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    The Emperor has proposed to Queen Keira!


    While still officially a rumor, it has been confirmed by multiple sources that both royals, whom had met previously at the last Royal Gala held in Rawrington, Hyderia, surprised the staff of a nearby park less than 3 hours ago where they had a very romantic time together which ultimately climaxed with the Emperor on one knee and the Queen saying yes. 

    Related image

    While it has neither been confirmed nor denied by the Imperial Palace, we do know that both royals are currently staying at the 'Home Away From Home' compound.

    Stay tuned as more news on this will be updated momentarily. 


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    In the beginning there was a Titan.

    Image result for titan

    He had traversed the universe looking for the perfect planet to build upon. He had been travelling for almost a decade when he came across it. 

    Related image

    It was the perfect one. Of an infinite number of planets, this was the one. 

    Image result for asteroid hitting earth

    The Titan slammed into the planets surface with immense power, wiping all the highest life forms on the planet at the time. 

    Related image

    He went to work immediately and soon had replenished the entire planet. It now looked even better than before. 

    Image result for creation of man

    He then went on to create man and woman. And soon the new planet had plenty of humans living there. 


    Years later....


    He was walking among his creation, the society called Pandora, when he came across a maiden so fair she distracted him from his thoughts. One thing led to another and the Olympians were born. His children. Everything now seemed perfect. Together, they ruled under the leadership of their father and thus began Pantheon. 

    Image result for pantheon ancient rome

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    Article One - Primary Aim and Agenda:

    The overall aim of Resplendent, is to establish an alliance capable of providing ample opportunity for economic growth and militaristic protection. Resplendent will do whatever within its power to protect the political sovereignty of itself and its member nations, to ensure their perpetual security and protection, and the doctrine of aggressive neutrality with the aim of establishing more peaceful relations.


    Article Two - Principle of Non-Involvement:

    The Principle of Non-Involvement is not the principle of non-intervention, but no individual of Resplendent to exhibit a partiality towards one side or another in a conflict to which Resplendent has either decided or pledged to refrain from. Such things would include the abstention from ghosting, taking direct hostile action against an alliance for non-approved reasons, or the providing of aid for nations in alliances Resplendent is maintaining peace during conflict with.


    Article Three - Principle of Impartiality:

    The Principle of Impartiality ensures the impartial attitude of Resplendent government towards any asylum seeker, diplomat, or guest that visits Resplendent communication channel, whether in-game or out of game. Satisfying the Principle of Impartiality requires that we are able to treat the other party in impartial manner, regardless of their identity and/or background. Another such instance of the Principle of Impartiality is in regards to the markets. Resplendent pledges and ensures that the member nations will always seek the lowest prices unless affected by alliance conflict, embargo or relation. 


    Article Four - Principle of Sovereignty:

    The Principle of Sovereignty requires the protection of the alliance, thereby the individual members. Any such infringement of this principle will be met with such action deemed necessary. The Principle of Sovereignty also applies to the member nations of Resplendent in a manner to which the individualism of each member is to not be restricted by the government of Resplendent, nor any foreign government. Individual sovereignty is to be protected by the usage of firmly defined democratic practices and sound capitalistic economic programs. It is the belief of the alliance and the membership to uphold first and foremost the sovereignty of the alliance as a whole and the membership, and to therefore maintain a sufficient and impressive military to deter aggressors and secure our sovereignty.


    Article Five - Principle of Reciprocity:

    The Principle of Reciprocity reflects our acceptance of reaching compromise with other alliances, and that other alliances are encouraged to accept such compromise. We view ourselves as an institution in which both a strong alliance can exist whilst still allowing the flourishing of democratic ideals. It must be concluded that an alliance such as Resplendent is asking for exemptions and/or liberties from the rest of the alliances, which can nevertheless be essential for us in ensuring our continued non-involvement, and impartiality. Any past aggression shall not be held against, nor shall be acted upon without due and proper reason.


    Article Six - Principle of Perpetuity:

    The Principle of Perpetuity is our belief that to keep up this confidence, being the confidence our friends and enemies have in us, Resplendent must maintain its purpose and determination with a strong sense of long-term stability, so that other alliances will be able to predict our future course and steer clear of it, while trusting that by doing so we will never interfere with their own interests. If we change our standards so abruptly and frequently, how can any foreign alliance trust that we do not pose a future threat for their long-term interests? It is obvious that in order for such stability to exist, it is necessary for us to not only momentarily discuss and execute whatever standards we choose to be the best, but to follow the same set of standards faithfully for an extended period of time, even if the political climate surrounding us changes in a radical manner.


    Article Seven - Standards of Excellence:

    The multitude of standards we shall exhibit will always and forever be firmly grounded in a level of excellence so expected from this Alliance. Posting on public avenues is an inalienable right allowed to our members, however such right can be restricted should such a level of in-excellence be met. Members of the elected Government are the zenith of our democratic idealism, and so to ensure that we maintain a voice in these forums in matters that do directly concern us, these members whom are held in such excellence will demonstrate their capability. 


    Article Eight - Opinion on Influences:

    It is believed and so derived from the Principles of Impartiality and Sovereignty that any alliance which attempts to exert unwanted and undue influence upon us which is not our own, is to be restricted and combated to the best of our capabilities. As such in any regard to when our impartiality is required, it will be our mission to remove any influence which may cause partiality and/or discrimination against any party involved. The view of foreign alliances influencing other foreign alliances via underhanded, or otherwise shady methods, are viewed as unfavorable, unforgivable, and wholeheartedly cowardly and craven. 


    Article Nine - Focus on Economic Practice:

    It is mentioned to be our primary aim to provide ample opportunity for economic growth, and as such Resplendent shall do what is in its power to provide such opportunities to its membership. The abstention from war shall not be a permanence, however shall be a creed and guideline to which we shall follow. To seek economically beneficial engagements shall be common and we shall aim to accomplish, however to unnecessarily sacrifice our alliance and its membership is gross incompetence and negligence. It is the mindset of Resplendent, in order to ensure the individual opportunities and rights of all of our members, it is paramount to engage in capitalistic, libertarian-esque, economic practices. Such would be minimum taxation upon our members, unless in times of war, the allowance of free trade between our members and all others, unless due to embargo or conflict, and the allowance for self-determination in regards to offensive operations which do not result from the need to defend ourselves or our sovereign allies.


    Article Ten - Encouraged Economic Practices:

    Whilst member states of Resplendent shall always have the right to self-determination, especially in regards to their nations’ economic practice, there are several practices to which have been proven to be beneficial and effective for larger nations. One such idea is the concept where the nation imports all raw resources, and converts the said resources into manufactured goods for sale and national improvement. This system is particularly good for nations wishing to improve their warchest, and for those that opt to refrain from repeated numerous engagements. Another system of economic practice would be that where the nation importants all manufactured resources for national improvement, and produces solely food nationally. This food based nation will thus save rebuilding costs due to the larger investment into land area as opposed to infrastructure. Whilst arguably less profitable than the previously mentioned manufacturer-based nation, this system is particularly good for those which would like to maintain a larger military and have cheaper post-war costs.


    Article Eleven - Focus on Militaristic Protection:

    As with the primary aim of economic opportunity, the dual aim is that of militaristic protection. Resplendent aims to be able to protect its members from any form of hostile attack, especially in regards to militaristic means. The duty of not only the government, but the general membership is to aid its fellow member against any aggression against each other and the alliance. As stated in the Principle of Sovereignty, this will require the maintenance of a sufficient and impressive military to deter aggressors and fight off invaders. This sworn duty is not an opinion of Resplendent, but a fact for all of its members, and such duty cannot be dismissed, delayed, or withdrawn from without leaving the alliance. This maintenance of the national military should and must be the primary importance, overtaking that of economic prowess.


    Article Twelve - Guarantees of the Freedom of Speech:

    Never shall the freedom of speech of any member of Resplendent be infringed upon, unless acting in gross in-excellence. Whatever things they may say shall be protected so long as it does not incite genuine discrimination or harassment. Any such behavior which is found to be not in good humor, will be quickly expunged.


    Article Thirteen - Council of Triumvirs:

    The Governing Council, known as the Triumvirate, should refrain from interfering not only in the lives of the individual nation states, but also the general runnings of the alliance. It’s aim is to set the direction of policy, to ensure the policy enshrines the ideals of Resplendent, and to deal with foreign affairs and emergencies. It has never been the practice to micromanage the sovereign departments of Resplendent, but to guide them on the correct path of policy in accordance to the laws of the alliance and its spirit. Powers of the Triumvirate should be delegated downwards to the lower levels of government whenever possible, as to give them the necessary experience to handle the alliance should emergency occur, thus improving their own experiences and character. Although serving for indefinite term lengths, these positions enshrine the epoch of not only governmental authority, but also democracy. Should a Triumvir either resign from his post, or be unfortunately impeached by the membership, only the best and brightest should run and be elected to these positions. 


    Article Fourteen - Facilitator:

    The Facilitator is the highest ranking official with a regular election cycle. As such they are to conduct themselves with the utmost respect for our democratic traditions. They are the face of the alliance, the embodiment of the membership. It is their duty to run the daily happenings of the alliance, to administrate the advisors which serve below he/her, and to guide the alliance in accordance to the requests of the Governing Council, but primarily in accordance to the ideals of Resplendent. Whilst the Governing Council will typically handle all of the highest levels of administration, it is expected that Facilitator be included in most, if not all, of the proceedings. Foreign diplomacy may be initiated by the Facilitator, however must be finalized through the Triumvirate, in which the Facilitator is encouraged to attend such meetings.


    Article Fifteen - Advisors:

    The Advisors are the lowest ranking official with regular election cycles, as well as being the lowest government official in the alliance. Despite this, it is expected for them to run their departments in an expected level of excellence under the guidance of the Facilitator. They shall carry out the policy of the Facilitator and the Governing Council.


    Article Sixteen - Prismatic Legacy:

    Whilst not the direct successor to the original Resplendent, the Alliance shall aim to be the spiritual successor to the best of its ability whilst retaining its own sovereign individuality. It is our duty to carry on the ideals and the spirit of the original Resplendent, and to never regress in our progress forward.

  2. Chapsie
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    OOC: Damn, I really forgot about all this content! I have a real blog, about real politics here if any of you are willing to take a look.


    I'll work on my RP content here again soon enough.

  3. Since Friday, the Enclave Corporation has constructed multiple new cities; such as: 







    All cities focus on mining and industry. However, pollution has become a major issue for the Corporation and steps are to be taken to prevent future pollution, and lower the current. 

  4. Today the Queen received a very unexpected visit from her brother, King Antonio of Cordania. 

    Related image

    A messenger arrived only moments before  in a ceremonial carriage to bring news of the King's  plans.

    Related image

    The lengthy but swift motorcade escorting His Majesty made it through the capital city without any hold ups. 

    Related image

    The escorting military choppers ensured maximum safety from the air.

    Related image

    It is reported that His Majesty and the Her Majesty met at the palace entrance and after a small reunion proceeded to the upper level. 

  5. [The sound of soldiers marching awakens residents on the outskirts of the capital city of Rome]

    "Thump! Thump! Thump!"

    [One boy looks through the window to see what is occurring]



    Related image

    The soldiers are returning as quickly as possible to Rome as the General received a message via an eagle stating that Rome was besieged. They hasten forth.

    When they arrive they find that the enemy has been repelled and have been chased back to Carthage. The City of Carthage has been a long time rival of Rome and this presented an opportunity for the Romans to wipe their rivals out completely. So they sent the army that just arrived to Annapolis so they could accompany the navy across the Mediterranean. 

    The Carthaginians were not at war with Rome at the time, however they were providing safe haven for Rome's enemies. What's more s that the City of Carthage was near to the mountain that Achilles was left to be tormented on. 


    Image result for ancient rome city burn


    The roman army arrived in Africa one month later after fighting countless naval battles with both pirates and the Carthaginian fleet. By the time they  arrived, Carthage was well prepared for a siege. However Rome had no intentions of waiting t out, so they called upon their ally, the Atlas Empire, to assist them n battle. The Emperor responded by sending an army under the command of Apollo to crush the Carthaginians.

     Related image

    Together, Rome and Atlas crushed Carthage once and for all and ended the Black Wars.

    Related image

    During the battle, one of the soldiers heard a cry from a nearby hill and rushed to investigate. He found Achilles chained to a rock and slayed the eagle before setting Achilles free. Achilles thanked the man and sped off to find Athena, who was the only one who would truly help him.


    Meanwhile the Romans together with their ally achieved a decisive victory over the Enemy.

    Image result for carthage is destroyed


    Since Carthage was in Africa, the Romans gave it to the Emperor as a sign of good will. The Emperor made Apollo ruler over Carthage and a subject to his Empire. 


    Apollo spent the rest of that century away from Atlas, but always in its people's hearts.


    Related image



    But this was only just the Beginning.


    Related image

    A Easter egg for future parts. 



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    Image result for kingdom

    The front entrance to the Imperial Palace in Pegasus.

    The Kingdom of Pegasus

    Never Forget! Never Surrender! Never Forgive!


    Pegasus News Agency | Documentary | September 20, 2026



    Modern day Pegasus was first known as the Kingdom of Tver located near Muscovy in the year 1444. Dmitry was the monarch of the small nation. Dmitry, even though he had a small army at the time, always looked at his neighbors around him to see which one would be an easy and profitable conquest for he wanted to reach the sea as quickly as possible so he could form a navy. The first opportunity came when the Muscovites sent a warning to Tver stating that should Tver declare war on any other nation, Muscovy would declare war on Tver. King Dmitry took this as an offense and so did his people. Even though Muscovy was much bigger than Tver, there was a public outcry for war and by September 1445, Tver declared war on Muscovy.

    Through the use of great strategy and the hiring of mercenaries, Tver defeated Muscovy and released their vassals. Tver also gained the region of Rzhev. Less than a month later, Tverian troops invaded Muscovy’s previous vassal, Yaroslavl, and made it a vassal of their own. This was to prove a vital move for future battles as this vassal became a major ally to their overlord and would, in the future, be the ones who break the siege on Tver’s capital city.

    Now that he had secured more land, Dmitry began expanding his trade with the Lithuanians. They were at first hesitant as Tver did not share a border with them but after the Tver – Muscovy war, the capture and annexation of Rzhev had put the two in direct contact with each other. With the truce with Muscovy still active, Dmitry turned his attention towards reaching the sea. One of his advisors showed him that there was a very small country to the north of Lithuania that would grant him access to the sea. However another advisor pointed out that there was no way to reach it without having to pass through foreign lands. The shortest diplomatic route would be through Lithuania but they would never allow Tverian troops to march past there capital at such a close range. In fact, the shortest route would have taken Dmitry’s army right to the outskirts of Vilna.

    To ensure that the Lithuanians would not feel threatened, Dmitry arranged a marriage between the princess of Lithuania and his grandson. As they were each just 16yrs old, it meant that such a marriage would provide a long lasting bond between the two nations. The Lithuanians accepted the offer as it ensured them safety from invasion and the 1st Tverian army began marching towards Riga.

    In the early months of 1447, Tver finished fabricating a claim on Riga and declared war. By March, the same year, over 30,000 troops besieged Riga making it the largest operation carried out by Tver up to that date. The government of Riga surrendered a month later and Riga was annexed by Tver. At the same time, the Tverian government officially gave Rzhev and its citizen’s full citizenship and recognized it as a core province. This increased regional stability for a time.

    Peace followed and for the next few years, Dmitry focused on rebuilding his nation, technological advancements and the upgrading of his military. However, by the mid 1450’s Dmitry had once again turned his attention to reaching the sea. Even though Riga was located at the Baltic Sea, the distance between it and the actual Tverian border prevented it from becoming a Core state which was vital to begin being able to build a navy. Thus the Tver – Novgorod wars began. The first war saw victory for Dmitry as he gained Kholm however the real victory over Novgorod did not come until the second Tver – Novgorod war. Unfortunately, Dmitry did not live to see this victory and it was his son, Dmitry II who oversaw the war.

    By 1476, Tver controlled all of Novgorod’s provinces with the exception of their capital. Tver also annexed all of Finland, most of the Livonian Order and had even, by using the royal marriage between Tver and Lithuania, claimed the Lithuanian throne, invaded Lithuania and capture the capital thus making Lithuania a vassal of Tver. This made the amount of land directly owned or belonging to a vassal, by Tver expand massively.





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    Marcus Dewinter
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    Valorn new Government takes over

    In recent months the final member of the House of Lords was sworn in and all committee's have official begun to meet within the newly built Capital building located in the Capital City of Branishor. The first meeting by the House of Lords was called to order by the Queen's Consort Marcus Dewinter. Under the current Constitution the Queen's Consort acts as defacto ruler of the nation at this time due to the current age of the Queen. The House of Lords upon being summoned all agreed and pledged their loyalty to the Queen and the Queen's Consort.

    The House of Lords had several new bills to propose and pass through out the first day and has since continued to meet daily to discuss the continued development of the nation and its economy. Already several mines and power plants have opened allowing power to once again flow to area's within the nation that had been without power for months due to a weakened and destroyed infrastructure. As the Government has continued to meet several Finance bills have been passed bringing about the need for the nation to invest heavily into Infrastructure and the Military in order to defend itself from aggressors that may take the nations weaken state into consideration.

    "We believe that for our nation to grow and prosper we need to be willing to defend ourselves from foreign aggressors as well as to build our nation from the ground up, " stated William Donahue, current House of Lords Representative of Milltown.

    The new Government has focused on mining and farming to maintain the continued growth of their nation.

  6. The Vienna Daily
    Issue One
    March 24th, 2023

     Good Morning to whoever is reading/watching this issue of the Vienna Daily, the first of which will be issued to the public. In today's news, we have the recognition of the Italian populace within Südtirol, Slovenia, and Triest. In a shocking turn of events, the Austrian parliament voted to grant minority privileges to the Italian populace of these regions, with more of such votes likely to occur in the next few weeks. While currently, we can not accurately say what kind of effect this will have on the region, we can safely say that there will be less protests on such matters. Next, we have the creation of a new Nuclear Power Plant near the city of Maribor in Slovenia.
     Rising from the countryside near Maribor, the newly constructed Jalovec Nuclear Fission Power Plant is preparing for it's first activation, which will only be used to see if it will be a viable source of power for the region. While this has garnered some negative publicity from the more environmentally concerned citizens of the region, the Austrian government assures the local populace that it is completely safe for the environment and that there is only a 0.00009% chance that a major incident related to the reactor could occur. Now onto the final segment of this issue, we have a prediction for Orbis in the next ten years.
     Experts predict that in the next ten years, we could see sea levels rise as much as 46 centimeters (18 inches). Thanks to the rise in nationalism, we could also see the rise of a Polish and an Italian state within Europe, with the potential for new nations to rise in regions such as the Orient and the Americas. We could also see the expansion of other already existing nations, take Austria for instance. Austria would gain much from annexing regions such as Galicia and Veneto, as well as possibly Bavaria. We could also see nations such as the North German Confederation expanding further into Germany and the Benelux, while France might attempt to expand east into the Benelux, Switzerland, and Italy. Other nations, Rokkenjima for instance, will likely expand further as well, potentially taking over Japan, among other regions. Anyways, that's all for today's issue of the Vienna Daily.

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    My dog got high.

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    The flames rose higher and higher next to me, as I curled up into a ball, helpless.


    That was 27 years ago. I stood helpless then.


    I stand helpless now. But I don't plan on staying so any longer.


    It's time to found a nation.


    But, I can't do it alone.

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    The Qin Dynasty was a known global superpower in Central Asia, and it had been only many decades since it was formed, but the newly founded British island planned to invade the worldwide phanomanon known as the Qin Dynasty. It was 1708 when the English sent a battalion of fully armed soilders, fully armed, into the central Asian empire.
    The Dynasty did not cccept this, and retaliated after many of their warriors had been massacred. Hindreds upon hundreds of steel covered soilders made their way to a British camp, burning down the English army, making them fall into the hands of defeat in 1710. But, the Qin was a tad compassionate of the small island, giving the British isles a small portion of land. It wasn't much but it helped grow an Empire.


    Changes came to the newly formed Asian colony, named Beshi, as the British began to grow into a new global superpower, and by 1732, the powerful nation barely used their fellow Chinese servants, so the marvellous nation called "France" assumed that Benshi's leader had just abandoned it, making a great opportunity to expand for them.
    France sent its wide army through middle eastern nations, some of which were disturbed. The General of the French battalion planned a tactical route that surrounded the Benshi troops, so they execute the plan. Luckily for them, their plan worked to take control of the small population of 4,000 citizens, subsequent to Frances gargantuan army.



  7. Edwardidk
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    Hey, cool, what's this weird blog thing?


    Hm. Ok. This is now my hole.



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    (Catho is a kingdom of animals)


    What branches of military do I have:
    Catho Royal Cat and Boar Force, Gatho Owl Fighter and Eagle Bomber Force, Royal Naval Seal Force, and the Wolf sniper squadron


    the Catho Royal Cat and Boar Force or CRCBF is often tasked with the most dangerous attacks and take the brunt of the deaths


    the Gatho Eagle Fighter and Owl Bomber Force or GEFOBF are always tasked for taking out most of the military


    the Royal Naval Seal Force or RNSF most often used for blockading the enemy and attacking from sea
    the Wolf sniper squadron or known as (in Catho) my White Spies


    All animals of either gender must have to serve in the military


    Cathoian military does not allow mothers that have pups or cubs or kittens or chicks to serve until the babies are strong enough to fend for it self


    The Cathoian military is only for animals that have no jobs that work in the medine and stores and the Red Mark or what humans call it the Red Cross

  8. blog-0375577001488159795.jpg

    BREAKING: Gavin Dotson Resigns Amid Allegations to Consulting in secret to other Foreign Nations


    Another Conway Admin member has resigned, amid allegations that he consulting with other nations in attempt to make a deal for resources in return for government funds that the EPA Head cannot touch. such deals could be disastrous, leading to war if getting out of context. Kellyanne Conway is yet to hold a conference on this matter.

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    Chief Monarch Dawson
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    This is the Anbrian Report. Today is January 26th, 2017. This is the news.


    Anbria released a report on the Zavod Anti-Socialist movement, showing that only 591 citizens are in support. The Anti-Socialist movement is not expected to pick up among other cities, but the movement may become increasingly popular among the fringes of the nation.


    Anbria will officially begin the rebuilding of cities when the Chief Monarch returns from the Canislavic vacation, as the bill passed authorization in the House of Srevo, the House of Ghren, and both sections of the Anbrian Democratic Committee. Rebuilding is suspected to cost above $500,000, and increased tax flow will be needed, as well as possible outside government grants and loans.


    Thank you for your time. We look forward to seeing you next week.

  9. In previous posts on the rise of TEst, I regarded TEst's paperless policy as political ingenuity. I still hold that to be true. However, the recent war and the dog piling against TEst merits some observation as to why the paperless system failed in otherwise a successful system. After all, this is the same paperless alliance that went from a small, insignificant alliance at the beginning of the year to the top alliance post Silent War, and at the end of the year is expected to be rolled back into obscurity.


    What went wrong:


    The paperless system was a flexible system that allowed TEst to dance between two blocs by a complex system of backchanneling that requires hyperactivity and charisma on part of TEst's leadership. But the paperless system thrives only in the context of two spheres who are locked in bitter combat against each other. The dissolution of the Rose sphere proved to be the end of the paperless system. TEst needed to present itself as harmless and innocuous, not as a potential second sphere. Failing that, TEst needed to form an opposition sphere against the Syndisphere. In both instances, TEst has failed.


    TEst rolled any and all potential allies, thus alienating herself. Due to her "friendly relations" with the Syndisphere, TEst's targets were limited to everyone unrelated to the Syndisphere, ironically the same alliances which could have helped her in an eventual fight. TEst's aggressive actions also cemented in the minds of others that TEst is a powerful alliance worthy of becoming a new bloc leader, thus failing the need to present herself as harmless.


    Paperless was a system that was good under a specific circumstance. Absent of that specific circumstance, and TEst is left without allies against the hegemon.


    Why should TEst form a new sphere?


    The system of PnW (and its potential flaw) is that it forces all the players into a realist paradigm (see "international realism") but forces the players to propagate the system willingly. The realist paradigm states that a closed international system with multiple alliances forces war upon one another until an eventual hegemon emerges. The collapse of the Paracovenant marked the rise of the Syndisphere as the hegemon, a natural conclusion to all realist paradigms. However, TEst, due to its paperless policy, was in the fringes of the sphere.


    In a post on "Old FA vs. New FA," Pre posted


    "You don't get to tell us how to play the game. You can't make us form a sphere to counter you. You can't make us stop fighting people who piss us off, even if you view those as wars of boredom. Enjoy sitting on top, we don't care that you're there."


    and his reasoning, strictly speaking, is correct. The Syndisphere cannot make TEst form a new sphere to counter them. However, under the circumstances of the realist paradigm, if TEst is interested in maintaining its standing and its power garnered through the paperless policy during the Rose/Syndicate wars, she must do so to counter-balance the hegemon. If not, TEst risks the possibility of being a target of attack from a sphere several times its size.


    The Future:


    TEst et. al. may be forced to abandon the paperless system and reach out to the alliances not affiliated with the Syndisphere. This would ironically require TEst to negotiate with alliances who only recently fought bitterly against the paperless hegemon in wars seemingly designed to flaunt TEst's power. Her negotiation will likely prove unsuccessful until those alliances face the brunt of the Syndisphere war machine themselves. It may be several months before another sphere may be formed.


    There in lies the problem of games such as these: the game sets itself in the realist paradigm, yet has no means of naturally dissolving a hegemon from power without the conscious consent of thousands of players. TEst member posts argue (and rightfully so) that the hegemonic nature of the Syndisphere will eventually end the game (again, a natural conclusion to the realist paradigm). Therefore, one of two things must happen in the new year:


    1. TEst manages to assemble a motley crew of everyone she rolled to counter tS in a new sphere
    2. The Syndisphere needs to willingly break up to maintain the realist paradigm.


    Both of which is highly unlikely. Though in this writer's personal opinion, the former may be more so.


    TEst needs to make the argument to everyone she rolled that TEst is today, everyone else may be tomorrow (a very convincing argument, in light of Mensa's dire need to water their holy Dio tree with blood often).

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    lol this is a random useless entry


    (a.k.a. a waste of your time)



  11. As I stood holding my guitar yesterday following our Sunday morning worship service, our pastor stood up and started talking about how we as a nation (USA) really need to take time to pray for this election coming in a few weeks.


    He continued, saying, that Daniel spent 21 (Daniel 10) days praying and fasting after a great revelation. Daniel fasted often in other parts of his book, in response to events going on within his country, albeit a foreign country. His statements had me thinking about praying and fasting, even before he asked our church to join him in fasting something of value to us up to the elections.


    I remembered how Daniel wasn't the only one who fasted. We can read in the book of Esther, how the Jews in Susa (Esther 4) fasted for three days to give her wisdom. Nehemiah fasts after hearing about the status of Jerusalem (Nehemiah 1), Ezra fasts for safe passage back to Jerusalem (Ezra 8), and the entire city of Nineveh fasted after hearing Jonah's word (Jonah 3). There's plenty of other scriptures dealing with fasting that I won't flood the page with it.


    So this is a simple request, I'm not looking for pledges, I'm not looking for political arguments or discussions, and this is not about which candidate should be in office.


    Now what do you fast? Often people fast food, but it doesn't have to be food, fasting in this case, is giving up something that you do daily, and this can be from 5-10 minutes to a couple hours, whatever you feel comfortable doing to replace that time with prayer. For me, I'll be giving up my personal project time in the mornings before I go to work.


    If you're willing to fast, I encourage you to find something over the next few weeks to fast and pray for our country. It's not about praying that a candidate in particular wins, throw all the politicians and opinions you know out of the equation.


    This is praying that God will protect our country and help us to focus on the right direction, to break down the internal barriers in our country and provide resolve so that we can be united again. To give our leaders guidance on where we can improve, and knowledge on handling crisis when it rears it's ugly head. To see our country to lift up the broken, to encourage the weak, and to be a positive light to help change the world in which we live.


    If you're not from the US, I'd still encourage you to join in prayer for our country, as we need much of it, but to also pray for your own countries, and the world as a whole, that we can make this world increasingly better for the next generation, and that God will continue to show our world leaders how to solve the problems that arise, and find the best solution for those involved now, and in the future.


    Thank you,

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    And the congregation of those who believed were of one heart and soul; and not one of them claimed that anything belonging to him was his own, but all things were common property to them.


    — Acts 4:32


    From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.


    — Karl Marx, Critique of the Gotha Program




  12. With new testimony coming to light, I felt an update was necessary:




    The 168 Day War was one of the many conflicts between the Rose and Syndisphere blocs. The war itself never brought the same decisive victory as seen in the Silent War, however, it is notable in that Alpha makes its debut on the world stage. Arising from the war is the formation of Sparta as an upper tier alliance sided with Alpha, and the grudge between the Syndicate and Alpha over treaty clauses and obligations. Partisan notes in the blog "We were perfectly fine with [Alpha] entering in Roz Wei. We were not okay with [Alpha] entering on SK after [Alpha] had promised the former." This would become a "catalyst" for Steve's War.


    On April 16th, Seabasstion, then the leader of Sparta, staged an intricate military drill which faked a combat scenario with Terminus Est. This involved a number of Sparta's allies, including the dominant upper tier alliance Alpha.


    In Pre's blog on the "real" TEst, Seabass confessed an ulterior motive: to purge Spartan leadership and merge with TEst. Seabasstion felt that the majority of the leadership in Sparta was "poor" and the military drill was designed to throw Sparta into "chaos" to "cut the fat." In my own post on the same page, I extrapolated that Seabass didn't inform any allies of the drill because there was a possibility that the news it was fake could inform back to Sparta and Spartan leadership, which was not challenged. For Seabass, "[The drill] wasn't designed to hurt Sparta's allies. It was designed to destroy Sparta itself." His hopes were that Sparta would go to a "better place" (topic/12297-sparta-announcement/). Lo Pan's post notes that "The only deception on Terminus Est's part was not announcing t(o) the public that both Sparta and TEst were discussing a merge for a couple months before we actually did."


    The military drill, along with the subsequent demilitarization following the announcement of Terminus Est on the evening of the 16th, placed Alpha and her allies in a position of unpreparedness.


    *It is now worth noting that Seabasstion, the former leader of Sparta, steps down and said that he will leave. He will join TEst following the Spartan merge.


    On April 18th, the Syndicate, Mensa HQ, and Terminus Est begin militarizing to settle old grudges. On April 22nd, Terminus Est and the Syndicate launch an attack on Alpha. Terminus Est cited the Rose leak as the casus belli (https://politicsandwar.com/forums/index.php?/topic/12330-press-release-from-the-syndicate-on-alpha-and-recent-events/?p=232159). Syndicate cited Alpha's attempt to "isolate" the Syndicate as the CB. On April 23rd, in light of the rapid demobilization from the staged drill and Rose Sphere's unwillingness to fight, Alpha declares it will not ask allies to join the fight. On April 26th, with minimal losses, Terminus Est leaves the conflict.


    *In previous posts, I have alluded to the possibility that Seabass was a Terminus Est plant designed to weaken Alpha's ally and give Terminus Est a casus belli to roll Alpha. I retract those statements. I now believe that Seabass was an independent actor who wanted to weaken Alpha's ally and accidentally gave Terminus Est a CB to roll Alpha. To which I said, "[there was] no conscious genius on [seabass's] part [for the demise of half the sphere]."


    Terminus Est quickly disposes the majority of Alpha's conventional military troops and withdraws from the conflict, thus avoiding further losses from Alpha's nuclear stockpile, leaving The Syndicate and Alpha to incur losses of their own and to slug out the grudge of the 168 Day war. Seabasstion, in preparation for several months to try and merge with TEst behind the backs of the rest of Spartan leadership and membership, achieves his goal when Sparta surrenders to the Black Knights in the following NPO war.


    The consequences of Steve's War is most reflective in hindsight: With a dash of luck, TEst is given a unique opportunity to roll an alliance they expressed interest in attacking for a while (Alpha) in almost a 3 to 1 with the backing of the Syndisphere and later almost doubles its membership from the Spartan merge.

  13. Usually threads involving paperless conversations end up in a lot of shit-posting so per request of what my next blog should be about, what is paperless was suggested. Simply put paperless is having an alliance structured around the idea that you have no official treaties with the exception of protectorates.


    Protectorates get an exception in this case because the point of a protectorate is to dissuade alliances from attacking the one being protected. If you look at an alliance in the 30's ranking and see they're protected by someone your far less likely to want to raid them. The power in the protectorates protection comes from its existence being known.


    Now to the meat of it all. With VE's recent jump to paperless, lets focus on that for a moment. VE could become paperless and not move what-so-ever on the political spectrum if they so wished. They could still back up Rose in the next war, and Rose could back them up if need be. But in the same vein they're not honor-bound to fight a large war that doesn't match up to their desires. The problem with treaties is time, in my opinion. Usually in the phases leading up to signing a treaty the activity between alliances is very high, one side is typically courting the other in a manner of speaking. Once the treaty is signed there's a honeymoon period where everything is great and your talking. Then a few months in your like an old married couple who only seem to talk to one another when there's a fight about to happen. The romance is dead. This is what spawned the concept of paperless for me. Without that piece of paper, should relations fall off or have highs and lows, you can act on what is right for you at that time. You could fight more, fight less, and the repercussions of your actions are yours and not several other alliances.


    Lets say an alliance your friendly with takes an action you don't like for war, you can support them, not, go against them. Should you support them it would be because you feel committing to a war you don't agree with is worth the relationship between alliances at this time. Should you not, you risk your relationship souring with said alliance. And obviously should you go against them you might face their wrath. You can make the decision based on what is right for your alliance, not because you committed to banging 7 months ago before they went bat shit crazy and starting RPing a snake, or something. I typically hate treaties that have been around forever, that you just keep because you have had them for so long. Don't act a certain way because you've had a treaty forever, act for what is best for your alliance and alliances you deem worthy of your support. What is best for your alliance can change quickly, and what alliances you support also can as well. Paper chokes this process. Paperless helps give you the option to pivot easier, however it's still not easy.


    Paperless alliances require strong, active leadership. You have to keep up with lots of alliances simply for the sake that your friends one day might be against you on the battlefield the next (even if they remain friends). It's also a lot riskier. Should you make a major misstep and get your alliance dog-piled, there will be few people lining up to bail you out because there will be little political pressure for them to do so from outside sources. You won't get people trolling you for not honoring a treaty, or not supporting a side people believed you should like recent examples with Alpha (when tied to Rose/tS) and TKR (when tied to NPO was it?). This fits that paperless suits a proactive leadership style, and PnW-wise a proactive military style. You want to be the one on the attack.


    I could go on, and maybe I will in a follow-up blog but lets try to wrap this one up. Paperless is very much like paper, it's just not out in the open like everyone else and you can change where you stand much easier. You need the right people to do it well, and need to be an alliance that stands by your word because that's all you have, your reputation. I find the best way to do it is talking to people about possible scenarios and where you stand so your friends and enemies alike know where you stand on issues, because your enemies might become your friends and vice versa quicker than you think. Or not. It's really up to you and your alliance, which is why I like this system more than the traditional.

  14. Terminus Est has recently made it their mission to keep Neutrality out of the top 15 alliances. A noble cause especially when continued war on certain factions has yielded success to the secondary goal: Forcing the neutrals to involve themselves in the metagame in order to receive protection from events such as this.


    However, The Fighting Pacifists have fought the good fight. The Flame of Activity outweighs the importance of extinguishing Neutrality and TEst are currently doing their best to ensure that TFP lose interest in our world rather than get involved for protection.


    This is the line I draw between a righteous Great Neutral Crusade and a cruel one. Forcing terms upon an alliance that you aggressively attacked is in poor taste, especially when the terms lack practicality. They have fought the good fight, and now continue to refuse the terms given to them. Yet TEst has decided that, rather than concede the silliness of their terms and agree to white peace, that they will call upon the rest of the world to assist in the indefinite Occupation of another alliance.


    At what point do we draw the line between funny and cruel? At what point do we recognize that we do more harm than good to continue? This unjustly prolonged war only serves to foster disinterest in our community, removing the very purpose the Crusaders sought to pursue.




    In light of all this, I call upon Terminus Est to grant White Peace to the Fighting Pacifists. You declared an aggressive war, you won, now move along.


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