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New Game Features

Chess: The link would look something like this: https://www.politicsandwar.com/casino/chess/ What images would the pieces use: Black Towers/Rooks: the same one for Tactician, White Towers/Rooks: the same one for Tactician but it is inverted. Kings: IDK, Queens: IDK, Bishops: IDK, Knights/Horses: IDK, Pawns: IDK The Page name would be called Chess. On Mobile, It would show the White King Piece. If you were to host a game, you would always play white. If you were

War Policy Combos

If you have Pirate, and your opponent has Tactician, then you have a 4X of losing your improvements to a ground or naval battle. If you have Covert, and your opponent has Tactician, and you do an espionage operation, you actually have a 30% increased chance to be successful. If you have Pirate, and your opponent has Turtle or Guardian, you actually take 60% more loot. If you have Attrition, and your opponent has Covert, Arcane, or Moneybags, you actually destroy 15% more

New War Policies

Virus: Cause more Pollution to the targeted enemy city by 25% with a nuclear weapon for the first 24 turns after switching, but Offensive spy ops are 10% less successful. Bandit: Take 45% more loot, destroy 15% more infra, but Offensive spy ops are 5% less successful. Starter: the new default war policy, you can’t select this as your war policy, Lose 15% less loot, but destroy 10% less infra. Inactive: this war policy you can’t choose, only gets chosen once you have been inactive
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