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    The masses are telling you they want war lol
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    Dude stop no one agrees.
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    I have recently gotten back to playing Politics and War after quitting from when I was on the game in 2017. Most of my revenue right now is made from raids and war, and I can definitely say I enjoy it a lot more than building my nation with infrastructure and the such. Raiding is a great way to get experience and bring activity to the game itself, and it also creates fun with alliances and role-playing activities. Thanks guys!
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    Counter-proposal: Have no cap on OP's defensive slots, remove any score limitations from him, and have his wars never expire.
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    Those sound like fighting words to me. Have you considered declaring war?
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    The Black is the new Orange Concordat. Intro: Turns out BK has a no returns policy when we tried to mail Who Me back, so this is the next best thing. Article I: The Black Knights and The Commonwealth agree to come to the aid of one another should the other party come under attack. Article II: Both parties agree to share information pertaining to the security of the other, should they receive such Intel. Article III: Both parties reserve the right to join one another in offensive operations at their discretion. Article IV: Should either party wish to cancel the agreement offerings will be made to the Supreme Ellie Goddess and the Prophet of Ayy Lmao, after which 72 hours will pass before the treaty’s cancellation will comes into effect. Article V: For the duration that this treaty remains in force, Biel will now henceforth instruct people to “Disband your alliance and join BK or TCW”. Article VI: Furthermore for the duration of this treaty, Gorge is granted the title of Princess of The Commonwealth. Signed for The Commonwealth: Prime Minister: Sphinx Chief of Staff: Purplemoon/Yui Minister of Finance: ChristianD Minister of Defense: Sven Shieldmaker Minister of Foreign Affairs: Purplemoon/Yui Minister of Internal Affairs: Lionstar Deputy Ministers of Finance: Edgeworth, Haris Deputy Ministers of Internal Affairs: Rueben, RightHono(u)rable (Its Queens English mate!!!), Xea Evangelos Deputy Minister of Defense: Pericles Advisors: Kalev60, Who Me, Aesir, Julian (Minion Aficionado) Signed for The Black Knights TL:DR: BK and TCW sign an MDoAP Ellie from Yui!
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    Come on guys, lets give Thanos a little credit here, during the last war, he would often brag about how they were able to cut TCW's membership count in half. Why did he do this? because he knew this day would come, and people would criticize him for for all the people they had in their sphere. Just think of how bad that graph would have looked if this happened prewar and TCW had all those members? Keep up the good work Thanos and continue being the visionary we can all look up to and aspire to be. (For the record grumpy makes around 550 million a day in cash revenue, our econ is amazing how dare you!)
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    Shall we just call this game Politicsandshekels?
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    I wasn't going to downvote until you told me to upvote.
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    Don't worry TCW, we can still protect you for a week while you continue searching for good allies
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    War is literally the only fun and interesting part of this game. Building your cities and infra is only done so you can fight wars better. Growing your pixels is fun for 3-4 months but if you do it for a long time the game gets boring quick because it is a slow game and there isn't much to do in the first place outside of war. There is nothing wrong with killing millions of people. If it were up to me I would kill billions of people. I receive orgasmic pleasure from watching bodies fall into mass graves. There are 11,270,709,687 people on Orbis and I want each one to perish horrifically. Then I would off myself. God bless.
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    NationStates exists if you just want to watch numbers grow and RP. You're the one who is choosing to play a game with "war" in its name.
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    I'll take bullshit for $600.
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    Sure. *clicks it again*
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    So. You got blasted with critical reception so you make another topic about this. I don't know if that is dedication or just too dumb to quit.
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    Is a downvote good enough for respect?
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    You disgust me.
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    And this year's stupidest post goes to... Emperor Jonas!!!
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    Wtf...No. Just no. Typical TFP pixelhugger. War is what keeps this game interesting.
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    You are literally the worst fricking public face of an alliance. This thread is proof. You are taking the most absurdly defensive stance in reaction to a graph that shows the breakdown of nations by tiering, with only one comment which is an abbreviated methodology. Literally any life-form with 2 brain cells to rub together could have engaged with that information in a more rational manner. frick man. I just defended fricking Kastor.
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    A Summit of Birds and Elephants Ellie strolled around the Savannah when she spotted an eagle surveying the land for prey. Ellie trumpeted at the skies and the eagle swooshed down to sit on Ellie's back. "Hey there, I'm Zah! Who are you?" "I'm Ellie. Just Ellie." "Just Ellie? You have nothing else going on?" "No..." "Join me for tea over there," Zah said, pointing towards a small forest on the horizon. Ellie nodded and headed straight for it. Not long after, they arrived and Zah pulled out two flagpoles from behind a tree and stuck them in the ground. "Got a flag?" he asked. "Sure," Ellie said and whipped out a flag showing a black tree on red. Zah pulled out his own flag of a purple portal with his image layed on top and pulled up the flags, letting the wind take care of the rest. Then he conjured up a table, two chairs and a tea set out of thin air and began to speak: The United Empire of Zah'Aharon and the Commonwealth agree to the following terms: Article I: The Commonwealth and The United Empire of Zah'Aharon agree to come to the aid of one another in the event of the other signatory coming under attack. The treaty is non-chaining. Article II: Both signatories consent to share all intelligence that affects the security of either signatory as soon as possible. Article III: Both signatories may, but are not obliged to join the another in offensive operations. Article IV: Each signatory has the right to cancel the treaty providing 72 hours notice has been given Article V: Yui and Therana agree to a temporary truce on the green Vs purple debate. Tl;Dr: TUE and TCW sign an MnDoAP Signed: The Commonwealth Government: Prime Minister: Sphinx Chief of Staff: Purplemoon/Yui Ministers: Minister of Finance: Christian Dahl Minister of Foreign Affairs: Purplemoon/Yui Minister of Internal Affairs: Lionstar Minister of Defense: Sven Shieldmaker The United Empire of Zah'Aharon Government -Eternal Emperor/Empress- The First: Empress Therana The Second: Empress Alexia Advisor to the Empress: Hydraik -Council of Lords- Lord of Foreign Affairs:Lord Kotori Itsuka Lord of Internal Affairs:Lord Kotori Itsuka Lord of Economics: Lord Curtis III Supreme Commander: Lord Barry Allen
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    Great way to convince and represent the masses there, keep it up champ.
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    For Americans *04/07/19 - 04/16/19
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    Imagine being so misinformed... - You believe that alliances have to sign people even if your options are two equally autistic spheres - People who've played nation sims for 6+ years may get jaded at times and become sloppy in management - People WANTED sk to join because they couldn't cover every high tier nation - Valyria, a close ally of SK, had a training alliance before KT - SK has been a mainstay of the top 10-20 since the beginning of the game go back to Stormfront Shifty, you're drunk

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