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    I have come by to just say this tfw ur mum is a This was all made in good intention and satire with no meaning to offend any party, aka I consent to be given a warning point uwu
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    HEY! leave us shit micro alliances alone.
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    Or we should start thinking stats have been removed for another reason?
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    >not another irrelevant micro >protected Ok This isn’t a “Golden Horde” thing, this is Hippo’s biggest pet peeve thing. Most of the major AAs in this game have no standards with just accepting anybody who asks for a Protectorate tie, and yet quite a lot of people in random chats and back channels want to claim the game is dead due to stagnation moments - mostly caused by an inflation of AAs and dumb treaties. The fact that any major AA is willing to protect alliances that 1) Have no real membership, 2) No valued experiences, 3) Are not willing to defend themselves, or 4) Have no direction - is causing this game to be inflated with irrelevant AAs that simply just end up as some other AAs tool. And yet when those AAs get involved with some of the major backroom politics, they realize they’re not ready for it and make requests to others to bail them out. Hell, even some of the major AAs out there have shit gov/leadership. Players too scared or lazy, or simply have no idea how to handle their own issues.
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    It's a 3 man micro that doesn't reach 2k score. What is there to protect?
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    >Vacant >Vacant >Vacant >Vacant Why is Syndicate protecting this?
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    Old news, I've seen the anime ads... Not enough small cute animals for me to join
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    Merry Christmas! Ho-Ho-Ho!
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    They did the first time I looked at them *shrug* Why do you seem so angry and upset? You may not care, but BK does, and if you become a problem they'll drop you before fighting a major alliance over your attitude here. Is there a reason you're so upset and vitriolic? Also for fun, someone put this in our discord. Now I'm not saying I'm great and amazing, but there is a certainly a disparity here that you sit down and consider. Some people take time and great effort in planning these things, rather than flailing around from day one and surviving based on as much luck as judgement. When my alliance is as old yours it will be one of two things. Either in the top 20, or non existent. Shitty micros are the ones that exist for nearly a year and barely move from their starting spot.
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    Whot's serious comments doin' here? Make this one walk the plank!
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    I want to make it clear, the Paradise Bloc has been disbanded, defunked. It no longer exists. The bloc was disbanded for multiple reasons, and we do not harbor any I'll feelings to AD, the Isle wishes AD luck in their future FA prospect, however we decided it was best we went our seperate ways. We wanted different things, and we learned that our goals just do not add up together, and instead of holding AD back on its goals they wanted to pursue, we disbanded the bloc. RR and TI are still allies, however we already had a seperate treaty with RR and due to RR understanding our position, they agreed it was for the best, and the rest is known.
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    Kinda hard to nuke someone without a Nuclear Research Facility
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    Pretty hypocritical that you guys are screaming about how great sovereignty and peace is while behind the scenes you guys have been trying to forcibly "annex" *cough poach* nations with threats of war. I'll look out for your guys' Declaration of Disbandment in the coming two weeks.
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    In a world where villains have grown in popularity and strength, the world cried out for heroes. One hero stood up amongst the sea of chaos, and fought to bring justice to all. His name, was All might, and he became the Symbol of Peace. With his passing as a hero, the villains of the world grew emboldened. The world that the Symbol of Peace had built, now faced a danger long since forgotten. To combat this danger, a new organization would be formed, and it would be named the League of Heroes. We hereby announce the creation of an alliance of heroes, henceforth known as, the League of Heroes. The League of Heroes vow to uphold the integrity and resolve befitting that of a hero, to protect and defend its members and allies from unjust assaults, to help it's heroes(old and new) grow over the course of their service, and to build a world that all can call home. Symbol of Peace: SamohT Protector of Peace: Vacant Chairman of Studies and Development: Vacant Chairman of Resource Procurement: Vacant Chairman of Investigation: Spectre Chairman of Combat and Protection: Vacant Treaties Protectorate: The Syndicate (Click on the image to join our dicord server!)
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    Adding onto what Scarf said. Is there anything the community could do to help? Im sure there are people who would be willing to. If it's just a matter of this being a busy time of year could you just reopen the stats as they were until you have the time to work on it? What was there before was great and some stats are better than none.
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    AD doesnt protect bombadier and the only guy left is not in range and is already has a war declared by our members.
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    It is no surprise your still the stuck up !@#$ who rage quits everytime she doesnt get her way. Classic Eva move. You havent done anything to improve the RP. All you have done is rage quit, reset, rage quit, reset, rince and repeat. I use to think you were a good RPer and then in a day you shown your true side and started this cycle of rage quitting/resetting the map and trying once again to control every player in the RP. Your a quitter and a sore loser. You are one of the problems of this RP and then blame everyone else, eventhough you are the main contributor to the problems of the RP. Tl;dr you once again shown you are too incompetent to RP with others. How about you quit RPing with people since you cant handle not being in control over every aspect of the community.
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    Not really pretending when we all knew she was going to rage quit when she didnt get to bully everyone into submission
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    It's my dream to one day declare a war and have cessation or protectorates as a peace term
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    Forums sure have been lit the last few days though
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    if there was ever a time for a cultural victory
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    Keep up the good work, guys.
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    It will be funny if this is the first war to start in one year and end in another year.
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    Having two protectors is pathetic. Having two from different spheres sounds like crafting a VG style copout of a conflict we know is coming. I'd agree with Buor here, but i don't. He doesn't go far enough. You're just pixel-hugging cowards, honestly. Hope you actually get rolled for it too.
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    Just hard cap cities at 40. Should have done it before people went over 30. Or alternatively, delete all cities over 30 and refund them. That would piss people off tho, but thats never stopped you before lol.
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    I actually could get behind this.
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    May we be forgiven for our sins! Please show us mercy Ayy Lmao!
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    Greenpeace is actively trying to stop CoS's Whaling efforts.
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    ~•Treaties and Foreign affairs•~ For Diplomatic relations, Market sharing & Treaty Talks contact The Grand War Chief or The Emperor Non-chaining Mutual Defense Pact - United Hoods Non-chaining Mutual Defense Pact - United Nations of Culture Non-chaining Mutual Defense Pact - The Federation Peace Intel & Trade Treaty - Omega Peace Intel & Trade Treaty - Celestia •Protectorates, Vassals & Independent Warbands• The White Horde - Standard Protectorate •Temporary NAPs• Diplomatic - none Peace agreements - Blackstone Legion (expires august 1st) •Trade Networks• The Silk Road ** - all treaty information and web is correct as of july 15th, 5am UTC (12am CST|EDT / 1am CDT / 7am Egypt & Cush time / 12pm Qin Imperial Standard Time / 1pm Ulaanbaatar & beijing time / 2pm Tokyo time)
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    thanks for being stupid enough to post this again instead of just talking about it with sheepy. i'm glad you're enough of a manchild to set up the cross and throw yourself on it while screaming obscenities at god himself
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    btw you don't have to protest the ruling to talk to sheepy about how to make your post more appropriate for the forums but i think you knew that
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    I'm not really sure what you're trying to accomplish here, if you know that this is against the rules, and you just had a 2 day suspension over it, I don't know what you're expecting besides another lock and another warn point. I stand by what I said; there's enough sexism in the world already, and we don't need to tolerate it here. You don't have to use the forums, and if this is what you're going to use them for, I don't think you should. Also, just noticing this bit: I don't really see how women are displayed in-game at all, and I'm also not sure why you would say that I am a "known creep" either. But I guess it's whatever you have to say to sell your righteous, triumphant revolution on the forums, eh?
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    inb4 bullshit excuses why all of these don't matter, how they prove nothing, and how they're not a valid CB.
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    Well.. Cheers mate? Rip Crimson, dunno if they deserved this, but it's chill. Good luck, god knows you'll probably need it.
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    Declaration of Secession The people of the Social Democrat party having suffered under the hands of an oppressive, corrupt and rigged government. Having suffered at the hands of a tax system which benefits the rich and only the rich, hereby secede from The Crimson Entente and cut all political bands with said community. We hereby form the alliance of Bombardier and declare its independence. Alliance Flag: Alliance Name: Bombardier Additional Notes: We are ready to expand our diplomatic relations Alliance Link: https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=5221 Constitution: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1zkYqLols6vllbMfB1B2WhGnAxSY7mo0Tk2b8q7Lxh1Y/edit?usp=sharing
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    ALLIANCE CATEGORIES Alliance of the Year: rose Most Powerful Alliance: Grumpy Old Bastards Best Military: Fark Best Rookie Alliance: Esquire Templar (hehe) Best Flag: none chosen Best War Flag: none chosen Most Active Alliance: none chosen Most Honourable Alliance: Animation Domination Most Improved Alliance: God Fury Best Diplomatic Team: Black knights Best Economic System:the syndicate Best Recruiting Staff: none chosen Best Propaganda Staff: none chosen Best Alliance Growth: none chosen Best Forums: none chosen Alliance Most Likely to Succeed in 2019: none chosen Most Immoral Alliance: none chosen Most Controversial Alliance: the illuminati Best Alliance for New Players: none chosen Most Missed Alliance for 2018: none chosen Best Re-started/Re-branded alliance of 2018: none chosen PLAYER CATEGORIES Player of the Year:none chosen Most Powerful Player: none chosen Best Alliance Leader: none chosen Most Controversial Player: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=102157 Best Player Sig: none chosen Best Player Avatar: none chosen Best OOC Poster:none chosen Best IC Poster:none chosen Nicest Player: nonce chosen Funniest Player:none chosen Most Active Player: none chosen Player Most Likely to Achieve Greatness in 2019: none chosen Best New Addition to the Community: none chosen COMMUNITY CATEGORIES Best Wall of Text: (provide a link) none chosen Best P&W Forum Topic: (provide a link) none chosen Biggest Controversy: none chosen Funniest Event: none chosen Most Entertaining Discord Channel(Please don't include Slack): none chosen Best Treaty Announcement: (provide a link)none chosen Best Declaration of War: (provide a link) Biggest Meme: none chosen Largest E-Peen: none chosen Best Villain: none chosen Most Hated Poster: none chosen Most Missed Player (Player that has gone inactive/quit):none chosen WORST CATEGORIES Worst Alliance of the Year:black knights Worst Military of the Year: new pacific order Worst Diplomatic Move: The Illuminati joining the great war Most Inactive Large Alliance: esquire templar Alliance Most Likely to Fail in 2019: Nuclear Knights Worst Player of the Year: none chosen Worst Princess of the Year: none chosen Worst Alliance Leader of the Year: none chosen Worst Treaty of the Year: (provide a link) none chosen Worst Forum Poster:nonne chosen Worst Nation Setup:none chosen Worst Fighters of the Year (must have fought in 2018😞 esquire templar Alliance Most Likely to get Rolled in 2019: rose
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    Stop talking tough and swing already so I can see you get your teeth knocked in by Animation Domination for having so very little respect for their protection. You're not any of the relevant alliances in this game for whom AD is probably not even known. Rule #1 of being a micro, watch yourself.
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    EGYPTIAN EMPIRE RECOGNITION OF HOSTILITIES AGAINST EMPYREA, ARRGH. Whereas, Empyrea, Arrgh, has committed repeated acts of war against the members of the Egyptian empire. Therefore, be it resolved by military force, that the state of war between the Egyptian empire and Empyrea, Arrgh, Which has been thrust upon the Egyptian empire, has been formally recognised; and that the Pharaoh, Vizier of military, Nobles of military, is hereby authorising the entire military forces to ensure the protection of the Empire to ensure the enemies' resources Are completely depleted. Signed, El Chach, Wayuu - Pharoah Of The Egyptian Empire Ryan I, Republic Of Rumalia - Head Of Millitary Affairs at Egyptian Empire.
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    Keelan Kyle for most hated player on Politics and War
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    Yeah this was a waste of time. Bye.
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    Bombardier Denounces The Crimson Entente Bombardier, a peaceful alliance, was attacked by The Crimson Entente. This is simply a retaliation for our victory in the Independence War and an attack on our sovereignty. I say to them, if you want it, Come Get it. We will not hand over our sovereignty to any corrupt alliance, dictator, prince or potentate. We hereby denounces the actions of TCE as they go against our peaceful nature and also contribute to the global conflict.
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