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    100 upvotes for Rado's twerk. We want this to happen. You want this to happen. (He deleted the message in Great Job! chat, so we have to pseudo do it here) This is the song in question he'll video tape himself twerking to.
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    Hello Orbis, Marginal-Micro-Former-Meat-Shield-Co-Leader of The Horsemen here. Just a simple announcement (Full Disclosure, I'm 44% drunk) but unfortunately we will be severing all ties with The New Pacific Order, effective immediately. We have always been a loyal bunch but We were lied to, for whatever reason....and I don't even care to investigate the reason..or explain the reason...as even in our dissolution..The Horsemen will do our best to be loyal....even to an alliance that doesn't deserve it. So NPO, best of luck to you. I'm sure you will find the happiness and Orbis Domination you are looking for but as for The Horsemen, we do what we say we will do and we expect the same from our allies. My responsibility to my guys is number 1. Maintaining an alliance with a group that only sees us as a meat-shield cannot continue. I'm keeping this brief. If I continue to type, vitriol and nonsense will come forth. Also, the average attention span of the modern human is 300 words or less. Ok, full, full disclosure..i'm 74% drunk. -The Dude Oh yeah..we withdraw from this nonsense (war).
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    An Orbis Chronicle: The Endgame It was a beautiful day in Francoberg, Roqovia’s capital. The public forums were quiet and the waters were stagnant, just as their citizens liked it. At the center was Roquentin’s palatial hamster cage, where the Lords of IQ had gathered to make their ritual offerings of carrots and treaties. At each side of Roquentin’s exercise wheel stood his most loyal advisors: Dio the Dildio and Auctor also known as “Diet Inst”. Roquentin was listening to the complaints of his many subjects who were seeking shelter from the great menace known as Chaos. Among these were NPO’s protectorates such as InfoWars, Goon Squad, and the Black Knights. BK in particular was concerned as they had just finished a massive dogpile against TKR and were caught immediately planning another massive dogpile against TKR. “My lord you must help us contain Chaos”, Leo the Brave and Beautiful leader of BK begged. “They are arguably the 4th, maybe even the 3rd largest sphere in the game and a massive threat to us.” “and why are they fighting you?” Roquentin asked. “Because they found a plan where we said we would fight Chaos and you would hit Keto. I told them it wasn’t true but can you now please hit Keto while we fight Chaos?” Leo answered. “and what were chaos and keto doing before they found this out?” Roq asked. “Uhh… They were fighting each other...” Leo meekly answered. “An obviously fake war! They are fighting each other to give the illusion that they would be willing to fight each other,” Diet Inst said with disgust. “pathetic i agree. as if such empty actions could cause us to stray from the path of dynamism” Roquentin murmured between bites of carrot. “but if we are pinning keto down, are you confident that 4:1 odds will be enough for you to defeat chaos on your own?” the Rodent of Consolidation asked. Leo sweat nervously. “Uhhh we might need some help there too...” he admitted. “Forgive me for speaking Roq, but if we help then everyone will know our split was fake.” Dildio said. “no we will just say the people who suggested our split might be fake these last few weeks forced us to reform,” Roq said. “Didn’t we say that exact same thing about EMC for over a year?” Dildio asked? “uhh…. no,” Roq answered. “Also we have logs of them planning to his us!” Diet Inst insisted. “But we only have logs of people wanting to hit IQ,” Dildio said. “exactly,” Roq grinned. “Plus we could just say we have more logs that we can’t share for... reasons,” Diet Inst suggested. “Didn’t we say that in Trail of Tiers?” Dildio asked? “uhh…. no,” Roq answered. “We could say it's to kill the whales,” Diet Inst suggested. “Didn't we just use that for Knightfall?” Dildio asked, momentarily bringing the room to silence. “so uh... it is agreed. we will involve ourselves in this war and it will be everybody elses fault,” Roquentin proclaimed. Leo threw himself at Roq’s furry paws and wept in gratitude. As the meeting ended and once he was sure everyone was gone, Roquentin pressed a button that was hidden by a layer of wood pellets. A hologram of a pigeon flickered in and Roq knelt before it. “It begins my apprentice. Soon there will be no stopping us,” the image said. Outside the Stronghold of The Knights Radiant The armies of TKR amassed by their Stronghold’s gates where they were joined by their friends and partners. Among them was CuppyCakeYums the Cat Thief, who was munching on his favorite snack. Waddling next to him was JtTeE the Adored and beside him Manthrax the Sad dragged his feet. Hidden towards the back was Ameyuri the Fox selling her usual illicit goods. As they prepared Queen Adrienne spoke. “Our enemies have reunited. Last time they threw everything they had at us and we proved we would not crumble. Today we turn the tide. Today The Knights Radiant and her friends will beat back the Desolation. Today we fight!”
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    Last recorded log of fanatic cult leader, Thrax (self declared spaceman), to his personal journal: I fear my time has come. The Koolaid fountains have dried out, and our reserves are dangerously thin, almost empty. The people, my wangs, they have grown dissolutioned with my orders to limit Koolaid consumption. Already so many have abandoned ship but those who remain have become starved, the withdrawal symptoms have driven them to madness. Those who left, they called me a liar, a cheat and a false prophet. But those who are left thirst for the Koolaid. My sweet wangs, my followers, I fear they may soon come calling for the Koolaid pounding through my veins. With nothing to wash down the bagels, they become oh so thirsty... Very well. The time has come to feed my sweet wangs. Oh sacred Bocephus, first of his name, give me strength. I only wish ripper would sit upon my lap one more time before I go. One final time: I am become Koolaid, destroyer of Wacky-mallows. Peace. In case you didn't realise it, CoS is disbanding. We want to thank our friends Soup, Seven Kingdoms, The Knights Radiant and Sanreizan for a great time. We couldn't have asked for better allies. We also urge all the participants of the war to end things before there are any more casualties. CoS disbanding came as a direct consequence of this war and nobody should take war to the extremes of destroying a community. We wish all the best to those still fighting and hope you end this thing sooner rather than later. To the ex government members of AK, we thank you for fueling our alliance's existence purely through sheer will and spite to prove you wrong. It was most beneficial, now however since you're also gone our spite dried up. Guess that's the way the cookie crumbles. Cheers all! Tldr: despite our best efforts, CoS is no more.
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    tl;dr: CoS declares war on Guardian Mandatory non-chaining Destruction and Optional Annihilation Pact Article I: Sovereignty The signatories of this treaty promise to infringe on the sovereignty of each other, and agree to mutually disrespect the right to conduct one’s internal affairs without external interference. Article II: Intelligence The signatories of this treaty agree that they are very intelligent. Article III: Mandatory Destruction Both parties are obligated to bring it on... Article IV: Optional Annihilation … till there is nothing left of the opponent. That’s optional though. A tank or two can be left standing. Article V: Non-Chaining Both parties agree to not have exclusive rights on the destruction of each other. Article VI: Cancellation Raising a white flag will do it. Signatures: For CoS: Ripper For Guardian: Ripper -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Leaving jokes aside, I would like to take this chance to make some political statements: CoS was and remains truly paperless. This does not mean it remains neutral at all times. The alliance had the chance to join either side of the war (an offer was available from EMC) and the choices made were based on values of the alliance and wishes of its members. Although there are many parameters to take under consideration, if only one reason was required to understand the choice of CoS for this war, that would be the challenge offered and the behaviour of certain alliances; as of today: out of the almost 80 nations with more than 26-30 cities, EMC has 40 of them at its side, with the true paperless (CoS / TEst) having 14 of them, and the rest of 25 being distributed in all other alliances. out of the almost 30 nations with more than 30 cities, EMC has 25 of them (!), with the truly paperless (CoS / TEst) having 4 of them. We do respect the fact that some people may enjoy playing it safe, just signing everyone in their range and militarizing out of range. We do understand this may make them feel that that is how the game is supposed to be “won” or that taking it easy is the definition of fun. However, CoS would have no fun in joining a side with such a mentality. And would certainly not lose a chance to try and prove that there is no safe place to hide. Except for VM and deletion of course. Regarding our “ultimate goal”, we have a vision of a more fragmented Orbis, with more frequent, low-scale wars, and less paper strangling the game. Ironically, the side we had to pick has not followed tactics that move towards that vision (maybe the opposite is the case). However, removing the illusion of a “safe place to hide” is of greater priority for us, since we believe that this move can be a game-changer, in the sense of affecting the mentality of the corresponding players. Finally, to the parties from EMC that I was in touch with, I personally apologise for using ambiguity and playing with words to keep you in the dark. However, I hope you understand that telling you that I was already planning to go to war against your side was kinda difficult... I presume you would have done something similar, if you were in my shoes. Although I technically did not lie (you can recheck the logs), I will have to live with the guilt of not being straightforward with you. We hope all parties have fun and enjoy playing the game.
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    I'd like to start by saying this is not directed specifically at current events, but a trend that current events are an example off. Often times the side who is on the defensive end of a war having been attacked inevitably bring up arguments about a "valid CB". To the credit of most participants in the current war it's not as prevalent this time though there have been several comments publicly and others privately made regarding the validity of a the CB used here. I'm not here to argue which side or right, or wrong. I'm here to tell you it does not matter which side is right or wrong. If your alliance is attacked by someone, their reason for it is valid. If their reason was they attacked you for fun, if they attacked you because they had intel you might be plotting against them, if someone insulted you or your alliance. Whatever motivated you and your alliance to go to war is a valid reason for that war. It does not matter if the defensive side considers your reason for war valid in terms of why the war is happening, nor should it be complained about. The only time a valid CB should be considered part of the equation is during the peace negotiations. Should the defensive side pull a victory over their aggressors and they deem their CB as a load of crap, perhaps the peace terms might not be so pleasant. The point is, don't complain that you're being attacked without a valid CB. Just because the reason for the war might not seem like a reason to you, doesn't mean it's not a reason for the attacker. If someone's justification for war is that they believe it might be a good fight, then that is a valid justification for that alliance regardless of if it is for yours. The important thing is to find an alliance who's CB standards matches with yours. If you feel you need a detailed provocation, then find an alliance who follows that general rule. If you want a more relaxed fun based reason for going to war, find an alliance that follows that rule. Good and evil are perspective, validity of CB's are the same. Lots of people, myself included, are guilty of succumbing to the CB blame game. But lets focus less on the reason for the war being valid or not, and focus on generating politics based off the wars. tl;dr CBs are bullshit.
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    Esteemed members of Orbis, It is an honour to announce on behalf of The Federation and Pantheon, that we recognise that hostilities have been made against our mutual ally, The Immortals, by foreign powers. I would like to present the following speech from a high government member of The Federation, Stanislaw Augustus. "The government wishes for everyone to be aware of the reasons why The Federation has decided to enter the world war and what we can expect from this conflict. Yesterday, our allies in The Immortals were attacked by Coalition B. This violates a non-aggression pact they themselves signed by two months. Although none are surprised by Coalition B’s capacity for violence and treachery, these acts further cement their place among the worst of Orbis’ reprobate. Where once before there may have been some slight hope of character we can now be certain that their words are literally worth less than the paper they are printed on. For over a year now, the alliances of Coalition B – mainly, New Pacific Order, Black Knights, and GOONS, have pursued a violent campaign against all of Orbis. Like many evil empires before them, theirs is an evil quest for world domination. Unlike their failed predecessors who have been discarded to the trash heap that is the history of Orbis, Coalition B has yet to be defeated. Indeed, it has become obvious that if Politics & War is to continue as a game the world must make a stand. United against our common enemy and in the universal desire for the common good of all, the Federation and her allies are resolved to take up arms against Coalition B. Our enemy is strong. Within their ranks are experienced fighters, advanced methods for communication and coordination, and the strength of numbers. But they are not without their weaknesses. Fighting for more than a year has strained their ability to finance and supply their offensives. Their leadership’s authoritarian and condescending approach to governing has uncovered division among their ranks. Although supplied by newcomers to the game, their base is inexperienced, relying on their officers to micro-manage most actions. Need we be reminded of our own strength? Since our failed merger in June, the Federation has grown almost 40 thousand in score, saved cash and resources, improved our internal operations, and strengthened and created new friends worldwide. Currently, we rank the fifteenth strongest alliance. The overwhelming majority of our members are experienced warriors who have at their disposal strong militaries, powerful economies, and a fraternal bond unmatched anywhere in the world. While we enjoyed the benefits of peace, the government has made significant improvements to the military and kept vigilant watch of our enemies. Any appraisal of the Federation would show us to be a formidable alliance ready to fight for justice. Our success and the success of our allies shall be entirely dependent on our resolve to this just cause. We must be prepared to endure hardship, and suffer losses. In return, we shall blockade their ports, level their cities, and inflict terror upon their people. Nuclear weapons, espionage, and unprecedented economic sanctions shall further devastate their empire. There is no price too high that cannot be paid when our lives and all those in Orbis are at stake – no violence so brutal that cannot be delivered upon this Babylonic beast. In conclusion, to Coalition B, our enemy: scorn and defiance, slight regard, and contempt. To the Federation and our allies: unity and strength, dedication, and fraternity in this most righteous cause. God Save the Federation and may God Save Orbis!" --Shadow Minister and Ambassador(FA), Stanislaw Augustus To those abroad and already in these devastating conflicts(GW14 & the new GW15), we salute you and indeed, we watched on the sidelines for too long. We rally to the cause you started, and hope that you guys may maintain resolve against this foe. For our alliances! And indeed, for Orbis! TL;DR - TF and Panth declare war on GOONS, NPO, BK and their affiliates.
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    Everyone, If you're reading this, you're a fellow player in this game, or a contributor in the community at large. In-game, we all have our disagreements, our behaviors that others don't approve of, etc. Out of game, however, we're all just people trying to move through this thing called life the best we know how. I am posting here because one of our community members, Therana, is struggling in real life. He's a bit too nervous to post this himself, and has asked me to articulate his situation in the hopes that the compassion and support of this game's community will come through for him. Therana's father is a self-employed business manager who has fallen on hard times, essentially because of deals made in bad faith from three of his clients (in a row, no less). Therana and his brother are, respectively, __a part time employee at a discount store and a full time psychology student. They both strive to be as little a burden to their parents as possible (I am sure most of us can relate). In addition to the unfortunate business circumstances that have befallen Therana's father, his father has also experienced health problems and may even be suffering from cancer in his bladder. As you can very plainly see, Therana's family has fallen on hard times. We wouldn't be making this post if the situation was not very dire, and worsening. Therefore, I request on behalf of Therana and his family, that we as a community consider aiding them in whatever way we can. Therana has created a GoFundMe account, for the express purpose of saving his parents' home. With rising medical costs, and the circumstances of business, they must ask for the aid and compassion of others during these hard times. The link for Therana's GoFundMe is as follows: https://www.gofundme.com/please-help-save-our-family-home-1 If you can show support even with a small amount of financial donation, it is most welcome. If you cannot contribute financially, but wish to offer your support here in the forums, it will be received with utmost gratitude. You can even contribute in the smallest way by sharing this post on your discord server, and spreading the word via social media. No contribution is too small, and the gratitude for each ounce of it is immense. Please, consider aiding one of our own. Thank you all very much for taking your time to read this, and an overwhelming thank-you for all of those who will support Therana as he goes through this difficult time.
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    Just because SHEEP like you guzzle up the SLOP shoveled out by the NEW WORLD ORDER doesn't mean nothing is wrong! Only the MOST WOKE gov in Bad Company can even BEGIN to piece together the monstrous depths this conspiracy reaches! STEEL is just the BEGINNING, I've been working for years, gathering evidence, making the CONNECTIONS! It's begun to appear before my eyes... I just need more time....MORE TIME!!!
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    “So, it’s settled, friends?” Jazz asked, looking at a ragtag group of leaders assembled before him. Adrienne nodded tersely, silent as usual. She was a dull one, Jazz thought, all work and no play. A harbinger of boredom, to be sure. Kev, who was cradling a seemingly bottomless bowl of soup in front of him, slurped loudly, pausing just long enough to give a thumbs up. Charlie, who was sharing not only the mammoth soup bowl with Kev but also the fork, gave a mumbled answer from behind his mouthful of noodles. Jazz glanced over at Skwidgy and Bezzers, who gave noncommittal nods from the couch as they continued playing Minecraft. “Let us celebrate then,” Jazz said, lifting his glass. Adrienne reluctantly clinked it and then returned to her workstation next to the bar, putting on her oversized headphones with a closed off demeanor that begged for people to annoy her. A quiet figure slinked out of the shadows to do just that and the sounds of Insane Clown Posse blaring drowned out the party music. A split second later, the sound of glass splintering caught the attention of the room. A sheepish Kev held up his fork while Jazz, broken glass in hand, looked like he was having a hard time deciding between annoyance and amusement. Squeegee, holding his can of Orange Crush, piped up from the couch, “Heh, good job, loser.” The Chaos compatriots were an odd bunch, Jazz noted as he took survey of the room. Blink glanced around, noticeably disgruntled at the lack of rum. He adjusted the eyepatch he wore as a reminder to others of his superior raiding ability. Ripper sidled over to him, hoping to reignite a discussion on the merits of one-shipping. Cooper, ever the shy and demure one, sat in a corner of the room, furiously scribbling in his notebook. In another corner, a girl wearing a pikachu costume appeared to be attempting to stew a lobster dog. In stark contrast to her, Adrienne’s apparent right hand man, GoldyHammer, was already drunk and running around the room, professing his love to anyone that would listen. Thrax seemed to have had some success in engaging Adrienne though. The two were now enthralled in discussion, comparing notes on various animal genitalia. “DUCK WANGS!” Thrax guffawed. “HILARIOUS!” All of a sudden, a loud crash emanated from the side of the room and the goons scattered. Bits of dust and dry wall snowed dow n from the sky. “YUGI PUT TANK IN HOUSE!” a voice yelled out. The goons looked shocked but the Chaosites were unphased. Jazz looked over at Skwidgy questioningly. “Ah, that’s just a normal Thursday for us. We have the repairmen on speed dial, don’t sweat it,” he said, before resuming Minecraft. Jazz shrugged and carried on. Cooper put down his notebook as Marx offered him a drink. Jazz’s eyes lit up as he spotted and lifted the notebook from the table. “What’s this?” “A term that TKR actually accepted?” asked dancemasterlee, looking over Jazz’s shoulder. “It can’t be!” Perrydotto grabbed the notebook and quickly glanced it over. Smirking, she stood up on the drinks table, accidentally knocking over one of the mixers and earning herself an indignant look from Adrienne, who resituated her computer on her lap. “AHEM!” she said, looking triumphant. The room quieted and turned towards her, save for Bezzers who, surprised at the sudden speech, knocked over a glass of tequila. It slowly dripped onto the floor. “It was a tale of mercy!” she exclaimed. The crowd gazed back at her, silently bemused. She continued on. It was a tale of mercy. A radiance of sorts And boards of controversy. The GOONS cheer, “eat my shorts.” Oh orange men, how to plead? In chorus, they all say Something awful indeed There is news, to relay. It was a Blink of an eye. The knights had seen enough So it’s time to find Versailles. The goon, we honor as tough. Enemies by circumstance. Friends of genuine intent. We begin our final dance: Surrender, we consent. From the depth of war it seems, A new vision appears Of Toxx n’ SJWs we dream, A joint future is near. As the grenades fizzle out, My queen it’s time to look Look without a single doubt GOONS read us like a book The tale lives on: mercy spurned As knight becomes comrade. Others have much to learn But GOONS, oh boy I’m glad. She finished and, with a flourish, gracefully hopped down from the table. Archibald clapped Cooper on the back. “Good job, kid,” he said. Cooper blushed furiously and looked down. Tl;dr Chaos surrenders to GOONS. Let us shake hands and use the salt to line our margarita glasses. Another Jose! /s/ The Lunatics /s/ GOONS
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    https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=1722&display=bank The great birds of The Terapin Federation have journeyed long and far on our quest to find the best memes or Orbis. Indeed, after such a long and arduous journey, some among us wondered if we would ever reach the end - the ultimate meme. Tired, we rested in a quiet spot, a peaceful guardian site. Wait, what is this? Money? And food too? Lying unattended, where anyone could take it. An unfortunate soul must've dropped it. Well, a stroke of luck! Our journey can continue, freshly fed and funded! Thank you, kind stranger, for your donation to the Build NG New Cities Fund!
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    Good morning, good afternoon, and good evening to everyone, I come to you here today, to publish an agreement that has been reached to secure the peace between the forces of The Golden Horde and Knights Templar on one side, and The Knights Radiant, The Commonwealth and The Revolutionary Front on the other. The conditions under which the aforementioned parties agreed to end the war are as follows: 1. The forces of The Golden Horde and Knights Templar admit defeat to the combined forces of The Knights Radiant, The Commonwealth and The Revolutionary Front. 2. The Golden Horde agrees to acknowledge its true master, Princess Kastor, and honour his image on their Alliance Page for 30 days. 3. The aforementioned parties have agreed that no new wars are to be declared after this document has been published on the forums (August the 14th, 00:15 Game Time). Any existing wars will naturally run off, whether through beige, expiry or peace - entirely up to the players themselves. Therefore, with conclusion of this war, I'm honoured to announce that the Orbis longest War record has been broken - in this Sixty-Nine Days War. suck it james Accompanying signatures: /s/ The Golden Horde The Great Khan: Buorhann The Beklare-Bek: Sketchy Khan of Diplomacy: Hodor Khan of Discipline: Partisan (Alkaline) Khan of War: Shiho Nishizumi /s/ Knights Templar Grand Master: Theodosius Grand Seneschal: Whisper Grand Chancellor: Keegoz Grand Almoner: Vladamir Putin Grand Marshal: Horsecock /s/ The Knights Radiant Queen of the Heralds: Nizam Adrienne Herald of War: Benfro Herald of Growth: Schirminator Herald of Internal Affairs: Radoje Herald of Foreign Affairs: Lordship /s/ The Commonwealth Prime Minister: Felkey Chief of Staff: Julian Rederic Gray Minister of the Interior: Lionstar Minister of Finance: Sphinx Minister of Foreign Affairs: Purplemoon/Yui Minister of Defense: Sven Shieldmaker /s/ The Revolutionary Front Revolutionary King: Rey
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    In case you haven't heard, The Knights Radiant has been on a quest. A quest to help bring a more interesting state of affairs to Orbis. The "politics" in Politics and War have become a stale rerun of bipolar arguments. The "war" in Politics and War has become completely absent for most. This isn't healthy for TKR, nor is it healthy for Orbis at large. As the #1 alliance in the game, we hold a certain responsibility to lead by example and work to bring about something new. As a result, we've been speaking with alliances all around this wonderful place to drum up support. Not for friends to become enemies. Not for enemies to become friends. But support for a cause bigger than individual alliances. Support for an Orbis with less paper, more political intrigue, and more small scale conflict. We have found that many alliances agree with this ideal. Some have taken it upon themselves to begin the process of evolving Orbis. We applaud the actions by R&R, Dark Brotherhood, Rise of the Undead Mob, Nuclear Knights, Seven Kingdoms, Knights Templar, and Rose in helping to facilitate this effort. We hold nothing but respect for those friends who have stood with us, fought in the trenches with us, and joined our causes. Friendships are not easily forged, nor are they easily forgotten, but in order to bring about the ideal Orbis we envision, tough decisions must be made. To that end, TKR has given notice of cancellation of our MDoAP to Guardian. This is TKR's oldest treaty, dating back more than 2 years and we sincerely thank them for standing by us. We've been through a lot together, more than could ever be stated here, but we look forward to what the future holds for us both. We find it necessary to address a growing narrative that has been floating around the OWF regarding whether or not our withdrawal and subsequent dissolution of the sphere is legitimate or whether it is simply a trap to lure unsuspecting alliances into an unfavorable situation. To that, we say this: the largest contributing factor to our decision is hope for a more interesting and politically fluid Orbis, both for our alliance and the community at large. We understand the role our alliance has played up in contributing to this situation but we also recognize that we are not alone in the actions that led us to this current political climate. Henceforth, we will not stand for any form of hegemonic gameplay nor will we stand by and allow anyone to take advantage of our commitment to change. We do not subscribe to the idea of "proving" our commitment to change by weakening ourselves with pointless wars with our former associates. Circumstances change and conflict may come naturally but we reject it being a prerequisite for anyone to consider these sequences of events legitimate. That being said, we encourage you to follow in our footsteps and join our movement. Seek out new relations, make your own sphere with like-minded alliances. If your ideas for change needs a bit of cred in order to get off the ground, shoot us a message and we'll see what we can do to help. Cultivating a more dynamic Orbis is our ultimate goal. It is our expectation that with these changes, TKR can be a part of pursuing an Orbis environment where war can more freely happen, where it isn't necessary to consolidate power, and where alliances are less constrained by the tangled web we've woven for ourselves. TKR is ready to welcome this new Orbis. We are willing to defend this ideal as far as is needed and hope to forge relationships with others who share this ideal. We know we cannot do this alone but are hopeful the collective actions taken thus far are the beginnings of better times. Signed, King of the Heralds: TheCreepyLurker Herald of FA: Kayser Herald of War: Adrienne Herald of IA: SaintlyBloody Herald of Growth: Schirminator
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    This is a quick and short public announcement in light of recent events. It is strictly prohibited to discuss out-of-character (OOC) and personal information on these forum (and the game, and the official P&W Discord server.) Accusations and threats made in regard to someone's personal life (not game related) are absolutely unacceptable and we will be moderating this issue very strictly. It is my job to moderate what happens in-game, on the forum, and in the official Discord server. Anything that happens outside of these official channels should be reported to the relevant authorities, whether that is Discord itself, local police, the FBI, or relevant authorities outside of the United States. This topic is locked, and I expect no further discussion on this issue, lest you risk warning points (and your content will be taken down.) This is a very serious matter, and I am going to be in touch with lawyers and my local authorities on how to handle it.
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    As I await a reply from Alex, I thought I should appeal to have my home ID removed from the ban list. My old nation first named Foxhole then Ruination did not benefit from whatever tricks my brother Pooball used. I did not know about the exploit until Akuryo first posted about it here. I am honest member of the community and feel I have been treated unfairly just because of my family relations. I ask Alex and the mod team to review my situation again please. Blink
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    I threw most of this together as a quick dark theme alternative a couple years ago and have been gradually expanding it for greater customization. More specifically to allow for color selection rather than purely a fixed theme. It's reached the point of being quite usable and in need of a larger testing audience. To install it you'll need a user styles manager such as Stylus (available for Firefox and Chrome). Then all you need to do is click here: Some screenshots below of its default color scheme: No more tiny bank input fields! And of course if that color scheme isn't manly enough for you there is always the option to do this:
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    It is my determination that this was in fact war slot filling. Three nations declared war on an inactive allied nation holding approximately $35 billion worth of money and resources, and once that nation became active again, the wars were peaced out and the funds transferred to an "offshore" alliance bank. This situation seems unfair to me, that no one else had a chance to raid the inactive nation. It's a bit of a gray area, and I am applying moderator discretion here, but I have deleted 10% of the money and resources contained in the inactive nation's inventory at the time of the war slot fill as a punishment so as not to encourage this behavior again. You can check my figures here: And as a reminder, the Game Rules are guidelines and do specify that moderation discretion must be applied when enforcing the rules. You can review the Game Rules here: https://politicsandwar.com/rules/
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    Making a poll because I think removing downvotes is ridiculous and I'm pretty confident a lot of others feel the same. Going to not make this a poll-only topic though because I want people to discuss it. Maybe I am wrong.
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    Sphinx is playing the long game. Fakes a split with TKR He gets TKR to have a fake war with KETOGG to lull Orbis into a false sense of security Strategically leaks warplans to attack Chaos and KETOGG Gets BK into a war knowing that NPO won't be able to resist bailing their favorite bottom out Waits 7 months to tank BK and NPO PR Switches sides to complete the devious trap
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    1. Do players (kastor) that don't create good topics, even matter in the macro of the game? no no no but bold FTFY
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    tfw NPO and GotG aren't merging into you fast enough....
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    Dear friends, allies, enemies, people that hate me, people that don't know me, everyone else. Greetings. I come before you, humbled at the opportunity I have had to lead The Knights Radiant. I have sincerely enjoyed my time at the helm, but as my predecessor said during my coronation, "the real-life monster comes for all of us." I should have known he was foreshadowing the end of my time as King. I have stood on the shoulders of the King's of old (Infinite Citadel and Lordship). It is time I become the shoulders from which the next generation of leaders will stand. Effective immediately, I am stepping down as King of TKR. (I'll still be around, just less official...) It gives me great pride to introduce the first Queen and fourth Monarch of The Knights Radiant, @Nizam Adrienne; First Priestess of Deus. I have had the fortune of spending most of my TKR career working side by side with Adrienne. From low gov, to high gov, and most recently, royalty. She has excelled in every role she has undertaken and I have nothing but confidence in her abilities as I step aside. I am excited to see what TKR will do under her leadership. Please join me in congratulating Adrienne. Long live the Queen! o7 Queen Adrienne o7 The Knights Radiant
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    Special thanks to our war allies for wrecking UPN approximately .00212 seconds after they declared on us.
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    Hey everyone. Just posting this to state that a new bloc has been formed, currently known as the United Front. The members of the bloc help each other in times of need and to help each other grow. It is basically just a friendly tight knit group of alliances. The following alliances are currently in the bloc: The United Armies Σvolution Sons of Thunder Atlantis Unforgiven Legion The Players Now, I know that most of the alliances in this bloc are micros, but that doesn't really matter, as we will help each other grow and thrive. I also know that there is a possibility of this bloc failing, but hey, you will never know if you don't try.
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    People who know me know the fact that I hardly ever post on these forums and just casually go around liking posts or on occasions posting a meme here and there but I do feel I should make a reply to what you have to say here. Thank you for your honest responses and while I do not wish to doubt your intentions I am just awed at how much it lacks foresight. Let's start with you claiming to protect upper tiers from fighting each other without an IQ split. Mate that is the entire argument you made against IQ for their mid tier consolidation, why can't people call you out on it when you make the same rhetoric they made. You want to woo NPO with some spectacle while they are parading around believing their own fake sphere split narrative, I don't mind you doing that but then coming up with paperless agreements at the same time you go around telling people to leave their own consolidation has a pinch of hypocrisy. I am not saying your intent is malicious, it could very much be sincere but you are wearing these horse blinders that is even blocking you from seeing inconsistencies in your own narrative. I specially liked the part where you claimed that you are against Nuke bloc kicking down the barn door before addressing mid tier consolidation and calling it premature. Did you also consider it premature when you discussed with tcw and kt your plans on addressing upper tier consolidation after you make "relevant member from IQ" leave. Again goes back to my statement about horse blinders. Just take a lesson from people like Partisan who have been leaked on sharing conflicting narratives to people in private and you are the second in command of the biggest alliance in this game, if you tell one person one thing, a third person is 100 percent guaranteed to know what you are also telling the second person. Stick to a narrative and be consistent with it for yourself and for your allies. So lets assume with some God given miracle an alliance like NPO that has for several months now told you they have drawn a red line and they won't leave IQ under any circumstances. You will have a Sphere that contains your core allies Pantheon, The Commonwealth, NPO, your peripheral ties contain Knights Templar and their allies who you were talking to about addressing upper tier consolidation post NPO joining and then there are some paperless agreements you have with tS and CoS. You are telling me mate that is a minisphere? Are you gonna do a split with them as well and we will start calling this game agar.io. Every time you make alliances leave their spheres you will make your sphere smaller or just call it a win for dynamism? I still can not even believe you guys are still thinking Roquentin is gonna do anything on any level without IQ being part of the equation. After leaving your former allies in particular allies of the bloc Bad Company and Nuke bloc, the circumstances of which are already so questionable thanks to the damage control you did that you even went back to Bad Company for a treaty only recently and expected some to just say yeah sure let bygones be bygones and we can all move in together again. Mate like who do you think you are outsmarting here or if you aren't then why do you not see anything from the perspective of the people you cut off. And after cutting them off your biggest move to work for dynamism is to jump in when Polaris comes to you for a chance to hit arrgh. Forgive me if I feel disappointed but I at least expected you to hit a major alliance with enough defensive slots to be considered a blitz if you truly wanted to build bridges. I am just impressed by the fact that you think rolling 12 people in arrgh can build bridges with IQ peripheral alliances, I really lack that type of optimism. Mate they are laughing their ass off in the back channels at the capital you burnt to roll people that are so irrelevant to the political game. This last paragraph really made me laugh. I don't think you want to aim for hegemony but you definitely want to prove something and you keep doing these questionable things that make me think Roq doesn't even have to do any work anymore considering whenever he makes a disappointed face you are ready to say you are wrong and I will prove to you how wrong you are. Any actions you did after the split is what many consider sunk-cost fallacy. On your quest to prove Roq wrong about your intentions, you split from EMC, burnt bridges with your former allies, even when he is saying there is a red line that he will not leave IQ you are still telling us you will get "relevant IQ alliance" to join you. Its reached a point where you don't want to or can't pull out anymore that you are doubling down on it. Its the classic sunk-cost fallacy. I am willing to say even the attack on arrgh to build bridges is part of the political equation in your head in regards to the sunk-cost fallacy. Maybe Polaris has shown they no longer want to be tied to IQ alliances but seriously that still doesn't achieve the goal of you setting out to convince "relevant IQ alliance" to join your minisphere or even make their own sphere for that matter. You laid out a plan that you could have done to make sure you at least have some bargaining chips to negotiate with "relevant IQ alliance". According to yourself you not only actively handicapped yourself so you could appeal to the koolaid Roq served but you even antagonized the people that stood up for you as an ally. Again goes back to sunk-cost fallacy. By any objective metrics they are aware that their economics is suffering in low tier consolidation and their membership is suffering as well. Only NPO has been able to benefit from IQ with their per day revenue at 400 million cash and 25k refinement of each resource except steel with -17k with a -300k food deficit. No one in IQ is even 1/3 close to those numbers for resource even during peace time but they want to be allied to NPO so what kind of an offer can you make to NPO that they can simple accept to abandon their clique and their thriving economy and their low mid tier consolidation. You can not even make an offer to economically and internally struggling alliances to leave IQ much less thriving ones. Forgive me if I think Roquentin is more pragmatic than you. Time and time again some IQ alliances have told you their alliance success is in line with IQ success so I don't know which part you are ignoring and which part you are accepting. Like sure polaris likes you and aren't invested in IQ that much and might even jump with you but that doesn't achieve anything you set out to do. If 22 people fighting IQ is persecuting them, a war they continue to claim is not even a conflict and they are just casually ignoring it then neither downvoting your most loyal ally's meme will instill confidence in them for your good intentions to change the game. Like sure I know small acts matter but how would you pitch that to an IQ alliance, "look I downvoted my own ally's meme just to make sure you guys know I am not bullshitting to you about my intentions". Yeah that's gonna be something they will say "good job, yes you are doing things that show you are genuinely interested in working closely with us for the betterment of the game" and they for sure aren't laughing their asses off at you pandering to them in such a petty way.
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    ThE sYnDicAtE aNd iTs AfFiLiaTeS hAvE nO inTeNt To ExPaNd ThEir WaR oN tHe CoALitiOn CuRrEnTLy FigHtiNg ThE bLAcK kNigHtS aNd ThEir ALLieS bEyOnD gUaRdiAn AnD gRuMpY oLD bAsTaRdS.
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    Dear Orbis, Some of you may not know me, many of you do. I'm one of the crotchety old-timers who wanders the halls of browser based nation-sims. Now that I have removed myself from the political arena and become that which I once hunted (to near extinction), I have time to reflect on the past, the present, and the future. I like writing these long diatribes from time to time, even though I doubt many people actually read them. Anyway, lets get into the meat of things. I've often talked about how it's important for the leaders of alliances to take responsibility for the health of this game. There's a symbiotic relationship between the game staff/creators and the big players. I'll avoid talking about Alex, I've done that enough in the past, but often as players we're to afraid to take risks. Considering my current position in the game you might find that sort of statement hypocritical, however I'd say I've done enough to create game content. Two names that come up a lot when talking about major events in the past are Partisan and Prefontaine. Neither of which are around to create those anymore. There are others past and present, yes. But it's hard to rally major events in the current (and the past year or two) political environment. IQ has a strangle hold on the mid tier. TKR-sphere has an strong grasp on the upper tier. When the rest of the game needs to unite to stand a chance at taking out a tier, that's bad. This last war was an attempt to break that up. I want to lift the curtain on some of what was planned, and how it failed. The premise of the war was two fold in the original plans, to take the long running leaders of the game for a loss and to shake up the political world to allow for the creation of new spheres. The first part was a success, but the second was a failure. The original plan was to end IQ post war. Part of IQ was in on this plan. Partisan was going to take Syndicate and ally to NPO. Syndicate was going to keep Rose or House Stark as an ally and drop the rest. NPO was going to keep BC or Polaris as an ally and drop the rest. During this period CoS and TEst were going to give them post war protection for 2 months to avoid their upper tier getting steam rolled while they established a new sphere and allowed the game to shuffle up. The war dragged on, Partisan left, and thus the plan died. Thus BK/NPO stayed tied. NPO and Syndicate have a ton of treaties (protectorates largely, sure, but lets be honest about how protectorates go here). Had the war ended earlier, the plan still might not have worked, but both sides are at fault for the peace talks. Just because this failed, doesn't mean it wasn't worth trying. I understand feeling like there's too much to risk being a large alliance in making big moves, but this is a game. If you try something and lose, at least you played a hand. You're dealt a new hand soon enough. Lots of times moves come from smaller alliances, support those. Take TGH for example. They have active leadership, experienced fighters, seemingly motivated. We need more of that, and we need more of it in alliances that can make large swings. Imagine what would happen to the political landscape if NPO left BK, allied TGH who teamed up with CoS to then hit someone. IQ's core broken up and possibilities arise. Or TKR/Guardian leave tCW and roll them along side TGH. People often get too held up in the mentality of keeping allies for far too long, or only allying friends. Take a risk. Befriend an enemy to accomplish something together. Then when you're done one of you might backstab the other. These sort of moves MAKE the politics here. Looking at the treaty web and knowing how every war is going to play out is boring. One of the big surprise moves of the last war? CoS declaring on Guardian. TKR-sphere believed CoS would fall on their side of the war if at all. tl;dr Your allies don't have to be your friends only. Your foes don't have to be enemies. Hold your leadership to make things happen, or if you're leadership take a chance. We hold onto political grudges too long. Grudges make the game, but like treaties you should keep the same ones for too long. Back to my cave.
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    As promised… In another time, in another realm, the ideas I am going to present were not alien. The following concept was understood at-least implicitly by many, and practiced regularly. Most were unsuccessful in wielding the information given to them in any meaningful manner, yet those who did shined in that realm and beyond. Often, we have seen people who either attempt to take upon the role of the villain, or at the very least promote and support those who do. In the classical sense, the villain is to be abhorred, to be reviled, to be denied and rejected. As children, we saw, in fairy-tales and in other assorted stories, that the villain almost always lost. Why then, would one wish to adopt the role of a villain? It seems counter intuitive, but there is legitimate reasoning behind why one may wish to engage in such an activity. Let me first state that it is important we always maintain the realistic view that this is a game. While our actions within the confines of the game may be indicative of our personality outside the realm, believing that a player's adopted persona is the representation of their out-of-game self is the height of folly. Let us speak of Orbis first. Politics & War at its most fundamental level is divided into two major areas: mechanics backed actions, and user generated content. The two are not entities wholly independent of each other that operate in entirely different areas. Much to the contrary, there is great overlap between the two; anyone who has paid any amount of attention to P&W will note that there is a clear relation between a political entity's dominance in the sociopolitical arena and in-game competence. One could say that this game is 2/5th a nation sim, and 3/5th a socialization game. Having observed this, we understand quickly that for our actions in-game to hold any meaning, it is necessary that the story of the game - the In-Character dynamics - be perpetuated. What does it mean to extend the story of the game? It means that with our actions in game, in our conversations on Discord, to our posts on these very forums, we must be contributing in some way to the overarching narratives within the game. To build a hundred-member strong alliance, all securely within the middle tier, and do nothing with it is stupid, worthless, and should not be done. It means you are building just for the sake of building. To build the same alliance and craft a period of time within Orbis' history that provides engagement outside the immediately present mechanics is what makes this game fun, its what makes people say: "I had a lot of fun in 20<xx>". Eventually, if you keep fighting wars and a narrative does not accompany them, you will grow bored. There are very few players who are able to manage not burning out while doing so, and almost all of them, at one point or the other, have turned to politics. Let us move on. We know that P&W is more than just what we build in game, but a collection of tales and stories criss-crossing with each other to form the fabric of this game: the timeline of this realm. Knowing this, let us ask: does a story with no foil for its 'heroes', no villain, ever be as entertaining as it would be if it did have one? In my opinion, the answer is a resounding no. The nature of these games is that a sphere, an alliance, even individuals and ideals to rally against always makes the game more interesting. One need not always play the bad-guy, but in the end, a game's story is only as interesting and engaging as whatever villain exists. We have seen time and time again, the times where the most political turmoil and intrigue have existed have been when the multitude of alliances in Orbis have attempted to overthrow whatever power they believe exists. Conflict drives the game, without it you may as well play Farmville. Meaningless conflicts - in that they are not adding to an overarching narrative or goal that sees political maneuvering and positioning accompany it - can be fun, and indeed have been fun, but after the nth time, they too turn stale. A villain is one who knows how to antagonize others with purpose. Being an &#33;@#&#036; for no reason is not playing the villain, it is not antagonism in politics, it is just that: being an &#33;@#&#036;. Being a villain requires the understanding of one basic fact and the willingness to use that information: genuine gameplay antagonism begins with the realization that every player you come into contact with are of some use or the other, be it as friends, informants, allies, or even enemies. You may wonder how enemies are 'useful'; history tells us that threats to one's way of life and the status quo allow an otherwise weaker side to galvanize it's troops in order to oppose 'the enemy'. More than this, however, it requires the willingness to, for a lack of a better word, use people to further your goals, which feed into an overarching narrative. It demands that you understand the motivating stimuli behind individual and alliance scale actions so as to leverage the players. You may think of it as writing a play, where your in-game competence is your budget, equipment and so on. Your actors, the way you use them, the script… that’s all your interactions and behavior towards them. In the end, perhaps the most significant part of what makes you capable of pulling off the role of a villain is the way people perceive you and your actions. The golden rule is that what you actually did isn’t relevant, what matters is how people perceive it and how well you are able to influence that perception. In that sense, your reputation is of the utmost importance. What is also important to note is that you need not play the villain for eternity. Unless you commit to actions that go far beyond the norms of the game, there is always a chance for you to come back and adopt a different persona, though it is only natural that the community takes time to accept that. That said, however, I think special mention needs to be made of what doesn’t constitutes as playing a persona, and what is not conducive whatsoever to one’s ability to play the villain. It is not conducive to your long term persona keeping or your reputation to do what many a player is wont to engage in: fruitless and frivolous bashing of other players for no gain over an extended period of time. A good way to think of it is like this: You can rip on some people all of the time, you can rip on all people some of the time, but if you start ripping on everyone all the time, your words ring hollow and people stop listening to what you’re saying. Once people stop listening to what you’re saying and disregard it as “just another post by that crazy guy”, your ability to influence actions immediately drops almost to 0. Similarly, it is important to know who you’re targeting, what you’re targeting them on, and when you’re doing so. If the person is of greater value as an ally and a friend, then don’t attack them or what they say, but try to reach a more personable compromise in case it is really necessary. If what you’re attacking them on is a position held by your allies and friends, that too will come back to bite you in the ass. Finally, if you’re attacking them before you need their help (even if temporarily so), you’re screwing your own plans over. This much is common sense, but apparently still needs to be told. Playing a villain doesn’t mean you can’t have friendships, it means you’re capable of compartmentalizing in-game/politics with RL and outside-of-character bonds. I’ve personally found that the most fun is to be had when I’m airstriking my friends tanks and talking with them in Voice Chat while doing so. This provides a good segue to my next point, the crafting of meaningful bonds and the power of listening. Whenever you are talked to/with, you are supposed to listen: Receive. You might skim something and miss a part of what they're saying that changes the meaning totally. Subtle changes are important, so read messages fully, twice. Understand. Try understanding the purpose behind their message, what they're attempting to tell you, and what kind of response they expect. Consider: Now consider the message's importance, and what your potential response will tell them. Does it benefit you in terms of going ahead with your plans, or does it pose a hindrance? Before replying, always do the three things above. It will help greatly in formulating a response. Plus, this skill (the ability to comprehend the situation) isn't only helpful in politics but in everyday conversation too. You are expected to understand civility and tact, and how to use them to further your goals. Do not dictate terms to others, do not issue ultimatums. Entering rooms like a petulant child throwing a tantrum is not you conduct negotiations, even if you have overwhelming power at your hand. Do not flame or bait unnecessarily, unless it achieves an IC goal. If addressed aggressively, you must remember that you have to show you are better than them, either by wit or restraint. Having said that, it is equally true that at times you must be firm with your point. As someone playing a role, particularly that of the villain, you are not a timid, subservient follower. Do not compromise for the sake of civility, do not be non-confrontational when it helps with your goals, but be smart about your opposition, picking unnecessary fights does not do anyone good but those who wish to make you look bad. In this sense, listening and responding on its own are some of the most powerful tools you have in crafting meaningful relationships and bonds, both for the game and outside the game. If you (can): Compartmentalize and separate IC motivations with OOC emotions, Understand who fights for what, why they do so, and are willing to use said information Listen and help people grow into a position where they can and are willing to help you, Understand that power can only be hung to for so long before changes need to be made, You can fairly easily adopt the role of a villain. This isn't a "guide" so to speak, nor would I claim it is. Its a loose collection of thoughts that turned rambly half way in because my dumbass hasn't slept for more than a total of 5 hours in the past two days.
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    Happy Birthday to us It looks like we're getting old. It was one year ago that a battered set of former Terminus Est members - along with a handful of friends, noobs and camp followers - all ventured out into the wildness to form a new alliance- the Knights Templar. Since then, the Knights Templar have grown from a circus look-alike band into a serious, prospering community. Sitting well within the top 10, and having done so for many months, the Knights Templar have experienced a little bit of everything. Through the good times and the bad, the brothers and sisters of the Knights Templar have always stood shoulder to shoulder with each other. We are our own happy community, and the future is bright for us. We would like to thank The Commonwealth, Seven Kingdoms, Advanced Idea Mechanics and Zeon for their support and friendship, as well as former allies for all the good times we had together. We would also like to thank all our other friends, supporters, and frenemies for being there for us. It's been a great year, and we are sure there will be much more to come. Deus Vult! *Credits to Thalmor for the awesome picture *Apologies to Orbis for this not being another Lordaeron announcement
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    You may be able to bring us world peace for christmas, but can you make my dad come back home for christmas?
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    Finally, I get to fight with Partisan. Should've done this a long time ago...
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    I would like to instead propose Nine Million Nuke November where we try to reach the magic total of 9,000,000 nukes detonated and make everyone starve I think my proposal has a better chance of success
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    Following the lowering city cost discussion, I've been doing some considering about how to help new players catch up in the game and ease new player growth, which I know has been made a lot harder since I scaled back the effects of resource and commerce improvements about a year ago. This is a pretty simple plan that doesn't involve lowering city prices, and should basically only affect new players. Step 1: Eliminate New City Timers to City 10 (From Current City 5) This is pretty straightforward. Right now, you don't need to wait for your city timer for buying cities 2-5. I'm proposing to expand that to cities 2-10. This should make new players' growth faster, so that they can catch up to a point where they are relevant in the game, which should improve player retention by reducing feelings of impossibly slow progress. Step 2: New Player Income Bonus This part involves adding a new bonus to the game for new players. This bonus would not exist past a nation being 60 days old, or having 10 cities, and would diminish as a nation bought additional cities. The idea is that new players are awfully poor, and it's hard to invest in growth at really low levels. By increasing their income, they can invest into themselves and grow faster initially, without impacting later growth. This bonus would be a 100% gross income bonus for nations less than 60 days with 1 city, and would decrease by 10% for each city added. For nations older than 60 days, there would be no bonus regardless of number of cities. This bonus scheme should not really encourage people to sit at low city levels to collect the bonus, as the benefit of adding another city always outweighs staying at the current bonus level. It's honestly a pretty modest increase, but I think it will help new players find their footing and not be so strapped for cash in the beginning of the game. Here are some numbers I ran, the Average Daily Income figures are the averages currently in the game per city count. What isn't shown is how players using the New Player Bonus would build additional infrastructure, etc. boosting their income beyond just the bonus amount, etc. Take it all with a grain of salt. So, what I'm hoping is that everyone will kind of like this modest suggestion, and then I can throw it in the new game, we'll improve new player fun and retention, and everyone will win. Feel free to use the Upvote/Downvote option the forum offers to indicate your favor/disfavor, but please do consider the merits of the suggestion before blindly voting the way someone else told you you should. And of course, offer your feedback, and if you think you have a better idea, please just create a new topic/thread so we can keep the discussions separate. Thanks!
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    Orange Defense Network To all, I've been getting a lot of questions regarding ODN's war status, so I felt some clarification was needed. On the 24th of March, the Golden Horde hit ODN. From our perspective for no reason, from theirs for a variety of reasons. They claimed we were part of this "IQ" coalition. C'est la vie though, that's life. We were attacked by the Horde. They called the attack a 'mass raid,' but as far as ODN was concerned, this was and remained a war. Multiple waves of attacks sending us to beige and then happening again and again are not a 'raid' in our book. We don't mind dealing with raids, we have lots of respect for raiders. This was not a raid as far as we were concerned (they are welcome to call it what they want). They told us the only way the attacks would end, would be if we cancelled our treaties with NPO. Well no thank you. The day anyone but ODN dictates who ODN can and cannot call friend will be a cold day in hell. In all honesty, besides from apparently our friends in NPO we couldn't even tell you who is in IQ. Certainly we dont consider ourselves in it. I'm sure they are fine folks, and we've got the utmost respect for NPO, but we had no interest in joining the global war and anyone who talked to us could have figured that out. As such, just because the global war has ended, *OUR* war with the Golden Horde has NOT ended. Just as we never intended to go to war with IQ, nor do we intend to declare peace with the Golden Horde simply because a bunch of random other alliances declared peace. Especially not considering how this whole thing started. We are under no delusions. The Golden Horde is bigger than us. They are more experienced then us. They outnumber us. We were attacked when we weren't expecting it and that hit us hard. We have limited resources. I suspect that for every 1 million of damage we do to the Horde, they will do 10 million to us. That's fine. We'll make that trade gladly, week after week. But we will deal damage. And we will not give in. They can smash us into a bloody pulp, crack our skulls, break every bone in our body. Our teeth will still be lodged firmly in their flesh at the end of it. ::Grins:: if nothing else, this will be a nice lesson on ODN's character for the rest of the world. I'm sure there are plenty out there who are better nation builders. Better with war mechanics. More experienced. But we're an ornery stubborn bunch of asses when you rile us up. I suspect TGH will get to see that first hand. There's nothing personal with this. I am looking forward to a long and good war with TGH. Most of them have been fine opponents so far. If I need to be reduced to a smoking pile of rubble, I am glad they will be the ones doing it! But in ODN we have a code of honor we live by. And the real test of such a code is not in easy times, but when facing overwhelming odds. So for everyone asking.... yes ODN considers itself at war with TGH. No we are not peaceing out because IQ did. Yes we intend to have a lot of fun with them on the battlefield. No this war won't be ending anytime soon, no matter how hopeless it is, not until *we* are satisfied that we've gotten what we need.
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    DEUS VULT Make me proud Thalmor:
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    The Penitus Oculatus are an organization which answers to the Emperor. Our primary task is protecting the Emperor, and as such, we are elite bodyguards. We will use anything necessary to fulfill our task. Our Purpose: Penitus Oculatus Agents serve a number of tasks. They are tasked with discovering spies within the Empire through tact and their mind, but they can also be tasked with stealing, poisoning, stabbing, injuring, or murdering targets to serve a greater cause. Inspectors are involved with investigating crime scenes, such as when someone related to the Imperial family is kidnapped. They are also able to send out scouts to investigate events or places that might threaten the Empire. Another part of our duty is ensuring the safety of the Emperor, the prince, and other members related to the Imperial family. Government Lineup: Commander: Darth Revan Administrator: Cypher Inspector: Zygon, Darth Ataxia, Avakael, and Viseli Special Spokesperson: Prefonteen Discord server: https://discord.gg/fRWqrt3 But wait...We have just started a quest!
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    It has occurred to me that I have been rather unfair in my propaganda efforts towards IQ. And that unfairness is made worse by the lopsided distribution of people skilled in such things. I have therefore decided to accept the NPO propaganda team position I was offered like two years ago. As such, I am now proud to present this NPO recruiting short, entitled "Flat is Justice". Enjoy!
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    Congrats to everyone!!!!!1!1!1!1!1!!!! Congrats to Rose on the treaty cancellations Congrats to Pantheon on being so big and full of cool people Congrats to @Redarmy for being bueno Congrats to @hidude45454 for being a weenie Congrats to @Judge Dreddfor winning PnW Congrats to @ReaverAxisfor being spaghetti Congrats to @Ameyuri for being so nice Congrats to @Apollo for being cream cheese Congrats to @Curufinwe for being a black knight Congrats to @Les Paul Supreme for being the biggest doctor Congrats to @Alex for being a spicy boyyo Congrats to Vault 111 for having the diversity of having a thousand leaders Congrats to Western Onion for being the most flavorful alliance Congrats to TKR for having smith who steals cats Congrats to @Kastor for existing Congrats to @durmij for having a beard Congrats to @Nizam Adrienne for having a cool name Congrats to @Arch for being my friendo Congrats to @CuppyCakeYums for being delicious Congrats to the syndicate for being made of bread Congrats Lordaeron for having a new name Congrats to @Betulius for biting ppl irl Congrats to @Roquentin for being fabulously communist Congrats to Valkyrie for voting Congrats to @Fraggle for blowing people up Congrats to Cornerstone for being the holiest alliance Congrats to @Luke the 13th for being pepperoni Congrats to @Thalmor for retiring to an old folks home Congrats to @Lene Hau for having a CoS mug And congrats to @Spaceman Thrax for having a CoS bikini id do more but tagging people is taking a minute to load now, and this is enough bad post for one thread
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    As of the time of this post - IRONFRONT has achieved White Purrs and 6 Month Cat NAP with those within and associated with Coalition B. IRONFRONT started this global expedition on the side of Coalition B, fighting until we secured White Peace with the opposition we are currently fighting for. We entered this war through means of the TCW Bloc and we have quickly come to the realization that this war is not our own. When we fought alongside our current opposition in Coalition B, we entered the war with certain set values and goals - on this new front, we lack both. This is what led us down the path to secure our peace with Coalition B and all associated. Additionally, tied to this notification of peace and naptime, we have concluded our time within the TCW Bloc and are issuing our 72 hour cancellation notice. Although we have friends throughout the political realm of Orbis, we feel that our internal values and beliefs are not a match for the bloc at this time. We do hope all sides of this war come together to find a solution and conclusion to the current global war. It has been a pleasure fighting with and against both sides during the war - we have learned many lessons, gained much experience, and most of all grew closer together as a community within IronFront. tl;dr - IRONFRONT achieves White Peace & 6 Month NAP with Coalition B & Associates - additionally activated 72 hour cancellation with TCW Bloc and I guess COL B likes cats. Signed For IRONFRONT: -The IRONFAM Signed For OD/Col B -'Use list of sigs from the last peace announcement'
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    Pre-emptive thanks to GOONS for purging this cancer from the face of the earth.
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    I'm thirsty for new resources so why not add water, a vital resource for human survival. Water would function similiar to food but it could serve more functions (dams for power, etc.) Water would also be required like food, and unlike food can be contaminated or polluted by nukes. Contaminated water would raise disease and lower population. To lower contaminated water levels you would build water treatment plants. Water production itself could be increased by a water reclamation plant national project. Things could be changed about water, but all I want to see is water as a resource. Also remember what Uncle Jonas says "Listen to masses and respect my ideas" ^what water would look like kinda
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    Hello, as of today, I, Chris, will be resigning as an administrator and as a staff member for Politics and War. Currently, I don't have the time for it in my life and it's a bad time in general for me, as it's hard to find the time for it amidst a sea of other things. I am mainly doing this because I want to focus on my career. There is no bad blood between me and Alex or me and the community, I simply need to focus on other things and this has been taking up too much of my time. I am unsure if I will keep playing the game, but for now I will also be taking a short break from it as well and placing my nation into VM. Thanks for having me! Chris
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