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    It's a 3 man micro that doesn't reach 2k score. What is there to protect?
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    >Vacant >Vacant >Vacant >Vacant Why is Syndicate protecting this?
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    When your alliance is full of strong nations who would never give up sovereignty but recruit nations who are weak and would give up sovereignty into your alliance
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    Old news, I've seen the anime ads... Not enough small cute animals for me to join
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    Why do so many top alliances protect so many shit micros all over town. It's a mystery that shall never be known.
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    This reminds me of The Illuminati 2.0 Shit alliance that thinks they can do something extraordinary.
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    Kinda hard to nuke someone without a Nuclear Research Facility
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    If you look even closer, *you* are a shit micro alliance Edit: Also the person you sent that to was from Nova Riata so like...
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    Pretty hypocritical that you guys are screaming about how great sovereignty and peace is while behind the scenes you guys have been trying to forcibly "annex" *cough poach* nations with threats of war. I'll look out for your guys' Declaration of Disbandment in the coming two weeks.
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    Keep up the good work, guys.
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    It will be funny if this is the first war to start in one year and end in another year.
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    Great articles. Beautiful site. Home of the best entertainment network, Great Job! Worldwide. What’s not to love?
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    Having two protectors is pathetic. Having two from different spheres sounds like crafting a VG style copout of a conflict we know is coming. I'd agree with Buor here, but i don't. He doesn't go far enough. You're just pixel-hugging cowards, honestly. Hope you actually get rolled for it too.
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    So, Syndi protectorate and BK protectorate? Why not get Grumpy to sign as well?
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    rofl, this is so fricking stupid.
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    If you're watching this, you must disband your respective alliance and join BK.
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    Just hard cap cities at 40. Should have done it before people went over 30. Or alternatively, delete all cities over 30 and refund them. That would piss people off tho, but thats never stopped you before lol.
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    AYY LM4O - The forth yearly celebration Fashionably two hours late Leo forgot to do this, this has upset Ayylah, in order to appease him i commence the start of the 4th annual ayy lm4o celebration, all weapons including cl... wrong thing. Let the memes rain Orbis! @Biel get city 19
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    I actually could get behind this.
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    Here is our 2 degree Treaty web ~*Severely outdated
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    Mods are now deleting responses to the question of why you didn't just talk to the Admin? Laughable.

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