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    On 1/13/20, a member of Aiyr bank called Loving Boi (https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=186548) was banned for Mass pinging the server Claiming he wouldnt repay his debt Over-all, being disrespectful He refused to pay his now 15M debt (it was originally 14M but interest) and took shelter in GoG. When contacted the GoG FA, they said this... From: Caleope Meraki Date: 01/28/2020 Tuesday 1:09 am Block Communications Sorry, but due to the fact that you have no visual evidence of the fact he actually signed off on this loan your demands are therefore invalidated and he is relieved of his debt. If you attempt to attack GoG tomorrow, you will be countered and rolled. Even though evidence was presented and Loving Boi admitted to the debt, they still denied it. GoG refused to have Loving Boi pay the debt so Aiyr Bank had to write it off as irrecoverable. Let it be known that... 1. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=186548 Cannot be trusted with loans. 2. GoG harbors debtors. If you want proof, DM me on discord How Are You Today#2505 May I make it clear that I also acted disrespectfully towards their FA minister, but I couldnt care less. This post does not reflect the exec leader statement.
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    I guess those peace terms are gonna be updated. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/war/timeline/war=597653 Nightmare of Dreamcatcher looted 14.83% of New Polar Order's alliance bank, taking: $734,420,999, 26 Coal, 1 Oil, 14,829 Uranium, 3 Iron, 1,252 Bauxite, 1 Lead, 72,456 Gasoline, 72,921 Munitions, 147,552 Steel, 146,559 Aluminum, and 739,166 Food. _________________________________________________________
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    And the culprit made sure to name the cities appropriately. The perfect crime. The best part is that this was a defensive war.
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    You're the second to land on the moon. Look at the leaderboard and Alex's announcement. https://politicsandwar.com/leaderboards/display=moon
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    ... to join us for a tale most beautiful ... "Best Buds" by Mariana Kushowary VIII ... Bird Weed hereby declares its existence in the beautiful world of Orbis. Bird Weed is about birds and weed. We like cool and nice people. If you want to find out more, check us out here! With kindest wishes from our very own Dank Weed, we wish you a blazingly beautiful day. Signed, Everyone belonging to the flock of Bird Weed
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    Technically speaking, this makes my raid on Polaris's bank better than Theo's. Theo had to go find their bank. Their bank found me.
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    Bet you feel pretty foolish now
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    That Moon Landing was faked. You can tell by the lighting and the way they moved.
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    Over farming of Polaris banks has resulted in the ICUN and the WWF classifying Polaris Banks as an endangered species. It may take some time before the population numbers are large enough to more poaching to take place.
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    Thank you for all the nice posts! We're excited to finally be a part of Orbis proper. What good are all these lovely leaves if we have no friends to share them with?
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    Frezasan quit obviously orchestrated this to discredit the Soviet GOONS. Frezasan is NASA.
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    I have never heard of this bank, it doesn't seem reputable to me and thus I don't give a shit. Enjoy eating that loss.
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    It has been around for at least 4 years. ---------------------------------------------------------------- To the OP: I think some informative article (?) about separating IC from OOC would help people free themselves form real "hate" and let them enjoy the virtual one. I think a lot of new players don't really understand the real nature of being attacked or attacking others or their alliance being at war with others. This is actually a problem with older players too anyway, so trying to have something that would fix that issue would be helpful. It would certainly reinforce the forums for example.
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    Goons made it to the moon only to find us with our feet on the desk Sorry boys, theres always a next time
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    soldiers just became more expensive, pls donate to me
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    this comic is too good for this game 0/10
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    Lack of knowledge for new players is an issue. If you are unlucky enough to end up in a not-well-established alliance, the main issue is not as much as that you don't get funded/protected as that you don't get to learn the game. Having a common knowledge repository available to everyone (integrated in the wiki?) would be good enough to resolve this issue. To that direction, the experienced players/ alliances could (should?) share their guides and work together to perfect them. Most of them get leaked anyway, one way or another. tl;dr: Open guides for everyone, created by experienced alliances/players.
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    Approximately 1 in 30 new players stay and play the game after registering. With the vast majority of new projects/suggestions focused more on the long time players, I wanted to see if we could brainstorm ideas/suggestions on how we can improve the retention rate of new players. If you have an idea/suggestion post below and I'll add it to the OP as a bullet point. We can then look into the idea/suggestion further and develop it into a game suggestion. Share alliance guides | FAQ | Common Knowledge Allow players to add more Roleplay content to their Nations: Factbooks, dispatches, articles. Integrate offsite communities into on site communities. In-built forums, live chat, newsletters etc. Admin to increase marketing/advertisement of the game Better advertisement of current RP mechancis, such as the factbook, forums RP'ing Informative article on IC/OOC seperation. Good behaviour/bad behaviour, better enforcement on IC/OOC areas on the forums. More game content, more things for players to do. Themed game events as an idea, NS has Z-Day etc. Look at mechanics and events that need global co-ordination and teamwork. Improve the mobile app, mobile gaming is huge and we should absolutely target this as a way to grow the game. Add new resources, new improvements etc Improve the information available to players (Formulas, best building practices) less guessing. Players should not have to join alliances to learn how to play the game efficiently. Bonuses for joining alliances, encourage people to get involved in the wider community. Increase game dev staff to get more updates
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    Look at you guys thinking that the Moon is real. The moon was made up by Alex so he could get people to spend more cash and resources in game so they'd buy more credits. It's all a scam I tell you hwut.
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    The oldest documented evidence of Bird Weed. For generations the birds have been protectors of the weed...
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    Must happen at least once a year, we like traditions I just wonder why their bank is so small
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    I mean you could look at what happened the last time an unprotected micro hit goons, but I guess he just had to touch the stovetop for himself.
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    Thanks and hello and hi Bird Weed ❤️ Thbweed
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    We already have a bird under the influence of illegal plants
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    Even if you're completely above board and everything you've said is true, all you're "warning" us of is that Loving Boi is a working class hero who has brought the fight directly to trash such as yourselves who would scam the common man out of the hard earned value of their labor. I, for one, am proud to find such a man among our allies, and shame on you for trying to discredit such a paragon of valor.
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    Godspeed, Jazz Aldrin.
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    This is entirely on you for trying to run a dumb-as-bricks "banking" scam and getting burned for it. You fricking capitalists are all the same.
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    Is this really over 14 mil? Damn, Aiyr is worse off than I thought.
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    We love birds, we love weed, this treaty just makes sense.
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    We’ve only had Bird Weed for a bit and a half, but if anything happens to it, we’re going to kill everyone in this game and then ourselves.
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    Nation link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=177013 I had three projects already before yesterday's update but I do not have a 4th open slot.
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    You don't see the connections? Bank gets looted bi-weekly => it doesn't really grow a lot. I thought that was simple logic.
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    RIP me. If the "free" slot is actually dependent on infrastructure level then some clarification needs to be issued.
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    You're welcome, friend! Now reciprocate please.
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    Oh no guys, he's going to blockade me.
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    I've heard of Nigerian princes asking for money but this operation looks more like a Nigerian bank lending money.
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    ARRRRGGHHH! Also hey friend. Congrats to you as well! ?
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    Posted, look back a couple posts. The lead up and middle is hard to explain because he deleted his messages. Easier to explain with witnesses and being in the server to look at the chat. Its possible, ngl, but unlikely.
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    Bird Weed is cool and good and awesome and this is an excellent DoE and also Bird Weed is cool and good and awesome
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    This is a hoax, their landing was done in a hollywood film set.
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    Why did you bring this here without proof? What are we suppose to do with this?
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    I dont know... If I had the choice of playing baseball that much or botting. If I had your numbers and you accused me of playing it legitimately, I would be pretty offended. You really going to imply that I am not smart enough to make a bot, and think I just have hours a day to waste.... How dare you!
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    Good luck! Don't let the no-fun-allowed-censor-crowd get you down!
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