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Breaking News!

Nadir Aminu



Translated to English: Hello, I'm Lucia Svadin, and we have Breaking News...




In Canada, earlier today, it has been revealed Vladimir Zhogin sent in the Khevinists to kill Michael Ventrous. In a new press release, he stated, "Canada's migrants? The disappearing ones? They're with us. We made our own Underground Railroad. Through USA, to the East Coast of the two countries. Then off to Khevin via Norway and Finland and Russia. We took them all in. And Michael Ventrous dead? That was us. We've been on Canada's side all this time. We wanted to free Canada of the oppression it has been through lately. We pretended all this time. The Dioists in the firefight, fake. They were prisoners offered freedom. We truly hated Michael Ventrous. We congratulate Eric for winning the election and we hope the Khevinists will be released and will be brought back to Khevin." The Foreign Minister of Khevin Maskhek Kateb and Mila Alfarsi made an identical statement after this revelation.
Mila Alfasi and Maskhek Kateb's statement: "I am, for one, shocked by how good of a liar Vladimir Zhogin is. He made us think he was a horrible person, defying all the principles and standards he set up for us. I am now embarrassed for the humility we are putting on him. This vote can not be withdrawn, but we will vote against it. Hopefully, the rest of the Zhoginist Party will see through this as well."
Sergei Sebdonov also made a statement on this.
Sergei Sebdonov: "I think we are all shocked about this. But I still call for every member of the Senate to vote for his deposition. He still lied for this. Didn't he state in She Zhoginist Manifetso, that Machiavellian activity is a scorn on society? No? Sorry, I never read it."
Michael Ventrous was assassinated by the Khevinist terrorists on live TV and Canadian police shot at them, but lost them. Our leader is a brave and strong one, we should keep him in office!






*Canadian and Khevinist National Anthems playing*

I'm Lucia Svadin, have a good day, and good news.



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