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Queen Shannakay and Prince Charles

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Rebekah Mikaelson


The long awaited news has finally arrived.

Queen Shannakay and Prince Charles have gotten married.

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Much of the speculation leading up to this moment was whether or not the Queen would have married King Papi, a strong ally and trade partner of Pegasus however with the public announcement made this morning, and the photos and highlights being released to the public, such speculation has been eliminated. 

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Accompanying the Queen were her two sisters, Arryha and Sky along with her uncle, the former King-regent. From left to right in this picture are; the Queen's uncle, Prince Charles, Princess Arryha, the Queen, and Princess Sky.

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The Imperial Guard was also present, wearing their respective ceremonial outfits.[Note the sword being held upright]

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Prior to the wedding, the Queen had to be relocated to ensure maximal security as the nation was at war. However with all the fighting finished, Her Majesty returned to the Imperial Palace and was married less than three days later.


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