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    I don't think this has really been stated publicly yet, but we feel that as an alliance, it’s about time we came forward with this. This is going to be a rather long post, apologies ahead of time. Camelot has never held a reputation to be “jealous” of; we’ve been known to be one of the more “immature” alliances. Camelot was started from the ground up, by members that much of the game already disliked or shunned. Over time, we grew a niche under BK/IQ where we would essentially attack who they asked, but we also attacked on our own whims. BK protected us and as long as we did what they asked we had significant free reign, with negligible consequences. In GW14 we helped IQ initially, backed their storyline and defended them. They were our allies, and quite frankly, our only means of survival at that point in time. As the leader of Camelot, I feel it is time to apologize sincerely for the actions that I, my government, and any of my members took. Looking back, we should have recognized the red flags and taken a more stoic stance on ending the war earlier. For not doing that, and contributing to the irreparable harm that carrying on has caused many alliances and the community, I am truly sorry. PnW lost a lot of amazing people. The game lost a significant amount of players, but most importantly, community members. To those who have turned away from the game with no chance of return due to our actions, I apologize deeply. To the alliances that we had forced to fight for almost a year straight, I truly wish we could have ended that war earlier. However, I have the utmost respect for those who were able to keep their communities strong and stable throughout that. We owe the survival of this game and community to people like you and your members. To the alliances like North Point, who we screwed over and plotted against, I hope we can make it up to you and move forward. To those we are working with and have given us a second chance, I can’t find a way to put how grateful I am into words. When IQ left, they asked us to leave the game with them, but we refused. We did not expect at any point that our actions would ever be forgotten. Or that they would be forgiven overnight, instead we began changing our focus internally. We hope that if we can change ourselves for the better, everyone would recognize our effort and over time, we could heal the wounds created by our actions and forge a brighter path in the future. So once again I, and the entirety of Camelot, am truly sorry for those our actions have affected.
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    From the Desk of Gobo Fraggle The Best Nation Fraggle Rock Greetings Friends!! It's been fun. Many Hugs, Gobo Fraggle
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    Hello everyone, If I were to create some sort of international body of nations (think: United Nations) in which players could (voluntarily) join and participate in voting on resolutions and other such international affairs, what might such a body be called? In a nutshell, I'm looking for suggestions for what we would call our United Nations or World Assembly if something like that was implemented in this game. Please post your suggestions as replies, and if you see a suggestion you like, please "Upvote" it so I can somewhat gauge support. Thank you!
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    During these troubling times, Hedge Money has been working hard to stay in contact. During one of our regular Zoom meetings, a strapping young lad hacked into our call. Before we could work out how to remove the intruder, he regailed us of his plan. He told us of the enormous amounts of wealth and hedges in the holy land and his desire to capture them once again. We were intrigued and confused but we brought him on board! Preamble The Knights Templar enter into treaties of mutual defense with Guardian, Grumpy Old Bastards and Children of the Light. Article 1: Money Grows on Hedges Should someone try to interrupt our hedge money growing scheme, the signatories shall eliminate the weeds. Article 2: Money Talks The Signatories agree that if they gain any insider trading knowledge, to inform the other signatories so they can also benefit from the profits. Article 3: It’s Just Business If profits from this scheme are not satisfactory for a signatory, they may withdraw relations from another signatory giving 72 hours notice. Guardian Memph Vanek Children of the Light Kev Hodor Akuryo Keegoz Grumpy Old Bastards Sweeet Ronny D Knights Templar Denison
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    Currently the only person who works closely with Alex and give advice on changes/updates (that I know of) is Prefontaine. My proposal is to extend that to a good-sized group of well-known and respected players who will give honest and constructive input on new changes to the game. This'll help with the issues of last update and controversy over recent rule changes and allow ordinary players from a variety of backgrounds to give their input directly to Alex before misguided new changes come out. stolen from @Vein
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    Dear Little Keegoz, I’m going out to grab some milk. I’ll be back...maybe. In the meantime, be careful when you answer the door. There’s an odd fellow without a nose who keeps trying to get into our plumbing. He keeps going on and on about ‘Needing to create leaks’. Must be a plumber out of a job or something. Anyways, don’t let him in. A while back the same guy broke into Aunt Adrienne’s house, flooded the whole bathroom after he took a dump and then proceeded to lie to her about it while he was standing in his own shit water. Anywho, I’ll leave a $20 bill on the counter for dinner. You’re the man of the house while I’m gone. See you soon Little Keegoz. Love, Papa Kev
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    Hello everyone! I am happy to announce that we’ve got a decent sized update here, with a lot of new content and some balancing changes. Here’s what’s just been implemented: A link to the world graphs "Data Visualization" page has been added to the sidebar under the World heading The nation Score formula has been changed. This will tighten war ranges and align score determinants more with their actual gameplay value Score per City increased from 50 -> 100 (after City #1) Added a base +10 Score to everyone Changing military unit score to be closer to actual value: Soldiers: 0.0005 -> 0.0004 each Tanks: 0.05 -> 0.009 each Aircraft: 0.5 -> 0.2 each Ships: 2 -> 0.75 each Score from Missiles and Nuclear Weapons are capped at 50 each (the 51st Missile or Nuclear Weapon will not add to your nation score.) The "unraidable" money limit for nations has been increased from $100,000 -> $1,000,000 Ground Control has been changed. It no longer blocks your opponent from using 1/3 of their air force. Instead, once Ground Control has been established, all subsequent Ground Battles will destroy some of your opponent's Aircraft (based on the number of Tanks you send in battle.) This makes Ground Units somewhat of a counter to a superior air force Aircraft rebuys have been changed from 1/6 daily to 1/5 daily to be in-line with Tanks and Ships. Hangars' max capacity has been reduced from 18 -> 15, but the daily purchase of 3 Aircraft per Hangar remains the same. This standardization of military units will make the game less confusing, and make losing your Aircraft less punishing. Raw resource production has been changed to standardize some improvement quantities. In the future, we may increase the maximum bonus % from maxing out an improvement type in a city depending on how this change impacts supply. Bauxite and Iron Mines increased from a maximum of 6 -> 10 Coal Mines and Oil Wells reduced from a maximum of 12 -> 10 Uranium Mines increased from a maximum of 3 -> 5 Four (4!) New National Projects have been added to the game Recycling Initiative Requirements: Center for Civil Engineering Project Effect: Recycling Centers' pollution reduction is increased from 70 -> 75. Max recycling centers per city is increased from 3 -> 4 Cost Cash: $10,000,000 Food: 100,000 Green Technologies Requirements: City Planning and Space Program Projects Effect: Pollution caused from refining resources is reduced by 25%. Pollution from farms is reduced by 50%. Subways pollution reduction is increased from 45 to 70. Upkeep from resource production is reduced by 10% Cost Cash: $100,000,000 Food: 250,000 Aluminum: 10,000 Iron: 10,000 Steel: 10,000 Pirate Economy Requirements: Propaganda Bureau Project. Must have a combined 50 wars in "Wars Won", "Wars Lost" stats Effect: Increase maximum offensive war slots from 5 -> 6 Cost Cash: $10,000,000 Munitions: 10,000 Aluminum: 10,000 Gas: 10,000 Steel: 10,000 Telecommunications Satellite Requirements: City Planning, Space Program, International Trade Center Projects Effect: Commerce is increased in all cities by 2%. Maximum Commerce rates are increased by 10% in each city from 115% to 125%. Cost Cash: $300,000,000 Uranium: 10,000 Aluminum: 10,000 Iron: 10,000 Oil: 10,000 Adjustments have been made to casualty rates. They have been calibrated based on the percentage of your daily rebuy of units that can be killed (assuming an equal city opponent, both sides having maxed-out military.) so that is how I will present the changes. Note: These are averages (expected values) given that there is a lot of randomness in battle results. Avg Soldiers Killed in a Ground Battle: 80% -> 25% Avg Tanks Killed in a Ground Battle: 30% -> 40% Avg Aircraft Killed in an Airstrike (not dogfight): 59% -> 29% Avg Ships Killed in a Naval Battle: 120% -> 53% Airstrikes on Units Soldiers Killed Airstrike: 43% -> 25% Tanks Killed Airstrike: 43% -> 14% Ships Killed Airstrike: 41% -> 34% Aircraft Killed Airstrike (Dogfight): 83% -> 53% Aircraft Killed by Tanks in a Ground Battle: 0% -> 42% (only after Ground Control has been established) That’s a lot of stuff! I imagine there will be a lot of outcry and harsh initial reactions (per usual) but I think you’ll find that all of these changes together should leave the game feeling less punishing and overall more uniform and balanced. We of course always want to take your feedback into consideration, and rest assured that we are always making updates to the game, adding content, etc. so if you’re not happy with how things are currently, they will change eventually. My next priority is refactoring some of the domestic aspect of the game. Specifically, I have some new mechanics I’d like to introduce, including Average Life Expectancy, Unemployment, Environment, Culture, Science, Tourism, and more. But more on that later, it’s just a teaser for the future!
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    This is a nice message and all, Arthur, but as members of your gov were still publicly defending IQ and continuing to push their party lines and falsehoods only two days ago, it's hard for me to see this as anything other than an insincere attempt to quiet those who are still upset with you guys and your actions after last war, especially as you continue to create issues and cause offense in other ways as well.
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    Global Alliance and Treaty Organization - Governance Inaugural Assembly Chairman: JMKeynes (JMKeynes#7172) Inaugural Vice-Assembly Chairman: CRV24 (Crv24#3514) Inaugural Minister of Foreign Affairs: ComradeV (ComradeV#6086)[/align] Inaugural Minister of Domestic Affairs: Makaan (Onatopp Comrade#6225)[/align] Inaugural Minister of Defense: Harrison McCord (Blake#6395) Inaugural Minister of Finance: Armen Yao (Armen#1085) Treaty of Protection Pre-ramble: Being a new kid on the block Global Alliance and Treaty Organiszation needs some bigger kids to help ward off the scary kids. In saying that, check it out; I - Don't be a dick: the signatories agree the asshattery won't be tolerated. If something happens, let's get it sorted. II - We Got your back: Ampersand agrees to defend the little'un Global Alliance and Treaty Organiszation, be it military, diplomatic or resources. III - Join the fray: If Ampersand gets into a scrap, then Global Alliance and Treaty Organiszation may also throw down. IV- Intel: the Global Alliance Secret Intelligence Service agrees to share stuff if it relates to Ampersand. Ampersand agrees to do likewise. Signed Global Alliance and Treaty Organiszation JMKeynes - Assembly Chairman Crv24 - Vice Assembly Chairman Ampersand Alexio15 - Trium HannaH - Trium Kiloist - Trium
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    Oh, are we going to get an alliance affairs post every time an alliance boots a member now?
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    Nations of Orbis, After more than 14 years on Planet Bob, The Legion recognizes the next step in its long and storied history is to establish a community on Orbis. It is my pleasure to announce our Declaration of Existence, executed by the first Legion government on Orbis as listed below. We join Orbis in the spirit of friendship and brotherhood and look forward to starting our next chapter with all of you. The Legion will be protected by House Stark. We want to thank House Stark for welcoming us into their community as we got our feet wet on Orbis and are grateful for the assistance they have given us thus far. We look forward to sharing a strong bond with House Stark long into the future as our alliance matures and grows beyond protectorship. Please stop by our Discord channel and say hello, we don't bite. Imperator Lord Windmark Proconsul Totem Consul of Defense Penultidodo Consul of Economics happy5214 Consul of Foreign Affairs David Ben-Gurion Consul of Internal Affairs Istandor
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    Hey Patrick. I'm trying not to dive too deep into these threads as I haven't made my mind up on what to think of them just yet. That said, I saw your comments think it'd help dialogue for me to respond. t$ definitely has grievances it has not forgotten, with camelot, but also with a few other alliances who fought alongside you and still remain. We opted to end the war rather than push when the NPO crumbled because the war had gone on long enough, in a way that just wasn't good or fun for a majority of the game anymore. As arthur acknowledged in his post however, forgiveness is a process which is going to take a lot more time and a lot more effort than what we've seen so far. Arthurs thread could be a good first step, if it's followed up on. If it's not followed up on, it will probably end up being seen as hollow rhetoric for brownie points. As to your post- I personally (and with me, I think a lot of t$) do draw a distinction between the "soldiers" who were not involved in executive decision making, and the leadership which repeatedly made the call to support not just political actions, but also behavior which became increasingly shitty on both IC and OOC levels. Having been involved in the peace process on the other end, I can confirm that the terms were not just extreme, but the process surrounding the terms was designed to be unpleasant as possible for the individuals on the other side. Certain figures on your side went on a power trip. There is not really another way to describe it. A lot of resentment stems from that. Now, there's a general awareness that IQ witheld a lot of information from IQ members, and even from IQ peripheral government while simultaneously trying to prevent their actions from being publicized by threatening the other side: If we shared our interactions with IQ, that'd lead to additional terms. This created a dynamic where you went about your day fighting with the understanding that "COALITION A BAD, DOES NOT WANT TO SURRENDER, IQ MAN GOOD". It's something you (members) can not be faulted for. Initially. IQ's behavior came to light toward the end of the war. Many refused to acknowledge it and even fewer acted on that acknowledgement. "defeating" us (which, by definition of IQ gov boiled down to eliminating us/pushing as many of us out as possible by keeping the war going) took precedence over decency. Now, post-war, more yet has come to light and a majority of the stuff IQ did (yes, not all is public yet even now) is public record. Yet still, there are elements within ex-IQ who remain unapologetic and continue to whitewash their actions. That is why camelot (among other alliances) is given a hard time. George and Arthur are held held (partially) accountable for camelot's decision(s) to support IQ, and as I said, this thread could be a small first step to addressing that, if followed up. Unfortunately, Epi's behavior to date floors any credibility Arthur's heartfelt post may have. The excuse that "some people take longer to adjust" does not really fly when the only adjustment needed is to "stop defending shitty actions". I suppose, as an official reaction from t$ to the OP: @Azazel @King Arthur - I think you guys already knew where t$ stood prior to last night, given our private interactions over the past 3 months. If you want to move forward, i'm willing to talk and you're free to dm me. Until I see more however, I remain sceptic.
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    Hedge Money invested a lot of time and money into our virtual communication methods during quarantine. However, someone *glares at SRD* forgot to put in place a defense against malware. We continue to give our best efforts to protect our assets against these intrusive threats. Hedge will monitor these attac-....oh dear God.... WARNING!: BREACH! WE HAVE A BREEEE *static*.....VANEK, WHER- *static* YOUR PANTS??? *static* DENISON FOR TH- *static* -OVE OF *static* ST- *static* EATING GLUE! KEEGOZ! FLIP THE OFF SWITCH! HURRY! THEY'RE GETTING THROU- *static* GAHHHHHHHH GOD HELP US!!! *static* Preamble Error 404 enter into treaties of mutual defense with Guardian, Knights Templar, Grumpy Old Bastards and Children of the Light. Article 1: Money Grows on Hedges Should someone try to interrupt our hedge money growing scheme, the signatories shall eliminate the weeds. Article 2: Money Talks The Signatories agree that if they gain any insider trading knowledge, to inform the other signatories so they can also benefit from the profits. Article 3: It’s Just Business If profits from this scheme are not satisfactory for a signatory, they may withdraw relations from another signatory giving 72 hours notice. Guardian Memph Vanek Children of the Light Kev Keegoz Grumpy Old Bastards Sweeeeet Ronny D Error 404 Basebond borg Knights Templar Denison
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    If I tell you that UPN is unforgivable so long as they continue to follow their deplorable and morally bankrupt leadership and that for this they deserve nothing other than complete destruction, you might try to use that information against me. So I won't tell you that UPN is unforgivable so long as they continue to follow their deplorable and morally bankrupt leadership and that for this they deserve nothing other than complete destruction.
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    What if this is NPO's revenge. What if this is Roquentin's great return. What if NPO is coming to an alliance near you! NPO has setup a return to glory. While deleting all their nations, they sought the ultimate goal: total domination. They used affliates they met online to contact Drew Durlin, the legendary YouTube. Drew, while getting a good amount of views was running out of content ideas and needed ideas for a boost. He was eagerly taking any advice when the NPO affiliate contacted him, under the guise of helping, he lured Drew into making a video, knowing it would result in the massive boost in gameplay, which is what Roquentin wants. Under the guise of Drew, alliances opened their flood gates, former enemies soon welcomed in 15, 20, 30 members into their humble ranks. These are the NPO agents mixed with the newcomers. Their goal is to destroy alliances from within, growing their nations and taking government positions. All to lure everyone under their abode. Once they get the majority of alliances under their control, their plan is to take all the resources, bring in Goons and BK and destroy alliances. They will destroy discords, kick members, and bombard the veterans as they take over the game. Then, they will destroy and keep down any who don't do as they wish. If you thought the last war was bad, the new age is frightening. These words do not represent the view of me, my alliance, or any of our allies. I, and my alliance, deny these allegations and consider it satire.
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    In response to an incident surrounding a Children of the Light member, Lucari Paopia, who has been implicated in creating a nation then going inactive over lack of interest in the game. In addition, information was supplied that this member also planned on abandoning Children of the Light by going inactive and not applying on our discord, merely ingame. Quoting the holy scripture, "Section 4, Article 11, Ordinance 2(A) //// Inactivity, either against Children of the Light or The Enlightenment, is laziness in the first degree. If we get around to it, bannination will ensue" The following announcement has since been made to the member, the membership of Children of the Light, and the leadership of the aligned Hedge Bloc Alliances: We (CotL government) have been sent screenshots, FULL screenshots regarding this current issue implicating a member, Lucari Paopia, with addition of ones about his "plan" which was meant to be a dead nation he paid no attention to. Additionally, he has been in some shady spots recently, and thus have become kinda shady, an alliance-titled "inactive applicant" and a liability to Children of the Light as a whole. This could have been CotL-wide issue over inactivity, and that's simply unacceptable. We wish him the best, but to quote him in one of the received screenshots, Children of the Light is "just here for my inactive nation to rot in". Due to these reasons, Children of the Light government is hereby effectively terminating him as an applicant, and he will be removed from the Children of the Light Alliance immediately. Signed: Nobody, I'm just doing what the cool kids do and making OWF posts about removing members The Children of the Light Government would also like to thank the community members who cooperated in our investigation into this matter by supplying relevant information and screenshots, helping us to this swift and final decision.
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    "Aircraft Killed by Tanks in a Ground Battle: 0% -> 42%" What the Not only does that NOT make any real life sense, but that also is incredibly unbalanced.
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    Should've just called the announcement '[Bloc] KETOG update'.
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    You know, following this post I hit you up to open dialogue and give moving forward a chance because throughout the war you did indeed portray yourself to be a more moderate voice. Unfortunately, this just came to my attention. At the end of the day, that's all this is; honeyed words because you're unwilling to own up to your contribution to last war's push to destroy communities. Give me one good reason why t$ should "forgive and forget" when it seems clear as day that the only remorse around here by some is that your capacity to keep it up evaporated with the GPWC scandal coming to light?
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    I told it to Frawley back in the day when he made the realism argument, and I'll tell it to you now. Arguing based on real life logic is asinine, when you have so many factors in this game that throw realism right out of the window. Such as being able to basically double your population overnight, loot being able to be delivered through a blockade via a beige you got with a missile/nuke (even if you had no other conventional force whatsoever), being able to play baseball with nations on opposing warring alliances through blockades, etc. Does realism only matter for X but not for Y? Make up your mind. Furthermore, real life is very often inherently unbalanced. It is preferable to have as many stacked advantages as possible. For instance, one of the changes you made here was to make tiering more rigid by inflating city NS and devaluating military score. The purpose of this, per you, was to minimize the amount of ludicrous downdeclares which led to an unbalanced match up due to the downdeclaring nation potentially having a greater than 2:1 ratio in city count, compared to the defender. All well and good. That sure as shit doesn't make any real life sense. Do you think that, for instance, the Soviets cared that they outnumbered the Finnish by magnitudes of hundreds, specifically in terms of materiel such as tanks and aircraft (the former, ironically enough, being one of the main things that inflated NS previous to the changes)? Of course not. They rolled into Finland anyways, because that's what "real life sense" actually is. It's about making things as unbalanced as possible in order to gain as much of an advantage as possible. The focus gameplay should be one of making things actually balanced, rather than try to justify them on "real life sense"/realism. The latter can be a thing if it enhances it, rather than just be added for the sake of it. Rather than implementing various small changes to see how things changed, you simply read "Planes OP" and "Tanks UP" and went balls to the wall with nerfing one and buffing the other, not caring for how these interacted in conjunction. That's not how balancing should be done. It should be done by taking baby steps to see how it affects the overall dynamic. Honestly, it's possible that it'd have been mostly fine if you had just made it so that tanks could kill planes per GA (albeit not at these rates). But the way you implemented it, you just threw it the opposite direction. The silver lining is that there's still a fair bit of time to test things out in order to balance it properly.
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    The latest change to the safe-money cap seems to have been poorly thought out. You've essientially considerably cut down any raiding profits to be made in the lower tiers on what seems to be an arbitrary number. I don't see how it makes any sense that the safe-money cap is the same across the entire game from a 1 city nation to a 45 city nation. 1 million means extremely different things to both nations. Would it not be smarter to tie the cap to cities? Say 100k per city or something? You've already basically killed making new alliances from scratch in this game with the other changes, raiding was one of the very few ways people could attempt to catch up.
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    Is it really news that alliances kick other, poorly-defended, alliances off their colour to preserve the bonus? A lot of people wanted the colour blocs because they could make a political impact, so let's not try to shame alliances for politicizing colours.
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    Just name it League of Nations, since it'd be about as effective as the real thing.
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    Earlier today I tried to launch 3 airstrikes against an opponent and got three Utter Failures despite having around 400 more planes on the first airstrike. The first one was 1925 vs. about 1550 planes and each of our planes went down by a similar amount(75-100) with each airstrike. The chances of getting UF each of the times individually was about 2%, and the chance of getting it all three times is 0.008%. The opponent had ground control, and I was sure it must be a bug with GC still grounding planes. I had no MAPs so I asked someone else attacking the same guy to do airstrikes and screenshot the detailed battle report page. Here is the planes used in the battle: And here is the result: As you can see, according the army value, Magister's planes are being affected by GC, as he should have an army value of closer to 3k because plane value is planes*3, but actually only has an army value of 1,668. Here is the link to the opponent: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=16132 Here is my war against him: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/war/timeline/war=659252 And here is Magister's war against him: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/war/timeline/war=659251
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    This has got to be one of the worst takes I’ve seen on the forums.
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    This is Shifty following up with Joe Camelot... Shifty reminding you that smoke signals and smoking guns can harm you... only if you let them. Ayy lmao
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    This is Shifty with some money woes in CoL. Sometimes mergers bring out the best in AAs, other times they bring along baggage. Most importantly they bring leaks: In for a penny, in for a pound. I didn’t get the leaks from Odin. So I got them from another poster, but Odin got blamed? Well I did take the leaks from Royal News Network, but the main leaks were about Horsemen-Sketchy having treaty-sphere talks. That’s why I used a leak repost....but why would they just take Odins money and not trust a former gov/investor? Money talks, bud. Sometimes you gotta recover and let’s face it, Odin had the cash and all you gotta do is lose a friend/former member. This is SNN bringing you the dirt on Akuryo and money matters, the NP legacy on CoL, and solid FA line drawing between Hedgemoney and TCW.
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    This is just pathetic.
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    What achievements? Proud of what? You side was funded with cheated-in resources, with the goal of preventing hundreds of people from being able to play the game ever again in any form that didn't include being sat on with 0 infra while blockaded. This is just arrogant. You have no idea what you're talking about. Our side tried to surrender multiple times, but the process was made intentionally as difficult as possible at every possible step. The terms for surrender wasn't just reps either. The terms were massive and spanned several dimensions, with many alliances having specific terms set upon them. They were entirely unreasonable. You should consider deleting your forum account.
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    Does this apply to the group of people who were actively trying to make people quit the game for not playing how they wanted to play?
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    Ladies and gentlemen: I’m here to announce a quarantine. A pandemic of Pathetivirus as been detected in our area. All flights from the Pathetic Ocean have been cancelled. The rest of you are advised to either GIT GUD or STAY GUD. Social Distancing is in effect for people from the following alliances: Cameltoe Poolaris U Pissed Now (UPN). Some advice from Dr prof. hab. Snek, M.D.
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    Or what? Camelot will try to drive me and my friends from the game like they tried doing for half of last year? Oh man, I'm really scared.
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    I wish we could've experienced Grumpy and Guardian as allies, but the last war screwed that up. Glad to have the opportunity now. I also really like Children of the Light; It has some great people in it and I have a lot of confidence in them because of that. Cheers!
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    Your appeal has been denied. I looked, there were 3 spy ops against your nation targeting soldiers right after update, just like you asked for. You've played the game long enough, you know that this is against the rules.
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    The Fifth International
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    There are mixed feeling in this thread regarding what the OP has stated. Some support and accept the sentiment others (a good majority) are skeptical or just out right dont believe it. Id like to share my journey with Camelot for what it has been from the beginning. When I came back to the game the war was in full force. I rejoined the AA I helped found many years ago (Polaris), and very quickly I realized the sentiment of what they used to want to be and what they were now were very different. From the moment I became Head of FA for Polaris and was put into the Peace servers and Coalition servers I was a loud voice of protest for everything BK/NPO and Coalition B was essentially standing for at the time. My first night on the job I had a very long conversation with Adrienne about what had happened and how we could move forward when the Peace talks had stalled the first time due to stupid pride and ego from my own side. I called them out on all of it. Sphinx can attest to this. Peace was my goal. Afew members had shared this sentiment, one being Arthur. We quickly formed a friendship on these grounds. I had not had much interaction with Epi at this time. All I knew was the sentiment of "Epi is not to be trusted". This was a voice coming to me from both Coalitions. Being a person who doesnt take words at face value and like to form my own opinions of people I tried to get to know Epi and saw where some would think this and go on their way. At the end of the day my opinion wasnt that Epi couldnt be trusted but you for sure had to watch what you said around him from time to time. EPi also wasnt in many of the Coalition higher up chats and discussions. So the idea that Epi was a major player on the side of Coalition B is just wrong. He may have had a loud voice on the forums but there wasnt a lot of decision making coming from Epi. Moving forward when the second round of peace talks started with both t$ and Coalition A being separated I took on a bigger role of being a voice in Peace talks. Forming a relationship with Partisan and more from both spheres as someone who clearly wanted peace. I publicly would go against the wishes of NPO and BK just to later being yelled at in private chats for doing so but not really caring. Once everything happened at the end and the peaces started coming, Camelot was one of the first if not THE first AA to declare white peace. Not out of fear but out of wanting peace from the start of it all. If you look at the Government line up of Camelot it is really weird. You have a lot of former IQ players back in high level spots so it is very fair to have the idea that nothing is gonna change because of it. Except that most of the people in these spots betrayed IQ in some way shape or form. George was someone BK could not stand because of what he supposedly did to them. Hell, George and Epi both leaked the terms to Leaders of Coal A in a voice chat to try and get things moving a long. Myself, some people probably just find me as being a joke of a person. But there was also a very loud voice from so many people that stated I was the only good thing about Polaris during my time there. One of the only ones on our side to have a brain and actually use it when making decisions. I fail to see how ive really changed away from this since joining camelot. Now, not to say that I didnt have my doubts early on about joining Cam. It was for sure not easy. Constant government reform and trying to figure out whats next and how we wanna proceed. We signed Rose early after the War ended because Rose knew during the war that what was being said about us wasnt necessarily the truth. I just wanna get back to having those good relationships with the people I did and hopefully moving past everything of peoples past. Let what happened at the end of the last war be a new start for everyone that happens to remain here. And as always if you ever wanna talk about anything you can easily reach me on discord at Aero#2803 To those of you who are still friendly to me even while on opposing sides, thank you :). Even though we may find ourselevs at odds Im glad we can come out in the end civilly. Aero Co-Head of FA for Camelot Lover of all
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    Its become about more than just the game at this point honestly. While most players are probably doing in character stuff about the AAs and have no ill will IRL for anyone, the last war became extremely personal for a lot of players and some still haven't let go. It is a very sad day and I, like Arthur, would really love to see a world where playing the game really is all anyone is doing without any personal feelings of negativity going into it.
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    You hold no credibility, nor are you or your alliance in any position to make a moral judgement on anything, really. You're best off buggering off before t$ dropkicks you out of the rankings.
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    Genuinely though, it's great to see you trying to change the planes op meta and make the game more interesting, but 42% planes killed by tanks vs 14% of tanks in an airstrike is an extremely weighted match. Nerfed the planes a tad too much.
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    Seems that Partisan feels safe to spend the Gringotts Bank now ?
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    The nation name is now Basileia ton Rhomaion if anyone is still feeling frisky and wants to try and impose those terms. I'll be waiting. @Aero @Poolaris
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    Listen kid, I don't have much time. I have information that will permanently ban Ro-
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    Awhile ago I posted, in the hopes of making the treaty web a bit more useful for examining FA ties in the game. While I still think that would be considerably more useful, if we can't do that, then I would like to suggest the restriction of "Top 50" be removed from the treaty web, and allow any alliance above 30k score to appear on the web. This is only going to become more of a necessity as the amount of players/alliances continues to grow.
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    Life comes at you fast.
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