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    Again. Why don't you declare on me..? Oh wait... You won't.
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    Is a downvote good enough for respect?
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    I am glad someone brought the entire community of PnW together.
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    @Emperor Jonas Your nation is 100 days old, compared to mine at exactly 800 days. Your arguments about experience are unfounded and war is for entertainment value. It's necessary for the politics. By itself it offers very little. It's an extension of the economic tools we have to beat our competitors. That's how you justify it to the Econ guy :P So yes, we need war. Without it the same alliances would rule forever and this would be neither politics nor war. It wouldn't even be competition. And that would make for a very poor game
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    Dude needs an idle clicker. Cookie clicker is the idle game for noobs to the idle genre and you can watch your cookies go up there without hindrance.
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    Nobody: Thanos: N A R R A T I V E
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    Simultaneously winning points for both best and worst forum posts 2k19.
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    Boris thinks this guy is master troll.
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    Glad to be of service to this community.
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    So you want to pull a Thanos and get rid of half the game. Got it.
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    But wait theres more, he can definitely become more stupid. I for one welcome our new stupid overlord
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    Curu your puppet is broken get a new one.
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    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Incremental_game rawr
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    TFP kick this bloke and feed him to the masses
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    I will bite and respond to your post in a constructive and meaningful manner other than downvoting you. Firstly, in your introduction, you mention that you lost more in Arrgh then what you gained in loot. If this is the truth, you did not raid correctly. As a former member of Arrgh myself, I can say that raiding is a very profitable practice if done correctly, which it seems that you did not do. Now moving on to your points: 1. Role-play may be the objective of some, however many find enrichment from the war system. There are many other games and forums which allow you better opportunities to RP as a proper nation (NationStates comes to mind). If you find that this game does not suit your purposes, why not try one of the others? You say that most of the game agrees, however if they did, the war mechanic would have been removed in the beta phase of this game. Furthermore, these downvotes that you keep complaining about is further proof that the game does not agree with you. 2. There is no defined "win-condition" of this game. While someone like you can say that your "win-condition" is to build as much score as possible, this may not be true for others. Others for example, may find that they define "win" as having military superiority over other groups (as politics seem to work in this game). 3. Mass accumulation of resources increases inflation of the number these resources, causing your "valuable" resources to become worthless. A true winning war may cost resources sure, however you will gain a resource advantage over your opponents by dealing more damage to them then they deal to you. If winning to you means to become the richest, having this advantage over the enemy will help with that objective. I believe that you should take the time to listen to "most of the game" and realize that your ideas are not agreed upon by most of the game. Thank you for your time, The Honourable Last Hope Lunaris
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    Bigger economies also have bigger upkeep costs so the idea that a larger economy matters is a bit ridiculous. Even if you try to argue that, larger alliances have larger economies. If you have more people you are going to have a larger tax base as well, so your entire point is moot. Tiering and nation count is what matters when determining military power. Your attempts to obfuscate and deflect are more transparent than you seem to think.
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    I promise you, you are not apart of the masses.
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    War is the balance. If there was no war, this would be sims. The name of this game is politics and war.... Cause and effect. Think of a waxed floor... If noone walks on it, it stays clean... But unused... Pointless. Yes you can look at it... But you could put something other than floor there in that case. So you wax a floor to protect it, so it can handle what comes its way... Eventually it needs some love... Eventually it needs more than just some love... So u strip it... Clean it.... Out with all the old grimey filth... Then once its clean... You wax it again... Rinse... Repeat.... Its beautiful.
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    This is a pretty good troll ngl, getting crazy responses as the embodiment of the pixel hugging strawman.
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    RIP the age of the minisphere... 7/04/19 - 16/04/19 Glad I'm on this side though!
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    I am not sure if it's right place if it's not please move it somewhere else. Prepare for bad grammar and complains. My main issue about this game is that too much relaying on community. Every interesting things which are happening currently in game it's up to players. This game is so dull rn that only community keeps it alive. It is sad that game doesn't make any significant progress. There is nothing to do in game rn. No interesting addition to nations or alliances like researches to get bonuses, something like that. Maybe new military unit to make next war more interesting? Idk Why not make something which force alliances to fight more often over some bonuses or sth. People don't fight too often because they don't have reason to burn pixels. How many times we can fight just for lolz or grudges? And maybe some small change from time to time in war mechanic to make every war more interesting? I don't expect huge changes but this game should be interesting itself. Right now, only community keeps me in this game. I really force myself to log in game. I spend more time at discord... Tell me what you think. I am old player not the oldest but totally bored with lack of new interesting content. And yeah I am free to play player so I am not feeling comfortable to criticise it but well...I don't see reason to support this game when I see such stagnation. I only support games which have constant progress. I am tired of trying entertain myself. I did many stupid things but I am feeling burnt out. Ehhh... I expect interesting new things in game. I saw pretty nice ideas in suggestions at forum from members and seems to be mostly ignored.
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    The Golden Guardians of the Grumpy Old Templars
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    @Will Grab a history and geography book before you swagger with your US highschool NPC knowledge.
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    Thats horribly inefficient and makes embargoes basically unenforceable trying to check 150 peoples embargoes. Members already have sovereignty by being able to vote with their feet, if they dont like the alliance policies they can leave. This is no different than being able to set an alliance tax rate. If thats your solution no one will ever do it and Embargoes will remain a pointless function of the game. Governments already control FA, and embargoes are an extension of FA. This is no different than how it would work in real life. The basis of this games are the alliance not the individual nations. They are citizens of an alliance and the alliance should be able to set "laws" so to speak. In game mechanical enforcement makes life easier and more engaging for the game.
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    Hello P&W, I am looking for a one-month contract in different alliance. I have joined this game for almost half year. Started in a micro called Eastasia , then merged into Rough Rider and started my IA gov life, smoothly moved on to Frontier Records as a HR manager. And now here I am. Looking for more experience in IA gov and hoping some of you will be interested in me. (Not excluded the possibility of extended contract) My time zone is in Asia, active 17 hours a day. I LOVE EXCEL.
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    Time to roll TFP again! PS: Surprise can prob nuke level his nation. Bidding starts at 110mil
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    That ghey. This is a true sjw, but the pnw version. Everyone who is aligned to TFP should drop them. You gain nothing from an ally that won't dedicate to a fight.
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    I dislike individuals who take advantage of those with good intentions that give chances and/or opportunities. You could've taken your licks and we would've moved on, but people took your word and you clearly admitted in this thread that you purposely lied to them about it. In fact, I'm suspicious of your intentions going into vacation mode. You got caught, zeroed, and were most likely going to get completely zeroed out, but you went into vacation mode to hide till the heat on you disappeared. It's clearly evident that you have the time to invest in this game by your replies here, and I suspect that SRD is correct in his assumption that you're merely abusing vacation mode mechanics. If you happen to join an alliance that will take your baggage, come for me.
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    This would've been fantastic if posted on April 1st and with Pfeiffer still in Mensa HQ.
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    This is why BK, Syndicate, and Mensa side is great~ Damn techies up in here.
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    Yes. Otherwise they'll find some other means if they really want to go through with it.
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    Title is the question. I think it would be best if this particular subject was clarified for the players here to understand. I would love to know considering I see someone in vacation mode, but is posting on the boards daily despite claiming going into vacation mode to get away from the game. We all know the game is obviously "played" on the boards here through the community.
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    You don't need alliance leaders to be able to force embargoes on your members, just have the alliance leaders instruct their members who to embargo. If you can't get your members to cooperate, kick them out of the alliance. I don't like the idea of taking away more sovereignty of individual players and putting it in the hands of the relatively few nations that control alliance governments.
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    Your alliance already has the ability to impose a tax rate on you without your consent, are we really making trading on foreign markets the hallmark of rugged individualism?
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    Thankfully. These alliances are smart enough to not waste resources and infra and money on something as petty as war, while destroying RP.
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    But why? War is a waste of time and money? It's easier and more fun to build and build.
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    You all are motherfricker !@#$es who can't seem to understand basic concepts.
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    Hello all. I've been playing for quite a while now, and have been in two alliances, Arrgh and TFP. While I was in arrgh, i raided. A lot. And while I got a little bit of cash, I lost a lot of soldiers and infrastructure. As well as gas, munitions, steel, and aluminum. It was so expensive and tedious that I left and joined a more peaceful alliance, Fighting Pacifists. Since I joined TFP, I have not raided once and have built up lots of infra. I've been chatting with my gov and thinking: Why do we need war? Don't you win the game by building up infra, cities, and projects? Sure, having a military (but not using it) helps a little, but ultimately I think war is overused and bad for this game. I'll explain why. 1. Roleplay If you are the leader of a real-life nation, you wouldn't be in non-stop wars with 5 people. You would be sittingback and building, as you should be in this game. Warring decreases your approval, something extremely crucial to how happy your simulated citizens are. This is a nation-sim, roleplay is important-and realistically, constant war isn't a part of real nation-running. 2. Winning The Game You win the game with the most score. Constantly losing it in war just decreases your score and makes you less powerful. I think if someone is truly the best, it is one with stacks of land and infra that doesn't war and racks up score. Not many people do this. I have 2K infra in each of my 7 cities and I'm very high score for my size because of it. 3. Getting rich War uses tons of money and resources. If you really want to be rich (you should, way better than war) , the best way is for you to just have tons of infra and commerce while producing resources and selling them for more cash. War uses valuable resources and makes you lose valuable infrastructure, which has to be paid for. Once it's over, even if you win, you realize how much you have lost. So, because of the reasons above, I send a message to all leaders: NO MORE WAR! Make the game something good with building up infra, land, resources, and cash. Have lots of treaties for defense if someone really is foolish enough to fight and waste time and money! Do more roleplay! Ultimately, war is pointless and not worth it. Would you rather constantly be destroyed and miserable, or rich and strong. Also, support my good ideas by upvoting. Thx DOWNVOTE FEATURE IS BEING ABUSED AND MUSt BE REMOVED. I think the war feature should be disabled. If you read my other thread, you know why it is awful for the game and destroys growth.Downvotes need to be turned off because people are downvoting my ideas and thoughts, and it is very disrespectful.Developers, please listen to the masses. Good idea. Then we don't have alliance wars, and more revenue. This would be in addition to no wars, ofc That is all. Please upvote to show support.
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