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The War Ends

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Rebekah Mikaelson


@18:00 hours Yesterday, Pegasus Forces broke through the last defensive line of Emperor Ukunada's Forces. As the troops stormed the capital there was unfortunately much loss of life as the civilians were mostly hostile towards the invaders and were thus shot on sight. The city was left in ruins as Erusean planes carried out multiple air strikes alongside the Pegasus Air Force. 

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As the army made their way through the rubble they were greeted by a detachment that was sent a head to secure Princess Arryha. 

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The princess had evidently been released by a local who wanted the war to stop and was making her way through the forest when the militants found out she was missing and began pursuing her. Pegasus Special Forces found her after she made an emergency phone call to "Command". They found her, eliminated all hostiles and transported her back safely. 

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With the Royal safe back home, the soldiers were ordered to rap up and return home. After a few more bombings, military control was returned to the Emperor's forces as the Pegasiian Military withdrew. 

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The navy also withdrew and cargo ships which had been stopped by the blockading navy were finally allowed entry into the nation's ports. 

A peace treaty was signed between Emperor Ukunaka and Queen Shannakay. This is the second peace agreement and the second war between the two countries however this is the first war which did not end in a truce.


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