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  2. Was thinking it'd be nice to get some good quality alliances with standards together in a bloc, with a supremacy clause. Each Signatory gets 2 representatives who can vote for them in the highest OPSEC Channel votes on behalf of their alliances. Only with unanimous agreement can more alliances be added, so it can be hard finding an alliance who lives up to what all signatories want when any of them can veto a new signatory for any reason from joining. I'm not sure on the other alliances yet, but would be good if they share common interests & put their bloc first; rather than consider
  3. Suddenly I was snapped out of my disassociation from Orbis, when I heard we were on high alert because it seemed like KETOG planned an attack. BK, Camelot & others went on high alert. I was part of FA Department, but getting nowhere advancing doing their monthly assignments. My assignment that month was find out what other alliances thought of the KETOG attack on Chaos. Epi was of a similar mindset KETOG posed a bigger threat than Chaos, so it wouldn't make sense for BK to assist KETOG against Chaos. Personally I had an embassy with TKR & good relations with CoS & Soup mostly.
  4. lol Goon Order of Oppression Negligence & Sadism Funny how fate brings us back together for another game.

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