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    The Penitus Oculatus are an organization which answers to the Emperor. Our primary task is protecting the Emperor, and as such, we are elite bodyguards. We will use anything necessary to fulfill our task. Our Purpose: Penitus Oculatus Agents serve a number of tasks. They are tasked with discovering spies within the Empire through tact and their mind, but they can also be tasked with stealing, poisoning, stabbing, injuring, or murdering targets to serve a greater cause. Inspectors are involved with investigating crime scenes, such as when someone related to the Imperial family is kidnapped. They are also able to send out scouts to investigate events or places that might threaten the Empire. Another part of our duty is ensuring the safety of the Emperor, the prince, and other members related to the Imperial family. Government Lineup: Commander: Darth Revan Administrator: Cypher Inspector: Zygon, Darth Ataxia, Avakael, and Viseli Special Spokesperson: Prefonteen Discord server: https://discord.gg/fRWqrt3 But wait...We have just started a quest!
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    LOOKING DEEP: TKR Welcome! To "Looking Deep"! "Looking Deep" is an sort of experiment I thought about a second ago, and one that I thought would be fun to try out. The premise of this, is a sort of thread for the members and ex members of the specified alliance to tell their story in it, and I thought the best way to start this off, is by selecting one of the most active communities in the game, TKR! Just a bit of backstory, if you are a newer player such as myself. I'm going to start at the "Trial of Tiers" because that's were I started off, and I don't want to fumble around, I'll leave that to those who reply to this thread 😆 Community From the time I began this game, to now, I always look at the community (Salty as it may be at times) to be the best part of this game, some people may agree or not, but that is my solid belief. Being that the community is such an important part, the first time I had seen TKR, it had seemed they had very much enshrined that belief into their alliance to make it a whole new community in itself, basically a family of sorts, if you will. I wouldn't shy away from saying that The Knights Radiant is one of, the most friendly, welcoming and active alliances out there, they also have a very important skill, that a lot of alliances ignore, welcoming newer players, making them feel at home, liked, etc. Welcoming newer players is such an important skill, I'm going to go on a bit of a rant because of how much it is. A lot of alliance forget about newer players, and have the mindset of "Hand them a guide and order them around" , a lot of newer players may shy away from conversation with older players, to not look silly in front of people that are more experienced, but alliances that deal with this, truly benefit the game, nurturing a newer player, and inviting them into conversation, playing games with them, or whatever is an absolutely crucial part of keeping this game alive, and most importantly having fun, especially with those new friends you have made. It might be a silly thing to say, but a loneliness of a player, a person whose joined for the game, but left because he has been shut out, is hard to see. A lot older players tend to see newer players as a obstacle in front of their "Next city" or "Progress" but those players have no idea what those new players mean to the game as a whole. They are the next generation, per se, and they should be supported. Hats off to most alliances, and very well done to those who help introduce newer players to their community and the P&W community as a whole. Anyway, that paragraph is meant to underline the importance of it, and in my opinion TKR is absolutely great at it, all the people are friendly, you can randomly chat to someone and they'll kindly do the same back to you, it is a very warm atmosphere, a sense of importance. Which, is very much so, the greatest trait in this game that an alliance could have. History TKR, is based off of a book by Brandon Sanderson, named "The Stormlight Archive", I can't say much about the beginning so as I've previously stated, I will move onto more familiar territory. Before Knightfall, TKR was an absolute powerhouse, perhaps not necessarily in military might, which was certainly a big stick they held, but in influence. TKR absolutely dominated world affairs, and that is not overestimating the history of it, TKR had been known as "The world police" for it's past actions, dealing with the Hogwarts-Sparta war, chasing down Partisan, etc, whatever was going on in the world, one way or another, they were certainly involved be it big or small. A lot of that can be seen to have started from Trial of Tiers, because of how much of an impact it had on very influential alliances, Mensa disbanding, t$ losing influence, certainly the rise of TKR as a truly alliance shifting power cannot have started if it had not become the dominant leader of Easy mode and certainly the loss of two Behemoths helped make that a reality, but the end of that era swiftly came around with Knightfall, beating TKR harder and giving them a loss that I would think would be hard to forget, the Chaos sphere, proved to be the evidence that TKR needed new allies, and also that it had lost the near Hegemonic power that it once held. It also hit TKR from 1st in the alliance leaderboards, doesn't seem important but new players sometimes choose the strongest alliance, learning from the best. Conclusion Now that you have either been thoroughly bored to death, or has even chosen to skip the whole segment above, for how possibly face palming my knowledge of it is. Please at least stay for this, if you are a member, leader, ex member of TKR then it would be great for you to share that story on this thread, your experience in the alliance, and for older players, possibly sharing interesting segments of your history. If this gets any if at all, positive review, I'll try to do another alliance of which I am interested in. Thank you! And If you do take a little bit of your time off, I appreciate it very much. this was not based on discord or slack because of micchan's absolute distaste for them if you go blind by reading this i bare no responsibility
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    In a time where toxicity is rampant on the forums and there is not an ounce of empathy in a game where 28 city whales prey on the weak and defenseless 8 city nations, only one place offers refuge for the weary, the kindhearted, the poets, philosophers, and the peaceful. My inbox apparently.
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    Please allow me to introduce myself I'm a man of wealth and taste I've been around for a long, long year Stole many AA's logs to leak And I was 'round when Pantheon Had its moment of doubt and pain Made damn sure that Akuryo Washed his hands and sealed his fate Pleased to meet you Hope you guess my name But what's puzzling you Is the nature of my game This is Shifty bringing you the death of another AA. Press F
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    250 people who are actively being told not to associate with the rest of the game other than hitting buttons when they're told to.
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    So I was considering something, and I think I realized something really interesting. All the intended parties(BK, TCW, TGH, KT, TKR, CoS, and NPO) all achieved their war goals with this war, albeit at different times of the war. KT/TGH/TKR wanted to incapacitate BK sphere for targeting them. They are, and you could honestly say that FA-wise, they lost a lot of allies and meatshields, so this war crippled their FA pull. BK/TCW wanted to incapacitate the 2 smaller spheres, they did so, they achieved their goals as KTsphere and Chaos can’t realistically fight them anytime soon. NPO wanted to incapacitate KTsphere and Chaos from being able to roll NSOsphere post war. While their may be smaller things, this is what every sphere wanted. Sooooo why can’t everyone end the war and move on? It’s literally gotten to the point where everyone won what they wanted.
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    You guys are heroes for generating drama.
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    It took a lot to get this together, mostly because I never respond to Gorge.
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    That's ridiculous, it's unfair! Sometimes friends can only be pushed so far. Sometimes we have to take matters into our own hands... Everyone reach for the sky! Put the money in the bag! We're not leaving unless it's 2 billion (or more)!
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    Of course not, NPO wanted the cool enemy bloc to look their way. Not pictured in this image is KETOG crying even further back 😋
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    We are micros, so doesn't matter when we formed, and our existence isn't important to you.
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    As high gov, this is as good as stating permawar. This is one piece of why peace talks have not and will not happen in the foreseeable future. The other piece is this war is not yet decided. There has still not been any sort of description from the other side as to what their definition of victory is. We've submitted our narrative and it's relatively digestible. I am eagerly awaiting your metrics for how we are losing the war and will lose decisively. I think I've made it clear to at least one member of your coalition's high gov that I am for white peace, because the best we believe you can hope for is a draw, and a draw in 3 months. See response above. I am with Thrax here. I don't agree with the salt the earth rhetoric, but I can understand where it came from. I can't speak for Scarf or Sketchy, but I was about as upset as someone can be at a nation sim when t$ and then NPO entered. I deleted the t$ embassy from our discord. This is to say, we say things when we are pissed. On the first paragraph, I believe I addressed it in my above response. For the rest, permawar and harsh terms are directly threatening to the existence of an alliance. While these threats have been made out right, we are not surrendering. Which brings me to NPO. Again I agree with Thrax, logic doesn't mean what people think it means. You can act on incorrect assumptions and still be logical, and this is the argument we make. If the assumptions made by NPO were true, they'd be correct. They are not and are not founded on strong evidence, so we find the assumption lacking and cannot agree with the following assumptions. In sum, we won't surrender, you won't end the war unless we surrender. I am open to any and all talks without precondition, which is not what is being proposed by the opposition, and as far as I am aware is not the united front of the opposition, just BK and TCW.
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    Only true Big Brained Individuals will get this
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    @James T. Kirk @Frawley By order of the Radiant, jokes are punishable by death. Frawley and Gorge you are to report to your nearest Chaos Interrogation site for immediate termination.
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    since this is the OOC section of the forums..... (remember?) welcome all the new nations that were just recruited into the game! and thank you to NPO or whoever else is doing outside recruiting to keep the game growing.
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    I don't care why they joined or who they will be fighting, having new blood in the game is great.
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    Do you though? Aside from some low tier guys who I'm sure are making bank, there's precisely one unrolled big nation left in all of Chaos. Unless of course you're talking about the survivors in Rose and GoB, who I'm sure will be happy to fund your rebuilds since you guys are all one big happy family! But sure, the bumblers who couldn't even win the whale tier after a couple weeks are definitely keeping us all down economically. Whatever helps you sleep better Thrax.
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    Good luck y'all! Farkistan has your back!
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    1) The insinuation that NPO is manipulating these folks. It's the same old "NPO members are mindless fools, NPO's gov are duplicitous manipulators sitting on a throne of lies and deceit" narrative, but applied to a new group. Like Charles said, not only are we not manipulating this community, we wouldn't be capable of doing so if we wanted to. They're exercising their own best judgment here. 2) The notion that "the community" (meaning the game at large and active posters in particular) gets to decide what's best for them. First of all, "the community" very much included them the second they made non-multi nations, so acting as though they need to do something to gain admission to it is pretty scummy. Second of all, acting as though they owe "the community" anything - interaction, access, etc. - by dint of having more than a dozen new nations on a single AA is also pretty dumb. Older players are entitled to exactly nothing as far as new players and new alliances go. The line between drama and toxicity is, generally, the line between IC and OOC. It's the line between knowing what "no thank you" means and hunting down invites to Discord servers that you've been explicitly told you're not wanted in; it's the line between voicing displeasure at your lack of access here and insinuating that other people are mindless drones; it's the line between expressing concern for your alliance's future strategic position and claiming that 300 new members on a single alliance will kill the game.
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    Bankers: "I tell people not to judge me by my winners, but by my losers, since i have so few" KERTOG: "I tell people to judge me by my stats, not my planes, since i have so few"
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    From the desk of Praggisan Exorock, the greatest nation ever Greetings, friends! As the official special spokesperson of whatever this alliance is called and as the leader of the greatest alliance of Terminal Jest, I want to assure you that we are indeed, not connected! Furthermore, I am happy to field any inquiries you may have. Please submit them via discord dm and I will post our official answers once Fragglesan completes his jeu de boules course. Hugs and kisses PRAG
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    There are no goals, we just noticed you can click more buttons during war
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    None of what you said contributes to the mini-sphere argument you put on me, but I do admire the stretch on the last few statements you have. They are either liars or hypocrites, or both. Their (Well, NPO's) actions contradict everything they've stated, and they haven't shown anything of real substance to back up their "innocent" claims. We have attempted multiple times to give NPO the benefit of the doubt. @Hodor and @Keegoz have both reached out to your leaders multiple times in the past. Even with this war, we decided to give you the benefit of the doubt based on those leaks from TCW. Each and every action you've taken recently have pretty much spit all of our efforts towards your alliance back in our face. EDIT: Just keep in mind, for whatever spin of a minisphere toxicity whatever argument you were trying to pin me on - we literally left Syndicate/HS/NPO out of this mess. And we made it very clear that we would. We kept our word. You folks brought yourselves into it. EDIT #2 (Since I read some further replies): It's odd that "expanding the war" has become a point now. There's only one side that has expanded the war, and it wasn't us. Citadel activated on us. (Which is understandable) N$O hit multiple parties of us. You guys dragged in disbanded remnants of FR, as well as AD. You guys dragged in TFP. Just wanted to make that clear. The actions certainly speak louder than the words that some of you are spewing out there.
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    Agreed ^^^^ i think it’s everyone’s duty in Orbis to roll Confederate themed alliances, @Keegoz you know what to do ;))
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    I think... tKR is... not bad.
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    Bipolarity is bad, as I told mhearl, because "what even is FA when there's only two sides?" At that rate, what even is PR, Milcom, IA, or even Econ. It all becomes a monotonous grind to optimize to the maximum level to destroy a single opponent, eventually resulting in one side slowly over time curbing a greater and greater advantage, at which time somebody either pulls a syndicate and starts pulling the plugs or the game is just kinda... Dead. Tis my outlook on it, anyway. Amusing at first as a glorious arms race that quickly loses its luster.
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    I would get them all verified quick as we seen with my nation it would be a shame to be banned and deleted.
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    Oh thank god, you posted. I saw some racist kid with a latinx sounding name shot up a pickle festival in California and was worried you wouldnt be around anymore.
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    I'm excited to start my nation anew within this alliance! Gang gang
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    Right, because our FA head is stupid for not launching us into a protector that's in the middle of a war, and would probably be unable to defend us.
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    Come back when you're ready, I will personally deal with beating and destroying TCW so when you come back you will feel at home
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    If your think stats are in anyway definitive of who's "winning" a war then you've got another thing coming. Ignoring the fact that most of KERCHTOG is zeroed, and that their few remaining whales are hiding in the upper tier hugging their Infra or just being inactive. At best most of KERCHTOG can do is mount pot shots at our lower tier or just wait until their whales get swarmed and zeroed into the meat grinder. Its entirely possible this war could result in a stalemate but KERCHTOG cannot and will not win regardless of how much they complain about it and pat each other on the back on the OWF. Honestly it's basically your George Bush "Mission Accomplished" moment. Sure mate keep telling yourself that. #Berniecanstillwin #KERCHTOGcanstillwin
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    @Shadowthrone You saying that you told others is as worthless as telling us that an undisclosed person passed you the supposed info, no matter how much you may repeat it. Just like how you haven't, nor will be persuaded by what Nizam says, no matter how much she repeats it. Dio's post wasn't misconstrued as being the backbone for the CB. It was presented as such. It was after the heavy scrutiny they received that we started hearing of the legendary anon source, your post, and "collusion". As for Buo's quote... That doesn't contradict what I said. I said that not disclosing means that it has it's own set of consequences. I didn't think I'd need to be so painfully obvious about it, but that means people won't believe it. Buo was saying he didn't care whether Kriegs believed him or not on his Vanguard leak as a result of his non disclosure. The difference between both is, though, Buo isn't devoting his daily time to convince people on the OWF of his leak being legit. You on the other hand, are still arguing ad nauseam on a topic that had substance to be argued on for two weeks max, not two months. Another difference is that Buo plainly accepts the consequence of his non disclosure (to be fair, it's not a particularly harsh penalty), while you don't and feel the need to, again, discuss about this two months after the fact because you want to have your cake and eat it too.
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    Somewhere along the way, Orbis’ wish for new drama got lost in translation and God plopped this on our laps.
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    Hello there everyone, to think my first post on the forums would be in this thread 🤣 Though, I wonder why this thread is still so lively?
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    Have to get to 2048 to win though...
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    All the other alliances you hit to statpad wanted to join?
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    "New players joining the game is great except when they join NPO." Who would've guessed all the high and mighty rhetoric about "game health" goes away when people join alliances you don't like. 😂
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    War is not a means, it is an end. The object of persecution is persecution. The object of power is power. And the object of waging a war is always to be in a better position in which to wage another war.
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    Well, this isn't a criminal justice system, this is an online browser game. I'll never have 100% surety that anyone is a multi. It's not like I can sit behind people in real life and watch them make and operate multis. If we went by your system, everyone could have as many multis as they want and just say "hey, it's my brother, don't ban us we're totally different people I promise" and the game would be very unfair and broken.
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    Pointing out your dishonesty is not "toxicity". Though I'm sure that will be a common CB for your hegemony going forward. It's much better than the secret agreements and made up logs you used for this war. Instead of responding to memes you don't like why not actually address what Adrienne said earlier and that you and Roq ignored. You seem to have a habit of focusing on nonsense and ignoring actual rebuttals to your claims: "I’ve been told your “source” is WSxPhoenix and that I told her I had plans to roll you after this war ended. If this is indeed your source, this is a blatant falsehood but I shouldn’t be surprised considering I’ve been shown logs of you delivering more detailed falsehoods about me with even less factual basis. For the record, this is the only conversation I’ve had with her regarding the war and your sphere. We talked a little more about BK and the leaks afterwards but I’m fairly certain nothing in this conversation was deleted as you claim. WSxPhoenix06/17/2019 Speaking of sharing Aren't you concerned you guys might get hit by NPO/t$? Adrienne06/17/2019 If we do, at least we've gone out in a blaze of glory The amount of f*cks I have to give are astonishingly low"
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    There is indeed a paralel in the other direction, where the side that felt it was winning wanted to hold out for a surrender. T'would suggest that wanting it isn't enough to get it. I don't think many on our side think you can't try for a surrender, we just don't think the war situation warrants it. I can say personally, if I felt we had decisively lost, I would be willing to surrender. Rightly or wrongly, that is not how we see things. In any case, I found it funny that people now suggesting white peace is innapropriate for aggressors had themselves demanded that for their own aggression. You can tack on the other way as well, though I think less strongly. History repeats itself I guess.
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    Please, PLEASE, tell me you're not this dense... Just read my posts.
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    I still have that Flag somewhere. Anyways. 30mil? Time to raid?
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    No idea where this came from, but cool. Less to do on my part then!
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