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Week 1

Chief Monarch Dawson


The Anbrian National Press has created this weekly report as a way to reach out to other nations in an effort for publicity.


Anbria has recently joined the League of Imperialists among tension between the VE and the Yugo-Pact that led to the dissolution of the Yugo-Pact. Former member states have went their ways, with most transferring to the League of Imperialists. The tension could have escalated into an international war, and was quickly averted on behalf of the Yugo-Pact. The situation was de-escalated, and now is frozen, with minimal conflict. The situation stands as is, and Anbrian officials are working to gather more information on the subject.


The Anbrian king has recently taken a vacation to Canislavia, and the Parliament approved of a 14 day vacation. This comes as the nation was partially evacuated due to an impending attack by a foreign government. The situation is resolved, and Anbrian residents have nothing to fear.


Anti-Socialist protesters displayed the right to protest under Article 4, Section A, Line 2-A; protesting in front of the Parliament on Tuesday, effectively shutting-down government offices through this morning. The Anti-Socialist movement has picked up support in Zavod, after the invasion, but less than 1 percent of Zavod citizens have guaranteed support. The police were called to move the protesters, and were soon peacefully disbanded.


This has been the Anbrian newsletter. Thank you. We look forward to next week's issue.


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