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    While I believe most of the community appreciates the new "hotkey" link to the wars page from the new mobile navbar, I can't really wrap my head around dislodging resource bar from there. It's supposedly one click away, but the resource dropdown table does not even work half the time, ironically on pages most relevant for resources (trade, wars). Very often you need to check on your resources. Making a trade offer? You need the direct information of how much you have. Calculating gasoline/munitions reserves and how many airstrikes you have left. And so forth. And then you hit this dropdown and it does not even work, so you need to go to another page, refresh it, *then* see your resources, head back to the relevant page.. and so forth. Frankly I don't think any mobile user of PnW cares about how much is some feature aesthetical or not, as long as it's useful and serves its purpose. So here are my alternative suggestions, along with some other slight navbar changes that I believe would improve QoL for mobile users. Variant 1* *The resource navbar has NOT been scaled in this example. Theoretically it would look the same as it were before the navbar changes. Variant 2 I've also included a poll but I have no idea if I've managed to set it up properly. Nonetheless, please share your thoughts! *For reference, this is how the current navbar looks like.
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    These forums are here for everyone. I like to think that the actual, genuine political discussions are actually happening between our leaders in a much less cluttered and private space than this. Perhaps that is where an obstacle to peace lies, in the conflation of this public space with where the genuine negotiations are supposed to take place. It would be very foolish indeed to allow the unregulated statements (trolling), and inadequately informed opinions (you may include mine if you like) that populate this forum to unduly influence political discussions between our leaders. I do hope the negotiators are above that!!
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    We're Knights of the Vacation Mode We're beiged whene'er we're able We do routines and shitpost scenes with hubris impeccable! We dine well here with Camelot We eat junks of guinea pigs and weebsalot! We're Knights of the Vacation Mode Our posting is, cringable! But this time now, We're facing a war That is quite unwinnable We're Templar Mad with Afrika Korps We sing to the tune of Scarfalooot! In war, we're tough, and able! Quite Grey, and quite beigable! Between our wars, we delet all military And impersonate Pantheon! It's a busy life in TKR "I have to spam the forums a loooot!"
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    I agree that everyone would be better off if they surrendered to GOONS.
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    Death to our enemies. Everlasting communist prosperity to our friends.
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    In other news, we are just loving our vacation.
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    1. This amounts to printing money. I'd take all the money in my alliance's bank, divide it by the maximum per-unit value of a trade, and trade that much food back and forth between my nation and the nation of another alliance officer. 2. This wouldn't really enhance roleplay because it would be used to accelerate nation growth independent of IC ideology. 1% boosts aren't that far off from the boosts that already come from domestic policies. That's not a reason to be against this particular change, but it's not an RP change because it isn't inconsequential. 3. Let's not widen the income gap between the whales and the mid tier. There are enough game balance issues associated with upper tier wealth hoarding already. 4. Not exactly roleplay in my book, but it's completely cosmetic and therefore harmless.
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    I know I'm 10 pages too late to say this, but please keep this thread on topic about GOON's announcement. Further derailment will be punished with proper moderator protocol BLOOD AND TERROR
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    I don't think an admission of defeat is the problem. From what I gather from poking around, a lot of the previous breakdowns were the result of a breakdown of communication due to the miscommunication (on your side) and misinterpretation (on kerchtogg's side) of the loaded term of surrender before the presentation of the instruments of surrender. Kerchtog coalition was made to believe that the term was designed as an unconditional surrender similar to (for the gamers out here) the "unconditional surrender" option in paradox' EU4. That is to say, they would prematurely have to agree to what terms followed, and be seen as reneging on "peace" if they found said terms unacceptable. From that vantage point, I too would have refused to surrender. It was later clarified by coalition B that this was not the case, and that the surrender term was merely a preamble to the start of "real" negotiations about instruments of surrender. I anticipate this whole admission of defeat thing to blow over fairly easily at this point. As I was not around for the kerchtog-coal B talks in person, I can not speak on the cause of this miscommunication. I would however point out that the "Accept our terms or see you in a month" policy taken by coal B negotiators probably has not been helpful in identifying and addressing the cause of the breakdown in communication which has been holding up negotiations. Here's to a better procession from here, eh?
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    (Reminder this is in the test server... so most of you probably don't care. Also, I'd assume test server related posts can be made here, but if not take it down I suppose...) a mere organic minded fool earlier today: "pls 8ball Is it time for Jihad?" The glorious divine knower of all, the magic 8ball: "yes, idiot" and another organic minded fool: "pls 8ball should we declare on the alliance called Elven Tribe?" our electronic minded mastermind: "sure, I literally couldn't care less" organic minded fool: "pls 8ball should we target more at the same time?" thine holy 8ball: "Is trump's skin orange?" organic minded dimwit: "pls 8ball should we declare war on High Gods?" the holy sphere of 8: "8ball ok, whatever yes" The Holy Jihad has been declared, the forces of Empyralot under the divine will of our true leader the discord 8 ball have begun the Jihad against the forces of evil, "High Gods" and "Elven Tribe".
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    The way I see it: Side A doesn't want to take the generally unprecedented step of agreeing to preconditions for peace and/or making concessions without anything in return, and see an "admission of defeat" as a precondition/concession. Side B doesn't want to negotiate with people posturing about how they haven't lost, and sees asking for an "admission of defeat" as a way to preclude it. Seems like a good middle ground would be to hold negotiations where both sides agree to not debate who "won" as part of the talks (that doesn't mean that an admission of defeat can't be a peace term). Side A doesn't have to make any one sided concessions without getting anything in return and Side B doesn't have to suffer listening to people on Side A posturing about not loosing.
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    Eh, this is kinda complex. 40k was originally designed as a humor parody of over-the-top sci fi settings. Then some of its early players, who saw it as a more of a serious setting, became writers and developers, which led to the grimdark future filled with only war we have now. Yeah, the Empire of Terra is pretty fascistic, but (other than being a regular point of view in games and books) they aren't really believed to be "correct" in-setting, and are just a morally gray option in a setting with several other morally gray (self-serving, backstabbing eldar, brainwashing tau, self-serving and hyper-territorial Necron) and less than grey (planet-eating Tyrannids and brutal, rapacious Orks) options. oh no I just effortposted about 40k, trap sprung
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    Recently we upgraded the test server to the latest versions of MySQL and PHP to prepare for upgrading the live server. These new versions have stricter standards and have created a lot of game-breaking bugs. I am trying to work through all of these bugs as quickly as possible. Please report any bugs you find here, in this thread so that I have a list I can work through. Thank you!
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    It’s been a busy first month for GOONS in the world of Orbis. In the midst of constant war, we’ve been busy making friends and getting up to trouble on our own. We’ve been so busy that it warrants a small update on our status. Update one: the flag! GOONS consider itself an inclusive alliance that seeks the uplift of all people. That, combined with our 100/100 command economy, has made the dirty commie theme quite easy for us to adapt. Many of our members are real-life socialists and communists, and we welcome diplomatic contact with other like-minded alliances. Update two: Alliance growth! In a brief 42 days, GOONS has already cracked the top 30 of alliances. Update three: Speaking of diplomatic contact with like-minded alliances, we have some announcements to make. ---
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    Today October 20th, 2019. This is the day I have finally accomplished the dream. Many said I couldnt do it, many didn't actually care. But I did it, I've created an alliance that hit top 50. After 5 other attempts, Golden Phoenix Coalition (4th) has made that mark. I can now die.
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    http://politicsandwar.com/index.php?id=129 Its already in the game, right? Why isn't it implemented?
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    I'd only have enough energy to get through about 3 pages of counting before I got tired and gave up, so I have about 8.6% of the stamina as you do for making a count like this.
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    I don't use use PnW on my phone but generally both of the ways you suggested seem more user-friendly. My only concern would be: When you open the site on your laptop/computer, you can just click on one of the resources to directly access the market page for that resource. I wonder whether the size of the symbols especially in the second one might not be a problem then because you might end up clicking with your finger on several of them. I mean of course you can zoom in on your phone but the entire point here is convenience so I thought I might add that. ^^
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    Ye everyone constantly is asking for war changes you have them, why not use them
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    That's not the lie. The lie was, you "supposedly" had nothing to do with the original plot. Akuryo had no access to the leader's chat about what terms, if any, were discussed. His rambling is from the common chat, speculating with others who also had access there.
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    Refraining from denying something is not the same as a positive affirmation.
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    This is still a fricking thing? How many times have we made the circle by this point?
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    My nation started with zero cities.
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    @Abbas Mehdi Watch this space
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    Part of what can make a game great is racist or political undertones. Dragon Age : Origin's immediately comes to mind via the City Elf or Dwarf Commoner origin. Edit : obviously this game is an exception thought, since it's completely different than your average narrative.
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    This post gave me enough of a laugh that I sent you $1000 (probably the most that you’ll be getting from anyone). Have fun with your noble venture?
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    Screenshot should be self-explanatory.
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    The thing is the Nazis are the one “historical event” that is banned from the game entirely, so by extension roleplaying as the Nazi military should be banned as well.
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    Yeah, the issue with German themes or anything tied to WWII is it's often a cloak for nazism. Like Iron Guard for instance passed the rules but it was a similar group with ethnic nationalism and anti-semitism at its core. It "it's too obscure for these kids to know about, so we're gonna get away with it."
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    Joke's on you we'll just cycle terms.
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    "Can I pay to use my bot to cheat" No thanks. There're enough exploits in the game as it is.
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    Epi, you don't really impress me when you take on that tough hardball attitude. Let's take a breather, sit down and discuss the situation. I'll DM you.
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    I would like to instead propose Nine Million Nuke November where we try to reach the magic total of 9,000,000 nukes detonated and make everyone starve I think my proposal has a better chance of success
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    I get that your posts are basically memes but post more real memes and argue less thx. We have dozens of other threads for the exact same conversation we've been having for 4 months, this one must remain pure.
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    jokes on you we're using this as propaganda
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    Definitely is. I didn't stick to the episode. Just imagery.
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    For many years now people have wanted a change regarding planes being "OP". What makes planes the strongest unit is that they are the only unit that can attack other unit archetypes (ground/navy). Not only are they able to attack other units, if they have no air units standing against them, they kill units without suffering any losses. To address this, either planes need to only be able to attack planes, unit wise, or ground and navy need to be allowed to attack other units archetypes as well. OPTION 1 Planes can only attack planes. They lose the ability to target ground units and naval units. OPTION 2 All units can attack all other units. Ground can attack air and navy. Air can attack ground and navy. Navy can attack ground and air. If this option is selected then discussions can be made after regarding if damage rates are equal between the types, or if there is a rock paper scissors style such as Air is strong against ground but weak against navy. Navy is strong against air but weak against ground. Ground would then be strong against Navy but weak against air. Or however it plays out. OPTION 3 All units can attack ONE additional unit type beyond their own. For example, Ground can attack ground and air, but not navy. Navy can attack navy and ground, but not air. Air can attack air and navy, but not ground. Again, how the actual attack orders are will be up for discussions should this option get chosen. In addition there can be strengths here as well, units attacking outside their archetype might not be as efficient, or something of that sort. This thread is NOT for stating that "no change should happen". If there were a change, which of these options would you pick. This thread is NOT for politics. One unit type can attack all others, that gives that unit type an advantage, this is looking at ways to level that advantage. This thread is NOT for suggesting new unit types or projects that impact military units. Keep it civil.
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    If my brain ever becomes so atrophied I can't tell the difference between people larping on the internet as bad guys for fun and people actually gulaging innocents in real life, just fecking pull the plug on my obviously pickled life support sucking brain. Anti-fun get out.
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    RE: This Initially stated by Sketchy. reiterated by Keegoz and clarified by other members of your coalition in the early threads. You set the tone of the war to "we're gonna eradicate you", Royalist then went around removing all the protectorates and whether related or unrelated each was couped, rolled or otherwise disbanded. Those considered too loyal were refused peace when the 'exchange' was proposed. And some were even even turned into vassals RE: Frontier Records or drawn into service against their old allies FR/Animation Domination. The goal was to destroy any semblance of a 'BK-Sphere' and break up the Covenant. <> By contrast things will end pretty mildly now.
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    Possibly the fact that the game's called Politics and War? Politician's lie all the time, and deflect blame. Sort of like this game. Crazy huh? Almost like the game may be based off the Politics human's invented throughout the ages.. And no, we still didn't. Notice how no one bothered to correct me? Almost like I have a point or something. Who knows. 🤷‍♂️
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