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    You obviously did not, because what you want, is not going to happen. We cant limit how many times 1 person can up ote/downvote a single person. We can limit how many upvotes/downvotes they can use in general, but that isnt going to stop them from downvoting you. A report was made, I decided that a general verbal warning in topic is more warranted than giving everyone, including you, warn points for rule violations. Silence the people who disagree with you and this proposal? I doubt Alex wishes to take down the reputation system and side with you, when you have been in the wrong in this topic as well. With notice, I'm temporarily locking this thread and discuss with the rest of the moderation team. This thread has turned into unnecessary arguments and the original topic isnt being discussed.
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    Hey there, My name is Jordan and I recently joined the game, I am 21 from the UK and I enjoy playing video games.
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    How does that relate to the statement
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    From the desk of Uncle Traveling Matt The best nation ever, Fraggle Rock Greetings Friends! It's been a while since we have given an update. This shouldn't take more than five minutes to read, and forty minutes to understand. So we're out of our nuke building phase soon. It's true, we can't do it anymore. You cheap bastards have cut off our funding and 700 nukes is fine. Thanks for the cash, giggles, and theft it took to get here. So what's next Fraggle? Great question. Since we are defined by what some consider the dumbest way to build, we are going in the opposite direction. That's right.... conventional build, with a giant pile of nukes in the basement. The power will be turned back on for the first time in three years. Banks and recycling plants will reopen the doors. No more living in the dark and filth we are currently in. We plan to join an alliance. An incredible offer was made for us to run a PR program. We plan to use Fraggle skills to accelerate growth and new opportunities. It's been fun doing nothing for years. Time to do slightly more while not burning the place down. Then again, it's Fraggle, we never go anywhere without matches. Many Hugs, Uncle Traveling Matt
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    Wow, after all of that cancerous reading from you makes me sound like I'm the bad guy and should be in a mental hospital? I think not! Also, who cares, welcome to the internet idiot, take Criticism or leave. Hope this cancerous thread gets locked due to my annoyance over a 4 year old child who doesn't know how to act their age.
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    You're right, it could be a Southpark reference.
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    >Kaiserreich >Nazi's Well boys, we've come to that point where we're labeling all German history as Nazi history. Sooner or later, we'll just say that all Germans are naturally, by default, Nazi's too.
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    Hello P&W, I am looking for a one-month contract in different alliance. I have joined this game for almost half year. Started in a micro called Eastasia , then merged into Rough Rider and started my IA gov life, smoothly moved on to Frontier Records as a HR manager. And now here I am. Looking for more experience in IA gov and hoping some of you will be interested in me. (Not excluded the possibility of extended contract) My time zone is in Asia, active 17 hours a day. I LOVE EXCEL.
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    The Brotherhood of the Clouds and The Federation proudly presents A Meme Competition! What is it? Its a meme competition where the top 3 winners will win a cash prize! Scared to lose your money? Yeah...I am too...just kidding. How does it work? A template will be selected by Kosta and I. To participate, you will deposit $1,000,000 in game money to the Bank of The Federation and send your meme to me on Discord. Participation is open to all. Except Kastor. He a bad man (is he even still around?). Participants are limited to 3 submissions. When and where? Submissions will begin immediately. Message me on Discord and I will send you the template. Participants will have 72 hours to make a submission. The competition will take place on the BoC Discord in the #meme-competition channel. How are winners chosen? Participants will be given a role on the BoC discord. Only participants can vote on submissions. Once submissions have completed, each submission will be posted in the channel for participants to vote. Winners cuts Participant with the most voted meme gets 60% of all money. Second place gets 30%. Third place gets 10%. How do I know this is legit? There will be a spreadsheet that tracks every submission. We don't keep any of they money. All of it goes to the winners. Click here to view the spreadsheet. Why are you doing this? Why not? Lets have some fun.
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    I have been working in Pantheon's government since June 17th of last year, when I was brought into the Foreign Affairs department. I refused all officer level positions until more recently, though I did high level FA and Milcom work either way. As some of you know, until today, I've been a Deity of Foreign Affairs, and Deity of Defense / Head of Counter Strike Force. I've stayed with Pantheon through good and bad, thick and thin, doing my job the best I could, regardless of differences of opinion. In fact, I came back to being active 2 weeks before Knightfall specifically to help Pantheon through the global war. It is simply the power of loyalty to the only alliance I've been a part of (other than my first 3 days in game, spent in Dark Brotherhood, before I rerolled, but that hardly counts, as I knew nothing about the game at all) that kept me doing my best for Pantheon, no matter what. I always said that if Pantheon started to look like it was REALLY going down hill in a bad way, I'd likely just quit the game. Government shake-ups were not enough. The ridiculous coup attempt was not enough, even when it looked like we were pretty screwed, with the leader in VM and no heir. Pantheon taking on a protectorate with a Nazi theme, even after our leader noted that they do like their Nazi and KKK themed memes, does seem to be enough. I'm still not exactly sure if I'm quitting the game for good, or simply ending my association with people that offer protection to Nazi sympathizers, but my time as an active player in Pantheon is certainly finished. To those I've faced in battle, no hard feelings. I was doing my job, and doing it well. The next time we meet, if it is in battle, it will not be for an organization that protects Nazi sympathizers, or even those who think that kind of thing is funny. To those I leave behind in Pantheon: Many of you are, I assume, good folk who have no idea what Reichspakt is about. You might want to find out. You're looking like Nazi sympathizers by proxy. You might do well to find an alliance that does not befriend and protect Nazi themed alliances based on the idea of a mid 1930s Germany that won the first world war.
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    Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Completely dependent on location of the world.
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    All of these sound alright, except the first one. I’m fairly certain that Alex doesn’t own the forum platform, just a forum on it. Of course, I am only assuming, but it sounds very difficult to code.
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    1). Adding a notification to the game whenever someone responds to a post you did in the forums. That way more people would take advantage of the forums. 2). Changing the Stadium city improvement to something else. Its not really an issue but it does bother me that the stadium city improvement doesn't affect the baseball mechanics whatsoever. Maybe changing its name to something like "Cinema" or "Mega Mall" IDK. I think I'm just being picky. 3). Adding a box on the trade screen that tells you the lowest being sold of an item and the lowest being bought for. This would save a lot of time for people who actively buy and sell recorces. 4). Adding a time cap of when you can reapply to the same alliance after quitting/getting kicked. I recently saw someone quit an alliance, have his alliance members declare war on him, and he rejoined the alliance so that 2 of the 3 defense war slots are filled then he declared war, so that the slots are filled beforehand. I think that is a bit of an exploit, don't ya think? Or maybe have the wars immediately resolved if you joined the alliance of the attacking nation.
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    Doesn't that describe his entire thread? Truly, my one downvote, my actual, genuine difference of opinion, was a challenge to his ego and thus, warranting an entire reputation war. All of which included a thread meant to condemn my actions, because clearly I should have known better than to disagree with almighty Duabyoo and It's quite apparent that I'm just some internet troll struggling with mental issues and deficiencies. Obviously, the downvote function was created for the sole purpose of trolling users rather than show genuine disagreement. At this point, we're all presumably defeated by Dubayoo's superior arguing abilities, after all, his name is resembling of the letter "W" cause he don't take no L's.
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    Ikr. Living in Montana, I died three times in a school shooting, got shot 10 times in my home, and was killed in the back alley just last night. All jokes aside, meh. Living in a high firearm per person state, I don't notice firearm crimes often. Sounds like a city problem to me.
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    Being a UK resident, I'm happy with the restrictions in place in my country however there remains periodic gun crime. I am glad I don't live in stateside, primarily due to the lack of regulation on gun control.
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    I'm going to be honest here I posted a ton of stupid shit when I first came to this game (due to ignorance of the rules) and was called out for it so I understand. I remember basically the entire alliance of Socialist International telling me to just shut up and keep my head down and never again post something so stupid on their forums. Live and learn is the Mayor way.
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    My comrade @Bariona Gador, Afrika Korps IA is open. Right now, it's me, Deus Vult, and my comrade Chingkee who are running internal affairs in our beloved korps. Come check us out! https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=4901 Be sure to join our discord and ping for Comrade Deus Vult. It's me.
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    Always was and always will be.
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    OH BABY A TRIPLE What if Christian getting couped had more to it than PIT reported? What if there's more layers to this? The original report on Christian *credits to PIT* More Details: Christian tried to coup ROUGE, and ROUGE ended up couping him. When reached for comment, he said "christan can take a dick and shove it up his ass" Here's a log he provided. I believe this log was in public chat of the original ET discord, which makes it topkek. Looks like The Federation isn't safe, especially when their bank info is..... LIVE FROM NEW YORK IT'S THURSDAY MY GUYS
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    seems you have taught him well
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    After skimming this thread, all I want to point out is that reputation doesn't do anything. Who cares if someone downvotes your post? It's not as if downvotes hide your content, filter it for other users, or sort it unpreferentially. If you don't like the reputation system, ignore it. It has no bearing on anything.
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    Ever notice the fact that the politicians who want to take ppls guns away claiming they dont need them, are surrounded by people with guns "for their protection"?
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    I want to be led by facts, not emotions, not "what ifs", not speculations. Seeing Reichspakt tells me it's a Kaiserreich fandom, which is a mod for Hoi4, based on the Kaiser leadership of Germany (before it went into fascism). However, seeing their leader with the literal nazi symbolism on his avatar in Discord - well, you can't avoid what his intentions were. To me, it's him instigating to get a rise out of people like you, those who are emotionally led. However, on the flip side, I now know based on the avatar, that this was as close as they could get without getting outright bans. Sheepy doesn't ban based off of Discord, since it's outside of his "jurisdiction". Next "best" thing is to do something that could teeter on that line, which is what we see. That doesn't excuse Pantheon government for working with them, because if they're in communication with them - it's pretty hard to avoid that chosen picture the leader of the alliance has. If they had just stuck to the whole Reichspakt theme, that's not Nazism. Just because it's German, doesn't automatically make it Nazism. But yes, I do agree with the original assessment from the OP now. To me it seems they're edgelords trying to avoid the ban hammer. So condemn them all you want.
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    If it was a strict German theme and people weren't wearing swastika avatars, then it'd be worth giving a pass to, but we've seen throughout the history of these games that an Imperial German theme can often can be a cover for Nazism. The Jewish reference and Swastika avatar are pretty telling as Manthrax pointed out. It generally seems like people are trying to get away with as much as possible either out of genuine affinity for the views or just to troll. The Iron Guard theme was pretty troubling as well(a group that killed Jews and put them on meathooks and skinned them alive) but was allowed simply due to most people not knowing much about Romania. We just need some consistency in policy here if we are to ban anything at all.
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    Neat. Good luck Zevfer. And, of course, congrats on freedom, Dynamic. I rip on Rose a lot but you guys pretty consistently keep things interesting.
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    Just because you dont like something doesn't make it Nazi themed or kkk related. If it is provide evidence, don't just go on a rant.
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    For anybody that isn't a loony toon, Reichspakt means Empire Pact or Imperial Pact. Just because somebody writes something in German doesn't mean it's Nazi related. Reich is a simple German word meaning Empire, just as Hund means Dog. Ich Liebre Dicht!
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    WOW. Theodosius has done his research. You know why? Because he is correct! Our alliance is not Nazi themed or any other racial theme. Our alliance, as quoted by the leader (Motky) and very very smart Theodosius, is themed around Hearts of Iron 4, where they is a mod called Kaiserreich, which is also why the leader role is called Kaiser. I can not believe the offensiveness portrayed against our alliance, due to people lacking any brain cells. I personally have family who have suffered from a dictatorship background, in Spain to be precise, and if I didn't see this today, goodness knows what stupidness could have been said here, if I had not made a statement. I WANT TO MAKE THIS CLEAR: BASED ON MY FAMILY EXPERIENCES I WOULD NEVER ACCEPT A NAZI OR ANY OTHER RACIAL THEMED ALLIANCE IN A GAME I LOVE PLAYING AND I CERTAINLY WONT INVOLVE MYSELF WITH ONE. Cthulu has no idea what happens on our server, as he HAS NOT JOINED IT, and if someone has been sending screenshots, please have the balls to tell me or my leader directly, and we WOULD HAPPILY give you history lessons as well as general gaming knowledge. Thank you Jason Escolano - FA at Reichspakt
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    Drop the rest of your shitty protectorates while you're at it and let the game do some spring cleaning.
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    @Alex Rose has been couped, would you be able to add me in as leader so I can fix this situation? Edit: Congrats tho Zevfer, have fun!
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    Honestly this would be immensely useful
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    :thinking: Um. Well, Jesus. I'm not quite sure what to comment on, from the salt, the lack of !@#$ given, or the fact that there's a gmail.com at the end of the username.
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    The Never Ending Story of Fraggle
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    I think they should be unrestricted & our constitutional right to bear arms should not be infringed upon.
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    @Alex if you are going to do this, can you at least give each person 2 seperate api keys, one for public apis (war, alliances/nations etc) and one for private apis (alliance members, bank)? I can't grant edit access to my sheets to anyone now because they'll just be able to open up the script editor and look directly at my api key, then use it to pull whatever private alliance api data they like.
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    Not all calls presently require a key and as such they are not tracked.
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    Well, it has been 12 months since the last one, methinks. I think it's that time of the year again. Sheepy's economic band aid fix in 3..2...
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    Good we’ll be able to war for years with prices this cheap.
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    Nuclear powered T-Rex... brap
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    I said I don’t have a problem with new alliances or posters as long as they know what they are doing. You can be gov in a decent sized alliance before creating an alliance and watch the forums for a while before posting to pick up on how people work on here. If I said I don’t have a problem with new players making alliances the day they join the game then I’d be lying.
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    You are 'owned' as you say, by your own hubris, perhaps you ought join Pantheon, they are greek themed, no? Greek heroes often fall because of hubris, you see, thus my suggestion. It may take a disgusting, and awful person to truly believe that another person should be lesser to, and subjugated by him because of mere skin color. It also, however, takes a monstrosity of a person, to believe that the lives and liberties of people should be ended forthwith at his whim, will and reason, merely because they do not agree with him. The former is the basis to start slavery. The latter, genocide. You may not want genocide. Racists may not want slavery. But if you will judge them, and their right to live, on what their ideas, and beliefs, may become, it is only fair the same be done for you. Whatever your political and philosophical stance may be, i daresay, this is one case where most ought be able to agree - you should have listened Nietzsche. I am afraid my friend, you spent so long fighting the monsters without a mirror held to your face,that you became just another species of their kind. Racists are awful, but, frankly, so aren't people like you. You should be called out for what you believe, and looked down on for it, just as much as the others you have pointed to here. I do hope this answered your question, if this explanation was not detailed enough, you need only ask.
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    It does, thank you for the brief but informative elucidation, Thalmor.
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    It is good to have made some progress, even if it had to fade quickly. I suppose it would be some time then before it ends, be sure to never close your mind to the possibilities, and remind old friends and old enemies of the same. This is strange, i feel almost like Iroh now.
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    Desuran reporters coming in live, from the Holy Land, an interview with the Templar Knights trying to retake Jerusalem...
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    You don't respect people who don't deserve it, eh? Boy your self esteem must be at whole new lows.
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