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Nukes, then and now (Comedy)





Before Nukes Had Ever Been Launched

General Community: Omg! I can't wait until the day that the first nuke is launched! It's going to be a historical day!



Abbas Is Nuked

General Community: Dude! Did you see? Abbas just took a nuke!

General Community: Ooh, aah, ooh, aah.


Orbis World War:

*Nukes launched daily*

*Nobody cares*



Abbas is Nuked

Abbas: Oh well, I'll rebuild.


Orbis World War:

Everybody that is nuked: NOOOOO!!!! I'll never be able to rebuild! This is the end of my nation! *cries in a corner*



Amount of Nukes



One nation can receive two nukes from the same nation in the same war. *mind blown*


Pre-World War

General Community: Whoa, nobody touch Fraggle, he has nukes.


World War

General Community: Meh, who cares. Everyone has nukes, and I have a navy. Totally equal match.

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Long ago, before Orbis ever existed, it was said that you can fire two nukes at a country. One for Nagasaki and one for Hiroshima. Today, just one of it sends them surrendering to beige.



Shhh! This was totally Oskar's idea!

Edited by Oskar

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i look forward to the next war, when people eat 1 nuke for every city they have.


I wanted to do it to JHH, but i was too slow to pick up a slot last night.

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