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Resplendent Treatise on Political Aim and Agenda

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Article One - Primary Aim and Agenda:

The overall aim of Resplendent, is to establish an alliance capable of providing ample opportunity for economic growth and militaristic protection. Resplendent will do whatever within its power to protect the political sovereignty of itself and its member nations, to ensure their perpetual security and protection, and the doctrine of aggressive neutrality with the aim of establishing more peaceful relations.


Article Two - Principle of Non-Involvement:

The Principle of Non-Involvement is not the principle of non-intervention, but no individual of Resplendent to exhibit a partiality towards one side or another in a conflict to which Resplendent has either decided or pledged to refrain from. Such things would include the abstention from ghosting, taking direct hostile action against an alliance for non-approved reasons, or the providing of aid for nations in alliances Resplendent is maintaining peace during conflict with.


Article Three - Principle of Impartiality:

The Principle of Impartiality ensures the impartial attitude of Resplendent government towards any asylum seeker, diplomat, or guest that visits Resplendent communication channel, whether in-game or out of game. Satisfying the Principle of Impartiality requires that we are able to treat the other party in impartial manner, regardless of their identity and/or background. Another such instance of the Principle of Impartiality is in regards to the markets. Resplendent pledges and ensures that the member nations will always seek the lowest prices unless affected by alliance conflict, embargo or relation. 


Article Four - Principle of Sovereignty:

The Principle of Sovereignty requires the protection of the alliance, thereby the individual members. Any such infringement of this principle will be met with such action deemed necessary. The Principle of Sovereignty also applies to the member nations of Resplendent in a manner to which the individualism of each member is to not be restricted by the government of Resplendent, nor any foreign government. Individual sovereignty is to be protected by the usage of firmly defined democratic practices and sound capitalistic economic programs. It is the belief of the alliance and the membership to uphold first and foremost the sovereignty of the alliance as a whole and the membership, and to therefore maintain a sufficient and impressive military to deter aggressors and secure our sovereignty.


Article Five - Principle of Reciprocity:

The Principle of Reciprocity reflects our acceptance of reaching compromise with other alliances, and that other alliances are encouraged to accept such compromise. We view ourselves as an institution in which both a strong alliance can exist whilst still allowing the flourishing of democratic ideals. It must be concluded that an alliance such as Resplendent is asking for exemptions and/or liberties from the rest of the alliances, which can nevertheless be essential for us in ensuring our continued non-involvement, and impartiality. Any past aggression shall not be held against, nor shall be acted upon without due and proper reason.


Article Six - Principle of Perpetuity:

The Principle of Perpetuity is our belief that to keep up this confidence, being the confidence our friends and enemies have in us, Resplendent must maintain its purpose and determination with a strong sense of long-term stability, so that other alliances will be able to predict our future course and steer clear of it, while trusting that by doing so we will never interfere with their own interests. If we change our standards so abruptly and frequently, how can any foreign alliance trust that we do not pose a future threat for their long-term interests? It is obvious that in order for such stability to exist, it is necessary for us to not only momentarily discuss and execute whatever standards we choose to be the best, but to follow the same set of standards faithfully for an extended period of time, even if the political climate surrounding us changes in a radical manner.


Article Seven - Standards of Excellence:

The multitude of standards we shall exhibit will always and forever be firmly grounded in a level of excellence so expected from this Alliance. Posting on public avenues is an inalienable right allowed to our members, however such right can be restricted should such a level of in-excellence be met. Members of the elected Government are the zenith of our democratic idealism, and so to ensure that we maintain a voice in these forums in matters that do directly concern us, these members whom are held in such excellence will demonstrate their capability. 


Article Eight - Opinion on Influences:

It is believed and so derived from the Principles of Impartiality and Sovereignty that any alliance which attempts to exert unwanted and undue influence upon us which is not our own, is to be restricted and combated to the best of our capabilities. As such in any regard to when our impartiality is required, it will be our mission to remove any influence which may cause partiality and/or discrimination against any party involved. The view of foreign alliances influencing other foreign alliances via underhanded, or otherwise shady methods, are viewed as unfavorable, unforgivable, and wholeheartedly cowardly and craven. 


Article Nine - Focus on Economic Practice:

It is mentioned to be our primary aim to provide ample opportunity for economic growth, and as such Resplendent shall do what is in its power to provide such opportunities to its membership. The abstention from war shall not be a permanence, however shall be a creed and guideline to which we shall follow. To seek economically beneficial engagements shall be common and we shall aim to accomplish, however to unnecessarily sacrifice our alliance and its membership is gross incompetence and negligence. It is the mindset of Resplendent, in order to ensure the individual opportunities and rights of all of our members, it is paramount to engage in capitalistic, libertarian-esque, economic practices. Such would be minimum taxation upon our members, unless in times of war, the allowance of free trade between our members and all others, unless due to embargo or conflict, and the allowance for self-determination in regards to offensive operations which do not result from the need to defend ourselves or our sovereign allies.


Article Ten - Encouraged Economic Practices:

Whilst member states of Resplendent shall always have the right to self-determination, especially in regards to their nations’ economic practice, there are several practices to which have been proven to be beneficial and effective for larger nations. One such idea is the concept where the nation imports all raw resources, and converts the said resources into manufactured goods for sale and national improvement. This system is particularly good for nations wishing to improve their warchest, and for those that opt to refrain from repeated numerous engagements. Another system of economic practice would be that where the nation importants all manufactured resources for national improvement, and produces solely food nationally. This food based nation will thus save rebuilding costs due to the larger investment into land area as opposed to infrastructure. Whilst arguably less profitable than the previously mentioned manufacturer-based nation, this system is particularly good for those which would like to maintain a larger military and have cheaper post-war costs.


Article Eleven - Focus on Militaristic Protection:

As with the primary aim of economic opportunity, the dual aim is that of militaristic protection. Resplendent aims to be able to protect its members from any form of hostile attack, especially in regards to militaristic means. The duty of not only the government, but the general membership is to aid its fellow member against any aggression against each other and the alliance. As stated in the Principle of Sovereignty, this will require the maintenance of a sufficient and impressive military to deter aggressors and fight off invaders. This sworn duty is not an opinion of Resplendent, but a fact for all of its members, and such duty cannot be dismissed, delayed, or withdrawn from without leaving the alliance. This maintenance of the national military should and must be the primary importance, overtaking that of economic prowess.


Article Twelve - Guarantees of the Freedom of Speech:

Never shall the freedom of speech of any member of Resplendent be infringed upon, unless acting in gross in-excellence. Whatever things they may say shall be protected so long as it does not incite genuine discrimination or harassment. Any such behavior which is found to be not in good humor, will be quickly expunged.


Article Thirteen - Council of Triumvirs:

The Governing Council, known as the Triumvirate, should refrain from interfering not only in the lives of the individual nation states, but also the general runnings of the alliance. It’s aim is to set the direction of policy, to ensure the policy enshrines the ideals of Resplendent, and to deal with foreign affairs and emergencies. It has never been the practice to micromanage the sovereign departments of Resplendent, but to guide them on the correct path of policy in accordance to the laws of the alliance and its spirit. Powers of the Triumvirate should be delegated downwards to the lower levels of government whenever possible, as to give them the necessary experience to handle the alliance should emergency occur, thus improving their own experiences and character. Although serving for indefinite term lengths, these positions enshrine the epoch of not only governmental authority, but also democracy. Should a Triumvir either resign from his post, or be unfortunately impeached by the membership, only the best and brightest should run and be elected to these positions. 


Article Fourteen - Facilitator:

The Facilitator is the highest ranking official with a regular election cycle. As such they are to conduct themselves with the utmost respect for our democratic traditions. They are the face of the alliance, the embodiment of the membership. It is their duty to run the daily happenings of the alliance, to administrate the advisors which serve below he/her, and to guide the alliance in accordance to the requests of the Governing Council, but primarily in accordance to the ideals of Resplendent. Whilst the Governing Council will typically handle all of the highest levels of administration, it is expected that Facilitator be included in most, if not all, of the proceedings. Foreign diplomacy may be initiated by the Facilitator, however must be finalized through the Triumvirate, in which the Facilitator is encouraged to attend such meetings.


Article Fifteen - Advisors:

The Advisors are the lowest ranking official with regular election cycles, as well as being the lowest government official in the alliance. Despite this, it is expected for them to run their departments in an expected level of excellence under the guidance of the Facilitator. They shall carry out the policy of the Facilitator and the Governing Council.


Article Sixteen - Prismatic Legacy:

Whilst not the direct successor to the original Resplendent, the Alliance shall aim to be the spiritual successor to the best of its ability whilst retaining its own sovereign individuality. It is our duty to carry on the ideals and the spirit of the original Resplendent, and to never regress in our progress forward.

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