lying about its frustration of the peace process, and has attempted to pin delays on Coalition A (as evidenced by the thread linked at the start of this post) We at the $yndicate have no illusions about our military prospects or about the political consolidation we are seeing at the moment. Irrespective of its position however, The $yndicate will not allow its allies or coalition partners to be framed for the hegemonic ambitions of its enemies and it will not accept false claims and allegations as undisputed truth under threat of political or military repercussion.
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    Though there is no doubt that both sides to this war can maintain the status quo indefinitely, and though we are sure that there may be parties on either side who would view this as a preferable outcome, we believe we must also consider whether this is the most desirable long-term outcome. To allow a chance for hostilities to cease, it is time for a compromise to be sought. In this spirit, the undersigned parties do hereby proclaim their acceptance of the prerequisite Coalition B demand for an acceptance of a surrender once other terms have been negotiated. With this prerequisite fulfilled within the given window, we invite Coalition B negotiators to present the remaining terms upon that we can begin progressing negotiations. Though we are content for the war to continue until mutual agreement can be found on the terms which are to be presented, we hope our counterparts will mirror our willingness to find a speedy resolution. /signed/ for Coalition A parties Arrgh Church of Spaceology Empyrea The Fighting Pacifists The Golden Horde Grumpy Old Bastards Guardian Oblivion The Knights Radiant Knights Templar Rose Seven Kingdoms Silenzio Soup Kitchen Valinor
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    Today we have hit a milestone as an alliance, Grumpy is now 1000 days old. You may be saying to yourselves, 1000 days doesn't make it your birthday... Well folks when you are as old and grumpy as we are, everyday is a milestone. I am extremely proud of all of my members and allies over the years that have helped us and allowed us to reach 1000 days old. Many imitators have been created and disbanded since I thought to myself... man taxes are the worst, I should create an alliance that would run exactly how I if I was a member would want it to run. After a few months of procrastinating and a global war, Grumpy Old Bastards was born! With the belief that the best person to spend your money is you, upholding a strict membership standard, aligning ourselves with alliances that I felt upheld similar standards to our own. I believe many of our members agree with me, as we have probably the best retention rate in the game, in 1000 days I have removed 3 members for not meeting our standards, and 5 people have left voluntarily. Thank you to our allies over the years, TKR, Hogwarts, tC. Thank you to our current allies Best buds in Guardian, and our new friends in KT and TGH, you boys have been making the last few months interesting since we joined up. A quick shout out to some of the guys that have been with us since the beginning. Aenir, battle beast with his hatred of infra, Moons over my Hammy!, Korben, the silent assassin, Goldie, you inactive sack of crap. Ajax, our first little nation look at you, now over 30 cities! Most importantly my 2 right hand man and lady, Sammy and Pres, Grumpy couldn't have survived without you guys! Thanks to all of you! Lastly, I would be remiss not to mention all our enemies over the years, this game is no fun without someone to hate, thanks for the motivation to continue to build and grow. Hear is to the next 1000 days! -SRD
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    Downvotes have always been one of the most important pinnacles of forum interactions, most notably as an easy and quick way to disagree with someone's message and make your disagreement easily known to the world. In light of the recent outbursts of new game change suggestions popping everywhere around us, I believe it is now more important than ever to have them back. Surely this is universally supported by the great majority of our community, and I see no reason why should we not have them. If we're concerned about negative karma farming, just turn it off. Not like anyone cares for that anyway. If we're concerned about people's feelings because of a downvote.. well. Tough it out. Or rename "Downvote" to "Disagree". Make your support known by upvoting this suggestion. If you disagree.. well, tough luck for you, we don't have the downvotes.. yet.
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    Greetings, Friends! The $yndicate has been having a tussle with the Black Knights. They hit our baby. We hit them back. They hit us. We hit them. The guineapig gurgled something about "Hostile tones", and back and forth we went! And now we're here. I ran out of spruces so you are stuck with !@#$gisan shitting on your desk out of boredom. That's Auctors fault if anyone wants to smash him into a locker. So where were we? Right! We at the $yndicate recognize hostilities with the following alliances, who have engaged offensive wars against The $yndicate: Black Knights The Commonwealth United Purple Nations Solar Knights Guardians of The Galaxy Acadia The IQ Collectible Trading Card Game (really pidgeon? That's a stupid premise for an alliance. Shame on you.) Now I know what you're thinking friends! "But Pragglesan. We already knew this! Go fight them then and shut up". NO. YOU SHUT UP AND SIT DOWN. You see. Our lawyer Choo Choo Praggle has adviced us to invoke article II of the Ocean Voyage accords signed and ratified between The $yndicate and the New Pacific Order on April 7th, 2019. The $yndicate formally points out that the following alliances are not directly allied to The Black Knights, and therefore have entered upon The $yndicate without semblance of just cause. Fortwith, The $yndicate formally calls upon The New Pacific Order to honor its agreement and enter into a state of war against these aggressors: - United Purple Nations - Acadia - Solar Knights Stay tuned for more $yndicate announcements, revelations, states of the unions and reports! Reference:
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    Hello everyone, First, I want to start out by apologizing. When I removed "Beige" without warning on the live server some time ago, I did so primarily out of frustration and that is a terrible way to run or develop a game. I've done a lot of reflection since then, and I just want to say sorry for all of the trouble that that action of mine has caused. I do fundamentally believe that Beige is flawed (at least in the way that it had been implemented) but to just remove it with no ready replacement was wrong. I can say that since Beige has been removed, it has sparked a lot of good discussions and I think we are now closer than ever to developing a better replacement mechanic. I have been working with users in the Game Suggestions forum, as well as our new development team on proposing and discussing alternatives that will have less unintended consequences. Instead of just picking one and going for it, what I am hoping to do is run a series of short tournaments on the test server testing each alternative. From those tournaments we can gather feedback and make tweaks as necessary, as well as ultimately decide on a replacement and implement that into the live server. However, that is going to take some time. Therefore, instead of rushing things, what I have decided on is re-implementing the old Beige system as a temporary measure while we test and develop a replacement. That is, primarily, what this announcement is about. Right now the old beige system is being tested on the Test Server by our QA Team (you can go play on the test server as well and report any bugs you find with the changes if you'd like to help.) Once I am confident that the changes don't have any major bugs, I will be pushing them to the live server. I don't have an exact ETA, but I would say with about 90% certainty that will be within the next 72 hours. In addition to re-instating old beige, I am also making two other changes: The Steel cost of Tanks is being reduced from 1 -> 0.5. Reducing the Steel cost for Tanks has been suggested probably since P&W first began, and I am finally listening to the advice of the community and heeding my development team and going for it. The Nation Score formula is getting tweaked slightly to increase the score values of Tanks, Aircraft, and Ships. This was a popular suggestion by @Roberts, and was well received by the development team as well. Note that I am not going to adjust the score value of cities as proposed in that suggestion. I will, of course, let you all know when this change is pushed to the live server, but I wanted to give everyone advance warning and notice about these development plans. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
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    I have come bearing news to all of Orbis. We have achieved an end. An end to the war that sought the destruction of communities all around. Peace has come to Orbis. A peace which shall bring forth growth and prosperity to all who have managed to survive. A peace that shall restabilize our world and bring forth new ideas. I have here, in my hand, a document with many signatures on it that I would like to read out to you. "We, the Coalition of Alphabet Soup, and the lasting leaders of Coalition We Dun Fuked Up, have held meetings and are agreed to a global white peace and a 6mo NAP." May you all go home and get a well deserved quiet sleep. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Alright, real talk. Starting on 2/20/2020 - all alliances involved in the global clusterfrick war - will have a 6mo NAP with the agreement of white peace. Of course you can easily void out of this, but for the sake of sanity - this game needs a break. There are no reps, no victories or defeats, no nothing. Just ending this conflict and moving forward. Any battles involving the alliances who has not accepted this agreement will be considered raids and will be treated as such by the respective alliances who are involved. We are officially declaring this war done. Some of you may disagree with a NAP being in place, but considering this war went on as long as it did and the impact it had on multiple communities - I'm sure it's more than understandable in this particular case. Let's get things back in order and allow @Alex some time to bring out new changes. If you don't care, well, can't really stop you but I think many of us are just simply tired of the drama and conflict. Activity needs to spike back up in multiple alliances once more. Enjoy the rebuild and start establishing new connections. I'm not posting everybody's signatures who back this up. You know who's who. And if you don't accept this, you're on your own. Arrgh and Mythic aren't included. So have fun punching them if you need to get some aggression out.
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    After consulting with people in BK and around Orbis, I do believe there is a suspicion that an account or bot got compromised by another individual in this community. After seeing BK remove more than half of its members (with more still dropping), I think it's necessary to point out that this sort of action will not be tolerated by any regardless of Coalition. I really hate what BK does and says, but genuinely best of luck in bringing your community back to order and resolving this situation. If it is a hack, maybe @Alex can intervene. No one deserves to have their alliance nor community destroyed. I will personally do everything in my power to bring any party involved to justice for actions that should never occur in Orbis. These attacks are despicable. This is a game, and we're supposed to have fun and perhaps engage in some politics. Even if some can't understand that, we should never make it personal or threaten a community. Sorry, to go on this tirade, but I'm pretty pissed off right now about this situation. At the moment, TKR v BK is irrelevant. BK got attacked in an unjustifiable and unacceptable manner. Whoever is doing this, you just made things so much worse for everyone involved. tl;dr: frick whoever did this. Note that I've come to these conclusions myself.
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    The Sovereign, from the high perch of his palace, peered out into the sky above. It was filled with dark, ominous clouds that loomed overhead for miles. He turned his view down below and witnessed civilians rioting across the cobblestone streets, setting everything aflame. Suddenly a massive ship materialized from the clouds. The flash of rampant lightning illuminated the heavens. The sovereign, taken by surprise, stepped back from his perch. What could this goliath be? It was going to fall on the city! But… it didn’t. The massive ship was floating in the sky. How could this be? A door opened, with white smoke beginning to arise from the door. Out walked a godly figure with menacing golden eyes, donning armor of pure white and a regal demeanor. Two figures were standing on either side of him. He approached the Sovereign and the figures followed, emerging from the mist. One was a woman in white attire and the other was a young man with several artificial enhancements and major scarring. The god loomed over the city and announced his claim over the Sovereign’s lands. Initially outraged, the Sovereign would very quickly quiver at the overwhelming sense of despair that emanated from his new overlord. All would bow before the Immortal Emperor! A smirk appeared on his face and he slowly walked back into his ship, preparing to claim even greater lands…. In short, Rose’s elections are over and a new theme has been chosen! We welcome the Eternal Empire of Rose (from the game, Star Wars: The Old Republic)! New Government of Rose: Emperor: Valkorion Baratheon High Justice: Vexz Horizon Guard of Foreign Affairs: Mhearl Horizon Guard of Internal Affairs: Dynamic Horizon Guard of Economic Affairs: Zoot Horizon Guard of Military Affairs: Valkorion Baratheon (again, I know) I want to thank Zevfer for all the work he did for Rose. Looking forward to leading the alliance into the ground to new heights!
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    Welcome to the first ever edition of Akuryo News Network! Why didn't i use Shifty? Cause i did all the work and this is bigger than anything shifty has ever had! Lets start with a story. The other day, a bored friend came to me and said "I saw multis on pooballs' ID! I didn't get to screencap before they disappeared though!" Intrigued, i went to Nova and began checking every gov member, and then every member. Surely enough, no multis on pooballs account at that time. However the two nations they claimed to have seen on his unique ID were both sharing an ID themselves, which prompted me to search for others. In my search for these multis i checked every war, trade and bank transaction. One of them i stumbled across some odd trading behavior. This 109 day old nation at 10 cities was repeatedly, in the span of an hour, sending and receiving MILLIONS of resources to 2 other players, both low tiered, one was also 109 days old, the other - and the main account in this, Grather, was 108 days old. The bank transactions for the other 2 were nothing special. On Grather though, something stood out. Five dates. 4/6, 4/8, 4/14, 4/16 and 4/27. On all of these days, Grather desposited massive amounts of resources, culminating on 4/28 when he deposited 7.5-10m of every resource. Though the trade logs expire and only go back to 4/14, which show the same strange behavior as 4/27, someone i asked about this showed me the World Graphs for resources. https://politicsandwar.com/world-graphs/graphID=14 The average daily input seems to be around 250-380k ever day, at least for gas. Yet on every date i have mentioned, they all spike above 2m, and 4/27-4/28 has a spike of 7.5+ on every resource, doubling the amount of some raws. What was furthermore interesting is that pooball received bank wires on these same days for large amounts of resources. On 4/28, he received half of everything that magically spawned and was deposited by Grather, and infact sent by Grather himself, while the others were sent by The North 14. Checking him, he too, received the other half on 4/28 that pooball did not. Naturally i collected screenshots and confronted pooball, who claimed to have no idea it was happening, and played no part. The conversation, as well as the 96 other screencaps, including a text file that documents the value of generated resources and total (the world graph suggests they are all separate and dont add up to 4/28, meaning the total value is just shy of 209bn), are available here https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1YGQcpXDhxtAyktkqeArUmzNnyAITwyWu?usp=sharing By now, these resources are everywhere. If your nation or alliance has purchased resources from Nova, or probably almost any distributor, you've likely bought some of these. Now despite what it looks like, and my own opinion obviously stated in the logs, it should be noted from Alex: A final note here, after the intiial conversation logs your reporter here did attempt to extort some of these resources, with the intent of quietly slipping them to KETOG and Pantheon with a note of their origin. Nova Riata has not given anything to me or anyone else under any sort of threat to my knowledge, and attempts to do this since the conversation screenshots have not occurred. EDIT: @Dio Brando for the greatest Owl ever. #Diowl We're currently waiting on final word on Alex, until then, decide for yourselves what this means.
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    A Valid CB ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Preamble We, the Undersigned, henceforth known as Chaos (Bloc), declare our intent to cooperate together in our mission to bring chaos to Orbis. Our ultimate purpose is to make the game fun for our members and to keep things interesting here in Orbis. We aim to be a bloc that does not strive for complete dominance in the game in any sense (tier-wise, economically, militarily, politically, etc.). Ultimate cultural victory is excluded from this rule. We are open to working with different groups and helping out others looking to bring a little extra excitement into Orbis. If you are looking for partners in a war, trying to shake things up yourself, or want to 1v1 one of us, feel free to contact us. Article I: The Actual Treaty All members come together as friends and shall make no hostile act against one another. It is agreed to handle any issues between them in private. Members agree to aid each other in all conflicts in which a fellow member alliance is defending, except in cases where the member alliance declines help, in which case they are kindly requested to stay the #%$& out. This aid includes, but is not limited to, information, military assistance, financial assistance, moral and lumbar support. Article II: The Lunatics The Lunatics is a council consisting of the leader and one senior representative from each member alliance. Their responsibility is to oversee the day-to-day operations of Chaos. Article III: Membership Joining the bloc is invitation only and as such, petitions to join will not be considered. Any alliance invited to join must receive a unanimous vote of confidence from The Lunatics. If the invited alliance accepts, they may not have outside ties other than one protectorate/MDP partner who is also not connected to the treaty web. Any additional outside treaties will be at the discretion of The Lunatics. Should a member alliance wish to temporarily “exit” the bloc for the purpose of things like 1v1 fights, they may do so. Should any member alliance wish to permanently withdraw from the bloc, they may do so at any time with 72 hours notice to The Lunatics. /s/ The Lunatics Ripper (CoS), Vexz’s Puppet Spaceman Thrax (CoS), God’s Detergent Adrienne (SK), Vexz’s Multi Schirminator (SK), Faceless Econ Guy Charlie Traveler (Soup), Mr. Clean Kevanovia (Soup), Soggy Pantaloons Squeegee (TKR), Sad Meat Clover (TKR), Everything Ruiner Opening Initiatives: Making an effort to assist former Nerdsphere alliances against unsporting attacks from political detractors for one month while they sculpt their pectoral topiary Figuring out why kids love the taste of cinnamon toast crunch Couping Niz before she is able to organize an effective resistance Commencing Operation “Greg's Metropolis” and “The Mexican-Canadian Truce” whilst doing a Great Job!
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    While I'm not a graphic designer by any means, I developed a new logo for PaW.
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    Last Official Nova Riata Forum Announcement Over the past few days I have made one difficult decision after another, knowing that any and every word I say would be analyzed at every angle by a reasonably angry community. Nova Riata hosted a great many things that I will miss, from the ridiculous amount of voice chats to the day to day banter. From the poker nights fueling our gambling addictions to the endless furry memes. What I'm going to miss the most though are the many people that made up Nova Riata, all of them innocent and unaware of what Pooball and Ar Gud had done. They all created a fun community that I believe had no equal, even though it was structured around the exploits of a leader who only wanted to save us from his past mistakes. Of course in doing so, Pooball caused the very thing he was hoping to prevent. I'm here today to represent the innocent of Nova, and by day change today I will be the last one standing, ready to absorb the community justice. I hereby surrender to Pantheon and from now on I request that Nova's not so Secret war be renamed to The Great Sock War as requested by rawr. After everything is said and done, I will disband Nova Riata. I wish all my members well in their future ventures and hope they had picked new homes by now that will keep them safe and treat them with the respect and dignity they deserve, perhaps in the future we will all united again. but until then, Good bye tl;dr The captain must go down with his ship
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    Can you leave this mechanic in place until you have an alternative ready to go? Otherwise, it'll do exactly what you say you don't want it to do should a war break out anywhere.
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    Politics & War Quarterly Report November 1, 2019 Hello, I’d like to begin by announcing what this post is. My intent is to write a lengthy quarterly report regarding progress made in improving Politics & War, beginning today. This will be in addition to regular updates made throughout the course of development. My desire is to better communicate the progress we have made as well as the goals we’d like to achieve in the short-term future. My plan is to release these reports on November 1, February 1, May 1, and August 1 each year. First, let’s look at what’s been accomplished in the last quarter (August 1 – October 30): Achievements were implemented, with an initial 31 available and more released on the way (and more to be released throughout the future!) Ss23 migrated the test server to the newest versions of PHP and MySQL. This broke a lot of things on the test server (many things still need to be fixed unfortunately) which we have been working through resolving. It is important that we finish this so that we can upgrade the live servers without creating game-breaking issues and ensure the integrity of the game going into the future. The Game Rules were updated to clarify that using screenshots in your nation page to fake Vacation Mode or other stats is not allowed. Screening for baseball bots/scripters was improved significantly, with limits placed to ensure that players are not abusing baseball to get ahead. A “Copy Nation Link” button was added to nation pages to make accessing your nation link far easier (particularly for mobile users) Six new “winter” city images were added to the list of default city images, available to all players A number of fixes were attempted to resolve the issue with some war attacks not deducting MAPs properly. It appears there is still an issue where some attacks are being recorded (but not actually going through) and so the issue is not completely fixed, however, it is largely minimized in its impact on overall gameplay. Resolving this issue is still a top priority going into the next quarter. A new mobile navbar was added to improve the UI experience of our mobile users (which is around 50% of all players.) The VIP experience was improved greatly, with direct image uploading for VIP custom images. Additionally, VIP images are now not deleted (though they won’t be displayed) when a player’s VIP status runs out. A new donation option, VIP Party, was added to the game. This option has a 30 Credit cost but gives all players in your alliance VIP status for +30 days. Begun producing tutorial videos available on the Politics & War YouTube Channel to help new players Established the framework for v2.0.0 of the Politics & War API While certainly a lot of progress was made, I had intended to get more done these past 3 months. And I apologize for those of you who expected more of me, I had been caught up in my personal life and did not dedicate enough time to working on the game. I am hoping that by better organizing and communicating my intentions to get things done, I can better serve you all (the players) and the community we have here. Let’s take a look at my high level goals for this next quarter. Certainly I will do things that are not contained on this list, and I can’t promise I’ll get everything 100% done. But, I am hoping that communicating these plans ahead of time will help ensure that everyone is on the same page going forward. Next quarter goals in no particular order (November 1 – January 31): Refactor the tutorial/objectives system Integrate the tutorial/objectives into one tutorial system Write a tutorial that is more engaging and lasts ~30 days and will guide new players through the creation of their first 10 cities Include video tutorials through all relevant steps to help stuck players Consult with large alliances to ensure that the tutorial process is up to the meta-game standards and not counter intuitive & many more details. This is going to be a significant improvement aimed at new player retention Complete a fully documented beta of v2.0.0 of the Politics & War API Complete bug-testing / fixing of test server to ensure we can upgrade live server software versions Implement 4 new space-related National Projects for testing on the test server and run a test server tournament Give all nations by default 1 project slot. Everyone benefits, primary benefit is to new players Space Program NP Requires Missile Launch Pad NP Cost Approx. $150m in money + rss Cash: $40,000,000 Uranium: 20,000 Oil: 20,000 Iron: 10,000 Gasoline: 5,000 Steel: 1,000 Aluminum: 1,000 Effects Enable further space-related projects Enable nation to build 2 missiles per day (from base 1 missile / day) GPS Satellite NP Requires Space Program NP Cost Approx. $250m in money + rss Cash: $100,000,000 Oil: 10,000 Gasoline: 15,000 Steel: 5,000 Aluminum: 25,000 Effects Contributes to alliance-wide GPS system Based on number of satellites controlled by entire alliance, creates a 1% -> 5% bonus in all military battles for all nations in alliance from 4 -> 24 GPS satellites following formula: Military Unit Battle Bonus = [(x-24)^2 / 100] + 5 Spy Satellite NP Requires Space Program NP, Intelligence Agency NP Cost Approx. $100m in money + rss Cash: $20,000,000 Lead: 10,000 Iron: 10,000 Bauxite: 10,000 Effects Allow purchase of 1 additional spy per day Increase damages from successful espionage operations by 50% Decrease costs of espionage operations by 20% Land on the Moon NP Requires Space Program NP Cost Approx. $100m in money and rss Cash: $50,000,000 Gasoline: 5,000 Munitions: 5,000 Steel: 5,000 Aluminum: 5,000 Effects First nation to land on the moon will receive special achievement All nations will receive moon-related achievement Added to moon-landing leaderboard Automatically disburse remaining alliance bank funds to last nation in alliance upon alliance disbandment Add a custom nation currency option for VIP members Note when a nation changes location (continents) in their nation activity log Add a “copy result text” button to battle and espionage results pages for convenience Set alliances so that if one nation is remaining in an alliance they are automatically promoted to Leader When a nation deletes during a war, they are automatically looted / treasures transferred to opponents prioritized by resistance remaining Considering changes to the war system for testing on the test server. Nothing will be implemented during the current global conflict Again, this list is not completely comprehensive and certainly other things will be implemented over the next 3 months. There are three major goals that are very time intensive: rewriting the tutorial, completing a beta of the new API version, and completing bug testing/fixing on the test server. If all three of these items are completed before February 1, I will consider this a very successful quarter. Please leave your feedback on last quarter’s progress and your thoughts on next quarter’s plans below. If you have suggestions for the game, please don’t post them as responses here, but start your own new thread in the Game Suggestions subforum here: https://forum.politicsandwar.com/index.php?/forum/52-game-suggestions/ And if you’re enjoying Politics & War, consider making a donation and receiving some in-game benefits. There’s more information about this on the Donate page here: https://politicsandwar.com/donate/
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    That the exact problem with PnW. If you're (regardless of what coalition you're in) comfortable with watching people delete you're part of the problem.
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    This is a compilation of all the memes that happened last year, or at least the most important ones. We tried to include as many as possible, but you can't fit every single one without going insane Thanks to @Abbas Mehdi , @Buorhann , @Thalmor , @Settra , @TheNG Rising for helping a lot with the memes, the video took many days and over 40 man hours. Strap up, grab your popcorn..
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