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Vladimir Zhogin's Canadian Decisions

Nadir Aminu



Translated to English: Lucia Svadin: "Hello, I need to show you all four statements."




Vladimir Zhogin's Speech: "Hello, it is true I have sent terrorists into Canada. They will be killing all on the undesirable list, especially Dioists. We must continue our support of Canada. This decision is for the better. Ethnic cleansing is going to be good. I warn all Dioists in Khevin to hide, for we are coming for you. We are supporting Michael Ventrous and his laws, and we need a good ally. He is showing people he is strong and so is Canada."




Minister of Homeland Security Mila Alfarsi: "I have just been appointed to this position and I am getting several letters saying Vlad should be impeached, imprisoned, or even killed. He is defying everything he has taught me over the years through this support of a dictator. I am now considering starting a vote for no confidence against him. He also says ethnic cleansing will be good. He is threatening Dioists. He is in support of a tyranny! He is supporting something oppressive, cruel, and senseless! This Is disgusting! End Vladimir's reign now!"




Foreign Minister Maskhek Kateb: "Vladimir Zhogin has made political moves that are not sound. They will have social, economic, and political repercussions. I am getting death threats from not only Shiites, but from Orthodox Christians too! This blunder has left a stain on Khevin's history and reputation. He is breaking several key points of Zhoginism! He has supported terrorism and tyranny! He is supporting oppression and genocide! He is supporting Fascism! Not only are Dioists on the undesirable list, but Muslims are too! Crime is rampant and he supports an inactive leader! I will not go along with this! I will not support this! Vladimir Zhogin has to go! He should be impeached! I second Mila Alfarsi's vote of no confidence motion."




Shiite Anarchist Front Secretary General Sergei Sebdonov: "He is lying to all of you. He says he is against tyranny and oppression. We live in a tyranny and we are oppressed. He has made another hypocritical move! The Shiite Anarchist Front will bring divine law to Khevin, bring us where we belong! The motion of no confidence will give Khevin a leader it needs! He will be impeached and I will bring Khevin prosperity!"


Lucia Svadin: " Very interesting. The Senate is turning against Vladimir Zhogin and his own cabinet is dejecting him. His rule will most likely come to an end. In other news, in downtown Valkoan, there is a firefight. Dioists are currently fighting Khevinist and Canadian forces. The SARF is attacking as well. Andrej Vishtodos is currently fighting with about 50 other SARF members against the Khevinist and Canadian troops. Dioists are in the numbers of 50 as well. The fighting is intense, causing many damages and deaths. The Diosts are dying swiftly with one Khevinist soldier and Canadian soldier carrying a sign saying, "Dioists will die and we will prevail - Michael Ventrous, Vladimir Zhogin".






I'm Lucia Svadin and I wish you all safety and peace. Goodnight and bad news"



Recommended Comments

Entakuq advices the Supreme President to do what he can to stay in reign, whilst behave cautiosly, harmoniously and rationaly with every desicion he makes, as His Isolation himself condemns any act of resistance whitin the borders of "our good khevinist friends"

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In return of our 100 ton of elephant feces (elephants are quite common in Entakuq), we would like to establish a military alliance with Khevin, which will be obliged to protect us when needed, and be named "The Zhogin-Rubinlord treaty", and will exist as long as both leaders consist in their political role.

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