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P4 Summit

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The Government structure has been released to the public today. This comes just moments before the annual P4 Summit during which Pegasus's Allies and the Queen along with her chief officials will meet to discuss matters concerning the different states. It is believed that during this year's summit, the issue of refugees will be addressed. It is well known that previously, the other heads of States had demanded that Pegasus accept refugees from other nations other than Erusea however this command/request was never carried out. In fact, the Queen ordered that the army mobilize and maximize border patrols. That year saw the number of immigrants to Pegasus fall by 97% and it continued declining until another summit was held to determine what must be done. 

The capital city will host the P4 Summit this year and as such, security around the centre of the city should be expected to be very secure. Traffic will also be terrible if you are heading towards the centre of the city. It is therefore advised that on that day/for that week, if any individual wishes to reach the centre of the city, the quickest way would be to walk as traffic is expected to reach extremes.  

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