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Pegasus News WARRRR

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Rebekah Mikaelson


Citizens of Pegasus, this is not a drill. 

I repeat this is not a drill. We are being attacked. Proceed to the nearest shelter immediately. The Imperial Palace has issued a full-scale red alert and the Royal Family have been relocated to a secure location. I repeat this is not a drill. We are at war with some of the NSR players. They have launched a surprise attack on us and are gaining immense ground. All military capable personnel are requested to report immediately to any army base. 

 Image result for mobilizing the armed forces

Pegassian troops have began mobilizing all over the country. 

Image result for mobilizing the armed forces

The Erusean military has also been mobilized as it is a client state of Pegasus. 

Related image

Reserves have been called up for both countries and the DOAB missile system has been activated as the nation enters a new phase of war. 


Related image




As of right now, any personnel of the NSR and Arrgh are to be exterminated with extreme prejudice. 

The Pegasus Empire formally recognizes these alliances as aggressors and will declare war in an effort to defend itself.


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